Clementine looked around at her surroundings. There were hills that rose up all around her covered in healthy looking grass. She looked up and noticed the fading blue sky spotted with white clouds that were threatening to rain on her. She thought about Lee and tears began streaming down her face. What had she done! She had shot him in cold blood. He had begged for her to do so, but it didn't make it feel right. The expression on his face would haunt her for the rest of her life. He had looked so ... so defeated and weak and she had just shot him. Why did everyone she love have to die? She thought of the others from her group. Most of them had died trying to come to her rescue. She felt guilty that she was the reason for their death and would continue to do so for years to come. Her parents were dead along with all those from her group who had died previously. Why was the world so full of death? Why had she been so naive? Why had she believed the stranger? She should have listened to Lee. She could see that now. If she had so many people's lives could have been saved. Why had she been so stupid? She stopped herself there she couldn't lose hope like Lilly did. She has to make their deaths meaningful. She looked at her gun. It only had three bullets left in the chamber. She would have to start thinking about food, water, shelter, and ammo. This means that she has to focus entirely on survival. It isn't much of a way to live, but she doesn't exactly have a choice.