A Rank Task

I've never written an official Mario fan fic, so I thought it would be best to start out with one shot.

The Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi were looking into the space under their house; their goal was to remove a dead raccoon, which had started to putrefy and smell horrible. Even at the fair distance between themselves and the dead animal, the repugnant smell was noticeable.

"Ugh," Mario groaned, "that is awful."

Luigi gagged at the foul aroma.

Mario then handed a trash bag to his brother.

"Good luck." he said.

"Why do I have to get it?" Luigi responded.

"Well, I can't fit under there," Mario said, "plus, your arms are longer."

"That's not fair." the slightly younger brother replied.

"Just do it." the older one prompted.

Luigi reluctantly took the garbage bag and crawled under the house.

"Try to breathe through your mouth," Mario advised, "that may help."

The green-garbed plumber drug himself along the underside of the house, the smell getting worse as he got closer to the dead animal.

Soon he stopped, not wanting to go any further.

"I can't do it!" Luigi yelled, unable to bear the smell any longer.

"Come on, Luigi," Mario urged, "we unclog drains for a living, we even crawled five miles through a sewer pipe once."

"I'm used to that smell," Luigi argued, "but I'm not used to this!"

"Just be a man, and bag the animal carcass." the red-garbed plumber ordered.

Luigi crawled further, until he got to the dead raccoon. The odor was far worse up close and personal, enough to make the green-clad brother dry heave.

He quickly scooped the animal corpse up in the bag and wrapped it up tightly.

"Ugh, I got it!" Luigi uttered.

He quickly wormed his way out from underneath the house with bag.

"Oy, okay, I'm done." Luigi shuddered.

He passed the bag to Mario.

"Ew, come on." Mario responded.

"I removed it," Luigi stated, "you get rid of it."

"All right." Mario sighed.

"What are you gonna do with it?" Luigi asked.

Mario thought for a second.

"Be right back." he said.

Mario left and tracked down Yoshi, then went to a warp pipe that led to Bowser's newest castle.

Once there, Mario dumped the bagged raccoon corpse at Bowser's door, then went back through the pipe.

Once home, he approached his brother.

"Taken care of." Mario said.

"All righty." Luigi replied.

I'll write better ones, this was just a warm up Mario-fic for my bigger ones ahead.

Also, in case someone tries to say something about the random warp pipe leading to Bowser's Castle, let's just remember that the location of Bowser's Castle usually changes from game to game. So most likely this aspect will not be cannon in my fics.