Ad Infinitum

"Without Limit"

With my eyes

I see your face

And I can remember,

Your smile.

With my ears

I hear your sorrow

But I will remember,

Your laughter.

With my hands

I hold your own

And I can remember,

Your embrace.

With my lips

I taste your tears

But I will remember,

Your kiss.

Though my body

Is filled with pain

 I can only feel

Your love.

Though my soul

Leaves life without you

I will know of

Us forever.

As the light

Fades in to darkness

So goes with it

Any doubt.

That my love

Had any end for

The heart so close

To mine.

With my last

Breath I shall whisper

A promise that is

Spoke unfeigned

Feel my heart

You'll see the truth

And my last thoughts

Will be of forever

With you.

Author's Note:

Ashbear asked me a while back if she could use one of my poems for Crimson Lies.  Thinking about it, I decided to try and write something completely new.  Not sure why as I have no poetic talents but anyway knowing the details of the story I was inspired to conjure up what you've just read.  Thanks again to ashbear for letting me be a part of this fantastic story.  Ashbear and I are also in the beginning of a co-authoring project entitled Somewhere In Between if anyone's interested in checking it out. Please? *bats eyelashes* pretty please? I'm not begging…really. ^_~ heheh, thanks to everyone reading this little poem!