AN: Hey guys! This is my first story so I hope y'all like it! This is an AU about Dick Grayson getting kidnapped right after his parents died by The League of Talons. He then runs away from them because he doesn't want to be a killer. I am well aware of the new Court of Owls arc for him, but this has nothing to do with it. I just think 'The League of Talons' is a cool name for a group of assassins. But despite the prologue, this story does NOT center around Dick's singing. This is just an outlet that he uses before and after he meets the Team. Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy it!

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Many awful things happened in the slums of Gotham. Muggings, murders, and vandalisms were a regular occurrence in that area of the town. But, despite the awful appearance of the rotting buildings, good things could be found there too. Loving families inhabited several of those houses and Batman patrolled there regularly, cleaning up the streets. But perhaps the most joyful thing found in Gotham's worst was the singing heard every night from one of the rooftops.

A few articles had been published in the newspapers about it. No one knew hardly anything about the singer except that he was a young male, and by the sound of it, played acoustic guitar. Every night, he would lower an old bucket to the sidewalk by a rope and play. His music usually lasted about two to three hours before it was cut off and the (now money-filled) bucket was lifted up. No one had seen his face or even knew his name. They were only aware that his amazing voice brought a ray of light to the dark streets of Gotham.

Dick Grayson tucked into a neat roll as he landed on the rooftop. Straightening easily, he walked to the edge of the building and threw one leg over the ledge. Catching his Converse on the brick jutting out from the wall, he proceeded to move down the side of the seven-story apartment building. Finally reaching the broken window on the six floor, he balanced expertly on the windowsill before hopping onto the hardwood floor inside.

He set down his guitar and bucket under the window, stuffing the money in his jeans pocket as he did so. Dick then proceeded to walk along the rotten wood to the small bed on the other side of the room. Upon reaching his sleeping place, he sat down without a single creak and slipped his black sneakers off. Slipping under the threadbare covers, Dick let his aching muscles relax before falling into a light slumber.

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