We were supposed to be the perfect couple.

York and Carolina

(no Carolina and York for he always followed her)

(until now)

the greatest Project Freelancer could produce, standing on a pedestal above their fellow agents, acting as a symbol of strength and unity in times of strife. A testament to the achievements of humanity.

When did we lose that? Why am I on the verge of


giving him back his lighter, a part of him I've kept for myself for years? Why can I hear fighting and the sounds of the Project tearing itself apart, the sounds of my father's work betraying him? Is my father's approval worth so much to me?

(how is this different from anything else daddy dearest has caused)

All of these questions and more, many, many more, race through my head in seconds. I want to blame all of this on Texas. The woman who stole my position, my father's attention, my respect.

(are you going to let her steal York too)

This isn't my fault. I just followed orders. I never wanted her to come here. I never wanted York to betray me. I

(you expected everything to be as perfect as you)

only wanted to help people.

(well what's your choice daddy or York acceptance or blame)

In the end, I make my choice.

I abandon York's lighter and spare a moment to watch as it slowly rises up, leaving it to float up to its owner's unconscious body. I place my father

(the Director)

above all else. I blame Texas for my losses and everything else. I stop the questions because I don't want to answer them.


I will beat Texas. I will reclaim my place at the top, get back my pedestal

(what will it be like with no one to share it with)

and we'll all know who the better soldier is.

I am the best of Project Freelancer. I am the Hero of this story. Time to give everyone a reminder.

(what makes you so sure you're the Hero)

I stop the questions. They're too hard to answer.

A/N: Sorry if this is confusing (it's kind of supposed to be, a little). Just trying out a new style for insane/disturbed characters. What do you think?