Okay so instead of doing my English class work I wrote this instead.

Disclaimer: Do not own The Avengers or anything. I do this for fun and because I can. Yada yada yada you know the drill.


They know it was her that attacked the Helicarrier that day. They know about the deaths she caused. They all know about the rumors going around about why she's still here.

What they don't know is all the guilt she carries on her shoulders. They don't know about the nightmares, the tears, he remorse, the haunted look in her eyes. It's been months but she is still unable to forgive herself.

I know she didn't mean to. I know she didn't want to. I know she didn't have a choice in the matter at all. But until she forgives herself all I can do is comfort her when she truly needs me and that's enough for now.


Hahahah yeah anyway later people, Reveiws are welcome.