Chapter 1 memories and return

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(At kururugi shrine)

Let me introduce myself my name is kaname kururugi. I had fallen through a hole in the storage and had been transported to the feudal era.

It's been two years since kaname had returned from the feudal era. Kaname grew out her hair "so I won't be reminded of utsugi every time I look in the mirror "kaname said a few months ago. Kaname hair now lies in the middle of her back. Today is the annual dull festival of wishes the very day I met inuyasha and the others kaname thought and flashed a sad smile. Kaname thought "I met so many wonderful people there my friends inuyasha the half-demon in the group I learned that he wields a big and powerful demon sword forged with his father's fang and his father was a very powerful and great demon and the name of inuyasha's sword is the tetsusaiga ,and is known to slay a hundred demons in one stroke, kagome a reincarnation of a once powerful priestess she has the power to purify and shoots sacred arrows and like me was dragged into the feudal era , shippo a little fox demon who lost his father but who I picture as a little brother , miroku a womanizer monk but used to have a terrible fate of being sucked in to into his own cursed hand (until kaname and sesshomaru defeated naraku) sango once part of a village of demon slayers who had been betrayed and lost her father and little brother but was revived by the power of the sacred jewel shard. Sesshomaru a demon lord of the west who bitterly hates inuyasha and is supposed to hate humans she thought sadly ,and jaken an annoying little imp who serves sesshomaru and rin an adorable little girl who calls me "big sister" and I consider my "little sister". They treated me so nicely it hurt me to leave them . kaname thought all this as she looked at the hole full with the wooden dolls "KANAME!" her father yelled angrily snapping her out of her thoughts "woah y-yeah dad what is it." kaname said nervously. Kaname's dad says why don't you have your festival kimono on you never wear it and go to the store house and get more amulets we ran out .kaname ran to the store house before she died of her father's lecturing. Kaname opened the door a little and started searching for the amulets in the dull dull light kaname sighed why do I always forget the flashlight she finds the box full of amulets ,and turns to leave and looks down sadly "its only because of utsugi's magic that I was able to go to the waring states era." Kaname walks starts walking when the floor suddenly breaks "oowwww that's gonna leave a mark later". She groans and begins to get up when something glows black and dark and light blue and kaname begins feeling herself falling kaname thinks really quickly "this feeling it's the same as 2 years ago it can't be no it just can't utsugi's dead" kaname yells "NOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN!" kaname sees the hole she made in the store house but she can't hear herself yell anymore than kaname hits something hard and sees nothing but black and passes out from the pain

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