So this if my first ever Fan Fiction, and I've never really written anything else before so be kind :) I have a rough idea of where I want to go with this story so leave reviews of anything you'd like to see or any ideas you have and I'll take a look at them. So like I said be kind and I'll update as often as possible, so without further a due, let the Bechloe feels begin :)

It had been 3 months since Beca Mitchell has started at Barden University. Much to her surprise, she was beginning to have a pretty good time. She was a part of the Barden Bellas, the all female acapella group on campus, and although she would be the last to admit it she was beginning to warm to her fellow Bellas, even Aubrey. Beca had never been a girly girl, she never really had many friends who were girls, or many at all for that matter. But she found herself looking forward to Bella practice, catching up with her new friends and missing them when they weren't around. Of all the Bellas, Chloe was her best friend and easily her favourite. Beca couldn't explain it, but she had found herself drawn to the red headed girl from the moment she laid her eyes on her at the activities fair. They were, as Chloe predicted 'fast friends', spending the majority of their time together and whatever time they didn't spend together they spent texting or planning what to do when they were. Beca usually hated people like Chloe, people who were over-excited and over-enthusiastic with no sense of space and were unnecessarily touchy feely, but she didn't. She loved her.


"Beca, come on wake up! You're gonna be late for practice and Aubrey will kill you!" A familiar voice called from the hallway as they banged against the door.

"Jesus ok I'm coming!" Beca moaned and she finally stirred in her bed, she checked her clock; 7:09 am. Jesus. Semi finals were a week away and in preparation Aubrey had organised some last minute extra practices every morning. She looked around the room and noticed she was alone, Kimmy Jin had already left. Figures.

"Practice starts at 7:30 and i dont think you want to test Aubrey this close to Semi-finals!" The voice called from the hallway again.

A still half asleep Beca stumbled across the bedroom to the door dressed in only a black t-shirt and her knickers. She opened the door and was greeted with a beaming Chloe, who was sporting one of her signature smiles that made Beca's heart race. Beca took a minute to take in Chloes beauty as she stood outside her door. Her soft red hair that fell in perfect curls framing her face, emphasising her piercing blue eyes that made Beca's heart flutter and her knees go weak.

"Hi." Beca breathed after a minute realising she'd been standing there too long without saying anything.

"Hi Yourself" Chloe replied still smiling as she walked into Beca's room and sat down on her bed. She stifled a giggle and she noticed Beca's slight straight of undress.

"Wha-...oh shit..Sorry" Beca blushed as she became aware of sudden lack of pants.

"It's ok" Chloe giggled at Beca's sudden awkwardness. "You forget i've seen you naked" she winked, causing Beca to blush even more.

"very funny." Beca smirked, bending over to get a clean top and a pair of pants out of her draw. "sorry about this"

"Don't be" Chloe giggled "You've got a great ass."

"I was talking about making us late for practice, but thanks." She replied in her usual sarcastic tone, hoping to cover mask the blush spreading up her neck to her cheeks as she hurried to her bathroom as quickly as she could.

"Lets wrap it up and call it a day" Aubrey sighed as she slumped onto a chair. Practice had gone on for 4 hours and every one was exhausted.

"And the wicked witch has caved! Finally! i thought we'd never get out of here." Fat Amy joked causing everyone to giggle.

"watch it or you wont" Aubrey threatened and with that everyone stopped, not willing to risk another few hours of brutal practice.

"Hey Aubrey, why don't you go, I'll put the chairs away and lock up, you look like you could use a line down." Beca offered as she walked over to Aubrey who was still slumped in a chair taking a long drink of water, as everyone but herself and Chloe filed out.

"Thanks Beca. And yeah, I haven't been sleeping so well, stress of Semi-finals I think." Aubrey stood up to collect her bag. "I could use a lie down".

"Don't mention it, now go, I don't want to have to carry your ass back to your apartment if you faint. Go!" Beca ordered, and Audrey complied thanking Beca and giving her best friend a hug before she left."

"It's sweet of you to do this for Aubrey, especially since I know you two dont always see eye-to-eye." Chloe smiled, she seemed genuinely touched that her two best friends were acting so civil towards each other and she knew it was for her sake.

"Don't mention it" Beca said, flashing one of her rare but adorable smiles, Making Chloes heart flutter.

"After we lock up do you fancy getting brunch?" Chloe suggested as she helped her friend tidy the last few chairs in the room.

"You sure do monopolise my time Chloe Beale" Beca teased, still smiling.

"You love it" Chloe teased back.

It was mid afternoon by the times Chloe and Beca left the small diner across the road from campus where they had had their lunch.

"Aubrey's probably still asleep, you should come to my room and chill for a few hours, it's a Saturday so Kimmy Jin's probably got a Korean club meeting and wont be back for hours." Beca offered, as they made their way back to campus.

"Sounds great" Chloe smiled, happy that she would get to spend a few more hours with the girl, unknown to her, she had been crushing since she first saw her months ago.

"You can stay over if you want, Kimmy Jin will just stay with a friend like she normally does when 'the white girl' has a friend over."

Chloe giggled and nudged Beca in the arm playfully. "Now who's monopolising my time" she teased, giggling a bit more when she saw Beca's face drop

"Oh you don't have to if you don't want to i just..." the small girl stuttered, but was cut off by Chloe kissing her on the cheek.

"You're adorable. I was kidding, I'd love to, i'll go pick up some stuff and meet you at your dorm in half an hour." Chloe said walking off, leaving a very embarrassed and very pink Beca still standing there.

Aubrey stirred as she heard the key in apartment door. She spun herself around and sat up as Chloe walked in, not meaning to have fallen asleep on the sofa.

"Crap, sorry Bree I didn't mean to wake you, I thought you would have been in your room" Chloe said, feeling guilty waking her best friend after she knew how tired she was.

"So did I" Aubrey chuckled pulling herself up off the sofa. "Thought you'd be hanging out with Beca" Aubrey questioned as poured herself a glass of water.

"Yeah I am, I was heading over there to stay the night I just picked up some stuff. Hope you don't mind. Thought you could use a quiet night in."

"Oh" Aubrey smirked knowingly. "and yeah thanks, I could use a quiet night in"

"what?" Chloe asked, confused at her friends response to her staying at Beca's.

"Nothing" Aubrey said as she took a sip of her water, amused at her her friends obliviousness for her feelings towards the small alt girl.

"Bree come on, what is it." Chloe persisted, wanting to know what was bothering her friend so much about her and Beca hanging out. "Is this because you don't like Beca, because listen i know you two don't always get along but she tries you know and-" before she could continue Aubrey cut her off

"This isn't about my feelings towards Beca, this is about yours." Aubrey finished, setting her empty glass down on the counter before heading towards her bedroom. "Listen im tired, i'll speak to you tomorrow Chlo." Closing the door behind her.

Chloe stood their confused for a second, before beginning to gather her stuff. Her mind kept drifting back to what Aubrey had said, what did she mean her feelings for Beca? She pondered over the question as she made her way across campus to Beca's dorm, did Bree think they'd had a fight? Did she think she didn't like Beca? Nothing made sense as she made her way down the Hallway to Beca's dorm, 'My feelings for Beca' she went over it in her mind. 'My feelings for Beca' she repeated, she was just about to knock on the door when she stopped. "Oh my god" she said out loud. "my feelings for Beca" she went over the statement in her head. Suddenly everything made sense, the way she felt drawn to Beca, the way she had this constant need to be around her , the way she yearned for physical contact with her,the way the younger girl made her heart flutter and give her butterflies whenever she looked at her, everything made sense. She liked Beca, more than she had ever liked anyone before and now she finally realised it, she smiled at the thought of the younger girl. Beca made her happy, and she finally realised why, suddenly the smile dropped from Chloes face once again, did Bree know she liked Beca, was is that obvious? Does this mean other people knew? All these questions went through her head as Beca's bedroom door opened.