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Chloe stood in shock as Beca's bedroom door opened.

"What are you doing? I heard you talking to yourself from my room, how long have you been standing there?" Beca asked, chuckling.

"I..I was just...nothing" Chloe smiled managing to regain composure after the initial shock of Beca opening the door.

"Well ok then" Beca smiled, "but as nice as it is hanging out with you in the corridor I think we should go inside" she turned walking into the room, holding the door open for Chloe who followed behind proceeded to sit on Beca's bed.

"At least you have pants on this time" Chloe smirked. She giggled as the younger girl blushed. "Beca Mitchell are you blushing?!" Chloe giggled even more.

"I..I..No." Beca replied defensively trying to hide her embarrassment. Shit. Shit. Shit. She thought. -Beca was always such a calm,cool and collected person, why did Chloe make her feel like this?-

Chloe patted the bed next to her. "Sit." She smiled as Beca complied as sat on the edge of the bed next to the redhead. Chloe shuffled closer, once again breaking Beca's personal space. She didn't mind. She never did with Chloe. "So how are things with you and Jesse?" Chloe asked, interested in the younger girls relationship with the boy.

"Fine, why do you ask?"

"Just wondering." Chloe bit her lip. "Do you like Jesse?" she blurted out, regretting it as soon as it left her mouth.

"What!?" Beca's eyes went wide for a second in shock, before she doubled over in laughter on the bed.

"What? Chloe's brow scrunched up in confusion, it was a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

"No, me and Jesse definitely do not nor will ever have anything 'going on'" Making quotation marks with her fingers when she got to 'going on'.

Chloe beamed. Although she knew she stood no chance with Beca it was reassuring to know she didn't like Jesse. He was a nice guy and all, but he wasn't good enough for Beca. No one was good enough for Beca.

"Me and Jesse HAHAHAHA" Beca says, now doubled over with laughter again.

"Shut up!" Chloe hit her playfully, Beca's laughter now contagious. "You cant deny he has a crush on you though"

Beca shrugged.

"Well, I don't blame him. For having a crush on you i mean." Not fully aware of what she's just said as she looks into the dark blue eyes of the brunette sitting next to her.

.God. Beca thought feeling the blush creep up her neck for the millionth time that day.

"You're blushing again" Chloe pointed out with a giggle, nudging the younger girls arm with a tease.

Beca was caught off guard still in her state of blush, and the redheads gentle nudge was enough to send her sprawling off the edge of the bed. Chloe reached out her hand to grab Beca, but ended up being dragged down too as the younger girl grabbed her hand in a state of panic as she fell. The two burst into laughter as Chloe fell on top of Beca, after a few seconds Chloe was able to control herself enough to try and push herself up, but as she lifted her head her gaze met Beca's stormy blue eyes and she stopped. A few seconds past as they stayed like that, Beca lying on the floor and Chloe lying on top of her looking into each other eyes. Chloe swear she felt her heart looked at Beca taking in all of the younger woman beauty as she lay underneath her. Her dark brown hair that fell loosely around her face and her dark blue stormy eyes that made her heart stop every time they met her gaze. Was it even possible for someone's eyes to be that colour?

Her eyes flickered down to Beca's perfect lips. God how she wanted to taste that lip gloss All it would take was her lean down, closing the small gap between their heads until their lips met.


Chloes thoughts were cut off as her eyes flicked back up to Beca's face which wore a smirk. "Shit...sorry..i was just.." she stuttered as she hastily climbed off Beca and stood up, reaching out her hand to help the smaller girl up.

Beca smiled at Chloe's sudden awkwardness, and the blush that occupied her cheeks. God she looked adorable when she's awkward. Who am I kidding. She always looks adorable.

"Well. we should find something to do to kill a few hours, unless you know, You wanna spend the next few hours checking me out before we go to bed." Beca smirked, her usual sarcasm evident in her voice.

"I was not checking you out." Chloe defended, trying a failing to hide the embarrassment that was riddles all over her face. Tonight was going to be interesting.

The two spent the next few hours chilling in Beca's dorm. Beca working on her mixes and Chloe lying on her back on Beca's bed reading a book. Every now and then shooting a glance to the younger girl at the computer, too lost in her work to notice. God she's beautiful. Was all Chloe could think as she turned back to her book.

Another hour passed and Chloe yawned as she put her book down. She rolled onto her stomach and smiled at Beca until she noticed.

"You tired?" Beca asked, turning to the young girl as she took of her headphones.

Chloe nodded and patted the bed next to her. "Come sleep with me" She beamed, wriggling under the covers a gesturing for Beca to join her.

Beca raised and eyebrow and smirked, but complied as she saved her mix and joined the older girl, who lay her head on her chest and wrapped an arm around Beca's middle. She smiled. Although she wouldn't admit it. She was glad Chloe has destroyed her personal space, Chloe was the only person who Beca found herself wanting to share physical contact with. Beca wrapped her arm around Chloe's back and ran her fingers through her red hair. "Night Chloe" She whispered "I love you"

Chloe beamed into Beca chest and buried herself deeper,her heart in overdrive. "I love you too. Night you nerd."

After practice Beca said goodbye to the Chloe and the other Bella's and headed off to one of her classes.

"Becaw!" "Becaw!" She smirked as heard the familiar squawk and turned around

"What's up Jesse?"

"Not much, heading to class, you?"

"Same here." She nodded, and the two fell into a comfortable silence. "So get this" Beca said as she breaks the silence. "Chloe asked me if I liked you yesterday. She thought we had something going on." She smiled in amusement at the memory

"Well I am incredibly charming and not to mention extremely attractive." He joked. "So I'm guessing she doesn't know you bat for the other team."

"Jesse!" She had told Jesse she was gay near the beginning of the year after she grew tired of him hitting on her at the radio station, and she was already beginning to regret it. "Do you want to say it any louder, i'm not sure if the other side of campus heard you." She remarked, her reply dripping with sarcasm as usual.

He smirked. "You should tell her." He said as they neared the building where their classes were. "I doubt she'll care. She's not exactly straight herself."

"What?" Beca's eye's nearly came out her head. "How the hell do you know?"

Jesse gave her a knowing smile. "I see the way she looks at you, it's the same way you look at her." Anyway this is my class "Bye!" He chirped, and with that he was gone. Leaving a very confused Beca to walk to her class.

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