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Desperation Ch. 2

What the hell was I thinking! Now the woman is going to think I give a damn about here! Grrrr I'm the prince of the Sayains, I do NOT care for a low earth woman! Right?

Groaning, Vegeta buried his head into his pillow. "It's just not possible." He whispered quietly to himself. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes to attempt to get some sleep.

Bulma had just stepped into her bedroom. The room felt cold against her damp, bare skin as she gently toweled herself off. I wonder what's gotten into Vegeta. It's not like he actually cares what happens to me, right? She chuckled at that. Ya right his royal pain in the ass only cares about eating, training, and killing Goku. Bulma shivered slightly as a breeze wafted through the room. I could have sworn I closed that window. Oh well. She moved to her dresser, pulling out a set of pajamas. The black low rise lounge pants hung dangerously low on her hips, showing off the straps of her blue glitter g-string. The top was a black spaghetti strap cami with the word Queen in blue glitter on the chest. The clothes clung to her curves perfectly, showing off her sexy figure. Bulma suddenly froze. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. When she felt a hot wet tongue slide up her throat, terror gripped her. She gave an ear piercing scream, bolting for the opposite side of the room.

Vegeta's head snapped up at the sound of Bulma's scream. He felt his blood run cold. He jumped up, rushing out of his bedroom towards Bulma's door. He kicked said door open and practically flew to Bulma's side.

"Bulma, babe it's just me. Calm down." Vegeta growled at Yamcha. He made to move forward and terminate this weakling where he stood but Bulma grabbed his hand and pulled him back. Wrapping one arm around his waist, she leaned up and whispered into his ear "Play along." She flicked his fleshy lobe with the tip of her tongue before moving in front of him.

"Yamcha, as you can see we're a little busy. I think you should leave." Bulma said in an amused tone as she watched Yamcha's jaw practically hit the floor.

Sputtering angrily Yamcha tried to form a coherent sentence. "You're sleeping with that murderer? Are you crazy Bulma!"

Frowning deeply she leaned back into Vegeta's chest. "I would be crazy to not want him Yamcha." A deep rumbling came from Vegeta's chest as he wrapped his bare muscled arms around Bulma's slip waist. His quiet chuckle sent a puff of hot breath against her neck causing a shiver to run down her spine.

Vegeta glanced at Yamcha with narrowed eyes. "The woman is mine weakling. If you value your life, you will leave now." The look on Vegeta's face was enough to make Yamcha shake in fear. He hurriedly jumped out of the opened window and flew as fast as his pathetic body allowed.

Bulma was laughing so hard tears were pouring down her cheeks. "I ha-ha I think he hahahaha pissed himself muahahahaha." Vegeta was slighting unnerved by the evil cackle that spilled from Bulma's lips.

She turned in his arms and Vegeta's breath caught in his throat. She had this huge beaming smile on her face. She's beautiful. Bulma saw something flash across Vegeta's normally cold eyes and froze. Lost in each others gaze neither noticed slowing leaning forward until their breath mingled. A strong hand slid through silky blue hair, coming to a stop on the back of her neck. Bulma's eye slid closed as she tilted her head a bit more. There was soft brush of lips upon her own, but as soon as it started, it stopped.

Vegeta jerked away as if burned, mentally scolding himself for his stupidity. "I have to train." And with that he stomped out of her room, leaving her to her thoughts.

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