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Story: Defenders of Neopia 2: Brotherhood

Rating: T for Language, blood, and fighting.

Disclaimer: I do not own Neopets.

Summary: A year after Kass' defeat, Jeffory is still haunted by his best friend's death and the monstrous creature within him. Among these problems, Jeffory is dealing with more common teenage boy problems; School, and girls. And things get even weirder after that.

Defenders of Neopia 2: Brotherhood. Chapter 1: Changes.

Jeffory had no idea how it had happened, but the entire world of Neopia now knew about Kass' defeat. Stories of how it had all happened spread like wild-fire, each tale becoming more and more far-fetched. One of which involved the vengeful spirit of Dr. Sloth blowing up the Station and taking Kass, his killer, with it. Nobody, however, except for a very select few knew what had really happened. Nobody knew who had really saved them all.

The heroes who freed Neopia from Kass' iron grip, Jeffory Knights, Jack Mason and Hunter Tagari, names would not go down in history. In fact, the teens were as unknown as they had been before their journey had even begun, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

They didn't really care to be renowned world-wide (maybe Jack did) and upon returning to their Academy, they sank back into their regular lives as Defenders-in-training. Well, as regular as a Defender-in-training's life could be.

The most the student population knew about the trio was that they had gone on an important mission and returned. Immediately after the Station blew up.

And nobody really cared.

One year ago.

Jeffory stared down at his nemesis. At last, he had avenged them... he had avenged them all. He looked at his blood-covered sword and sighed. "I will never be like you Kass. You..." he trailed off as he began walking out the door.

As he stepped into the corridor, he glanced over his shoulder at the once-threatening man. "...can rot in Hell." And then, the door whizzed shut behind him, leaving Kass to die in complete darkness.

Jeffory sighed, looking at his blood-stained blade. He had succeeded in avenging his parents but he felt so... dirty. True, he had killed more than one man in his life, but killing Kass had been something he had been planning to do for almost his entire existence.

Jeffory shuddered, his mind filled with images of Kass' dead body...

He was snapped out of his reverie when Jack's voice reached his ears. "Jeffory! Jeffory! You okay?" the mynci called, running down the corridor, his footsteps echoing throughout the room. He tripped over his own feet before he reached his friend.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine..." Jeffory told him quietly. Jack breathed a sigh of relief. He took one look at the sword in Jeffory's hand and he didn't even have to ask why the kyrii was so quiet. Heavy panting reached Jeffory's ears, and he looked down the hallway to see Hunter sprinting at him, looking a bit woozy.

"Are you-" Hunter, finally reaching his friends, started. He was cut off by Jeffory. "-Alrght? Yeah, I'm fine. Now, let's get out of this godforsaken place."

Jack and Hunter didn't queston their leader. They knew fairly well Jeffory's thoughts on killing people. They knew he just needed some time and he would be alright... they hoped.

Before they even started walking down the long corridor, however, a blaring alarm reached their ears.

"Oh... sh-!" Jack was cut off by a computerized voice sounding along with the alarm.


Jeffory growled. "Damn! Kass must've engaged the self-destruct sequence!" he told his friends. Hunter glared at him. "Gee! Thanks for that, Captain Obvious!" he snapped.

"Shut it, smartass," Jeffory told the Kougra, giving him a death glare for good measure. He mentaly berated himself. How could he have not anticipated this?! "Hunter! Get to the ship and get it ready! Jack, you go with him!" Jeffory ordered, pointing to the opposite end of the corridor.

"Huh? But what about you?!" asked Jack. Jeffory shook his head. "I'm going back for Sam's body. I'm not leaving him here," he told them, taking off down the hall before his friends could argue. Jack and Hunter stared at each other with concerned looks before they did as their leader commanded.

They sprinted down the corridor together, splitting in different directions when they reached a split at the end of it.

The monotonous computer voice continued blaring as Jeffory sprinted back to the Bridge.

"WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!" it said, making Jeffory groan loudly as he increased his speed.


"Damn you, Kass!" Jeffory hissed. He was utterly exhausted from his battle with Kass, and still he had to continue to exert himself. As he grumbled to himself, he closed in on the gaping hole that was created by the massive battle that had taken place. He leapt through it and he hit the ground running.

Jeffory skidded to a halt and scanned the room. He spotted Sam's body leaning against the wall to his right and he jogged over to it.

He bit back a sob upon seeing it. It was simply too hard to believe that he had failed to save him. It was as if a part of himself had gone with Sam when he died. After taking a moment to compose himself, he bent down and picked up his best friend, cradling him. He absently heard the computer voice warning him that he had 5 minutes left.

As Jeffory jumped through the hole once again, he cursed mentaly. He didn't have the time! He couldn't make it out of the Station in 5 minutes!

"I'll never make it... I can't die... not now! Not after all I've been through...!" Jeffory thought desperately.


He was going to need some sort of miracle if he planned on getting out of here with his skin intact.


Jeffory was almost blown off of his feet as a huge gust of wind roared through the room. Once he opened his eyes again, he couldn't believe what he saw.

It was the ASM2! The entrance hatch opened, and Jack poked his head out. "DID I HEAR SOMEONE ASK FOR A MIRACLE!?" he roared.

"No, now help him in!" Hunter called from the pilot's seat.

Jeffory rolled his eyes readjusting Sam in his arms and running into the ship. Even when they were all minutes away from dying, they made time to bicker. "SELF-DESTRUCT IN FIVE MINUTES!"

When he got inside, Jeffory barely had enough time to place Sam in the passenger's seat, much less sit himself down before the ASM2 took off at breakneck speeds, tearing through the long corridor.

Hunter sat silently at the wheel, focusing only on what was ahead. Jeffory almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the Warning voice speak again, saying that there was one minute left until total annihilation.

"Um, Hunter?" asked Jack nervously. The kougra in question did not respond, so Jack tried again. "Hunt?!" this time, he sounded a little more frantic. When Hunter ignored him again, Jack snapped. "WE ARE GONNA DIE IF WE DON'T SPEED UP!" he shouted, snapping Hunter out of his trance-like state.

From his seat, Jeffory couldn't help but feel useless, once again. He wished there were something-anything-he could do to help.

From the pilot's seat, Hunter responded to Jack, at long last. "I'm trying!" he snapped. "This thing can only go so fast!" Suddenly, Jeffory got an idea. "Shouldn't there be some emergency speed-up thingy?" he asked. From where Jack was sitting, he climbed out of his chair-stumbling slightly-and began to feel around the ship.

"What are you doing?!" asked Jeffory, bemused. "Looking for a big, red shiny button!" the mynci responded, in a "Duh!" tone.

"SELF DESTRUCTING!" the computerized voice blared.

"SHIT!" Jeffory cursed. "Hunter!" he called. "I know, I know!" Hunter bellowed, irritated. Jeffory, unbuckling himself, began looking around the ship, similar to Jack.

"Hey what's this?!" questioned Jack, as he pushed the first red button he saw.

"Jack, wai-!" Jeffory was cut off, as he fell to the ground as the ASM2 picked up speed at an incredible rate.

The trio could feel the heat of the exploding Space Station from inside the ASM2. Jeffory, wasn't really affected by it, but the other two were sweating bullets.

A sea of flames was pursuing the ship as they sped towards the Station's hangar.

From the pilot seat, Hunter was feeling faint but he tried to shake it off. He had to keep it together, they were so close...!

There it was! But, to the trio's dismay, the hangar door was... closing! "Oh no... HUNTER, PUNCH IT!" Jeffory shouted. He could feel the sea of flames catching up to them.

Hunter rammed the yoke forward, and they shot through the door, the ASM2 turned on its side to squeeze through the narrow gap.


The Station blew up behind them, exploding with a deafening boom. The force of the explosion propelled the Air Slasher into a spiral, sending them careening towards earth.

Fortunately, Hunter straightened their ship, and slowed down.

The three sat in silence, completely stunned.

Not a word was spoken throughout the flight. Not until they returned to the planet. And even then, words were used sparingly.

One year later.

Peace had at last returned to Neopia. Civilians could actually walk out of their houses and enjoy life without fearing Kass' wrath. Said civilians were bustling about the large city of Brightvale. The snow came falling down as they ran from store to store, arms full of many bags, big and small.

Christmas was just around the corner and everyone was in an uproar. Despite the cheerful atmosphere of the season, the highways were not very cheerful at all.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF THE ROAD, YOU MORON!" was Brightvale's 'joyful' tune.

From inside the large Defenders Academy, Jeffory shifted into a more comfortable posistion on his bed. It was the weekend and Jeffory didn't know what to do with himself. He had already done his shopping for his friends, Jack, Hunter and Kendra. Yes, that's right, Kendra! The young woman had woken up from her coma shortly after Jeffory and co. returned to the Academy.

There hadn't been any explanation to her recovery, other than that it just... Happened. The trio had asked her caretakers about it, and all they were able to tell them was that she suddenly woken up in the middle of the night, asking where her friends had gone. Jeffory was very touched when he heard this. The girl had been in a coma, and when she finally wakes, the first thing on her mind is her companions.

Although, she had been woozy, she was more than a little angry at her friends for embarking on such a dangerous task, and without her, as well. However, her anger had subsided long enough for her to hug each of them tightly (Jack looked like he was about to faint) before she returned to her lecture.

Jeffory chuckled at the memory. He would never forget Jack's face when he heard that Kendra was awake. The mynci let out a whoop of glee and broke into a run, knocking over the doctor in his hurry. He had run as fast as his feet could take him, knocking over plenty more people as he made a beeline for the infirmary.

The only major damage Kendra had suffered from her coma was the fact that her horn had been broken in half. She could no longer use it to cast her spells, and had to learn to fire bursts of energy from her fins. She tired more quickly, and Jack made his concern very clear.

To Jeffory, Hunter's-and possibly Kendra's-annoyance, Jack had still not made a move on Kendra. However, the two WERE getting friendlier with each other. Every once in awhile, they flirted back and forth, leaving Jeffory and Hunter feeling amused but awkward. They exchanged more frequent hugs, and they began standing so close their shoulders would brush against each other.

Jack and Kendra's relationship wasn't the only thing to change; Hunter had developed a crush on the girl who worked at the library, new exchange students had joined the already lively Academy and Jack (with Kendra's help) had made a few modifications to his pistol. It now fired bullets that electrocuted their targets. They were much more useful than the shots of electricity he fired before the change. Kendra had figured out a way to put her magic into some objects and something small like bullets was an easy task. Well, easy once she got the hang of it.

The first couple bullets had blown up.

He grinned at the memory of Jack's undisguised glee. He had danced around for about ten minutes until he finally tired and lay down for a nap. Only to continue his dance when he woke up an hour later.

Jeffory's smile faltered and he sighed, for what seemed to be the hundreth time that morning. Although, pleased with his defeat of Kass, he was not happy at all with the price it took to do so.

Sam, his best friend for ten years, had given his life for Jeffory's. The memory was still fresh in his mind, and it played over and over. It was what kept him up at night. Even Jack's loud, cartoon-like snoring had fallen down on the list iof things that kept him awake. He couldn't take his mind off of Sam's death. He would toss and turn, the horrible end of Sam's life played on constant loop. And it was even worse when he could sleep. His dreams consisted mainly of Sam dying in front of him and Kass laughing like the madman he was.

Jeffory would often times tell himself not to think about what had happened, but of course, he thought about it even more. After they left the Station, the trio had returned to Meridell to bury Sam's body. Jack and Hunter had been utterly exhausted, but they had stuck with Jeffory as he dug his best friend's grave. He had written a letter to Anna, containing a message from her son before he passed away.

It read:

Dear Anna:

Sam wanted me to tell you that he loves you.

And that he's sorry.

The tear-stained letter had been slipped under the door. Jeffory couldn't bear to tell Anne that her son was dead face-to-face. Besides, it was his fault that Sam died. Why would Sam's mother want to see Jeffory's face? A part of him felt guilty for not having the courage to speak to the kind woman that had raised him, Sam, and so many other children, but he just couldn't.

His friends had told him it wasn't his fault, but their encouragements fell on deaf ears. Jeffory didn't believe them, though he tried.

It was his fault, and the Voice was the only other person that agreed with him.

Jeffory sat up, with a long groan. That damned voice was still haunting him. Fortunately, Jeffory wasn't struggling with his violent fits anymore. Over the summer he had taken anger management classes, dragging Jack along with him. Hunter decided he wanted to come along, as well, claiming he wanted to study "The angry people". Jack told him that was creepy, but Hunter simply told him to go screw himself. It turns out, the kougra had more anger problems than Jeffory did! Even the Voice was startled, 'voicing' its opinion in Jeffory's head. And to his own surprise, Jeffory agreed with it.

Jeffory sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Trying, and partially failing to hold in yet another sigh, he held his head in hands.

From behind him, VIM, the boys' robotic companion that was attached to his bed sprang to life.

The monitor's "eyes" opened and it looked at Jeffory. "Master Knights, is something wrong?" asked the monitor, its robotic voice taking on a tone of concern. It was a weird thing to imagine, a concerned robot, but Jeffory had encountered weirder things.

"Nah, everything's fine, Vim. You don't have to worry," the kyrii told it as he climbed out of bed, stretching when he got to his feet.

He decided he would go see what his friends were up to, and he wandered out of his room.

Inside the student lounge, Jack, who was laying upside-down on a large sofa, snickered.


To his left, Hunter, who was sitting the way a normal person would, looked up from his algebra textbook and glared at the mynci.

"Would it kill you to shut up, and let us superior beings read in peace?" Hunter asked Jack for what seemed like the fiftieth time.

Said mynci attempted to give him a glare from his awkward position, but just ended up going cross-eyed. Kendra, who was sitting in a loveseat across from the coach, rolled her eyes.

"You two still haven't grown up." Kendra sighed, well aware that she was stating the obvious. Jack tried to put himself right-side up but fell off instead. "Maybe I don't wanna grow up!" he told the flotsam, his voice muffled from the carpet in his face.

Hunter rolled his eyes. "Pffft, whatever, Peter Pan," Hunter said, grinning, but it turned into a frown when Jack flipped him off. Hunter, in an eerily calm way, placed his book to his side. He popped the muscles in his neck and sighed. And then he dove onto the still-fallen mynci.

The two were now in an all out fist-fight, rolling around the lounge and shouting childish insults at eachother.

"YOU HIT LIKE A GIRL!" was among such insults.

Kendra, used to their erratic scuffles, paid them absolutely no mind.

It was at that moment that Jeffory walked into the room, side-stepping Jack and Hunter and sitting down next to Kendra. "Those two at it again?" he asked her, gesturing towards the mini dust cloud that was slowly forming.

Kendra laughed and nodded. "The same old stuff, of course," she told him, getting a chuckle from Jeffory. "So what are you guys up to in here?" asked Jeffory, eyeing Kendra's textbook.

"Well, I'M studying for the test on tuesday. These two aren't doing anything very worthwhile," she informed him, pointing at Jack and Hunter.

Jeffory groaned. He hadn't studied AT ALL! He had been busy training with his sword!

Kendra gave her friend a knowing look. "You haven't studied either, have you?" she asked, slyly. Jeffory just gave her a sheepish grin. She rolled her eyes. At that moment, Larry Greene, a nerdy moehog, came running in. Tripping over his own hooves. He stumbled his way to Jeffory, the usual creepy smile plastered on his pimply face.

"I have an important message from the Commander!" he said in his nasaly voice. Jeffory resisted the urge to let out a groan.

The new Commander was a shadow chia with a huge ego. His name was Vincent Larx. He had been hired as a replacement for the late Adam Grey, but Larx had quickly made the students wish for a different replacement. He was gruff, egotistical, bitter and just plain mean. He honestly didn't care for the students like Grey had and he didn't give regards to their safety, blindly giving orders to the now-resentful students and making himself even more disliked.

And it seemed like he enjoyed it.

It had been brought to everyone's attention many times that Larx had been a high-ranking officer in several wars before he had retired, and dedicated his life to making those of the students' hell. The only people that seemed interested in Larx's many, many stories (that Jeffory thought were greatly exaggerated) were those who wanted to be on his good side. Tom, a shadow techo that Jeffory had met the prior year, was one of them. Larx was quite fond of Tom, who constantly showered him with painfully fake, very rehearsed compliments. Scott and Josh, who were the other two members of Tom's team, almost always looked exasperated when they were around Tom, who's ego had gotten very large since last year.

Larx didn't care how fake it all was, though. He just liked to be admired for being a jerk. Jeffory wasn't quite sure how messed up you had to be to desire such a thing, but he had deduced that Larx was indeed that messed up.

While Jeffory had been cursing the new "Commander" in his head, Larry was drooling over Kendra, who was getting very creeped out.

"Oh, uh, what's the message?" asked Jeffory, getting the moehog's attention off of Kendra. The girl shot him a grateful look, mouthing, "Thank you!" when Larry turned his back on her.

"Commander Larx wants you in his office!" said Larry, looking proud that he had been chosen to deliver such an "important" message. "He said not to keep him waiting!" Larry concluded, puffing out his chest.

Jeffory growled. "Yeah, great... Thanks, Larry," Jeffory sighed, standing up and walking out of the student lounge. As he left, Larry was accidentily pulled into Jack and Hunter's dust cloud, leaving Kendra to pry them all apart.

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