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Defenders of Neopia 2: Brotherhood chapter 14: Old "friends".

"Oh, no WAY!" Jack yelled, as the chopper's searchlight landed on him. The whirring grew even louder, and Jack dove to the ground as the helicopter opened fire on his previous location. He scrambled to his feet, trudging through the snow towards the door. He had to warn everybody!

"Hey, Jack's been gone for a long time," Hunter informed Jeffory. The kyrii nodded. "I know, but we can't do anything. He needs some time to sort through his feelings," Jeffory responded quietly. Hunter looked at him for a moment before letting out a sigh and nodding. Jeffory was right; Jack was a big boy, they couldn't hold his hand through everything.

"What do you think he's doing now, anyway?" Hunter asked Jeffory, who shook his head. "Probably touching something that shouldn't be touched," he responded simply. "I occasionally have that problem," said Josh, appearing out of nowhere. Right as Jeffory was about to ask the shoyru where he came from, Jack came bursting into the room, shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Bad people with guns!" he wailed, running over to Jeffory and Hunter, tripping over his own feet on the way. The students all stopped dancing and were murmuring among themselves; Jack had always been known to do crazy things, but this managed to catch them off guard.

"What the actual hell is wrong with you?!" Hunter snapped at the Mynci, who had his hands on his knees, panting. To answer that question, the door Jack had just entered through banged open, and a small, spherical object rolled inside. The murmuring caused by Jack's outburst stopped within an instant, and everyone had stopped to examine this strange device.

Jeffory's eyes widened as he realized what it was.


A smoke bomb!

Jeffory felt his eyes burn as he squinted, trying to make out anyone at all through the thick smoke, but to no avail. He could hear everyone just fine, the problem was finding them. Screams filled the room, causing Jeffory's ears to ache, as he covered his nose and mouth from the smoke.

"Jeff!" a voice from behind him said, causing him to jump out of his skin. Jeffory whirled around, throwing a punch at the speaker. The whooshing sound he heard indicated that whoever had called his name had avoided his attack. "Whoa!" the voice said again, and Jeffory relaxed.

"Jack?" he called to the voice, between coughs. "Uh, yeah!" the Myncy responded, not at all pleased with his earlier greeting. Before Jeffory could say anything else, the screaming grew louder, silencing him. If his days as a Future Defender had taught him anything, it was that when people start screaming louder, shit is getting serious.

Soon, gunfire could be heard throughout the room, sending chills up Jeffory's spine. This was really, really bad! He couldn't see a thing and there actually were people with guns! And to make things worse, he didn't have a weapon with him. He needed to get out of this room and arm himself! But he couldn't leave his fellow Defenders-in training behind, could he?


Jeffory's ears twitched when he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun being fired. "Crud!" he cursed, ducking under his table to stay out of sight while he formulated a plan. He had to stop whoever had a shotgun, or the students would all be dropping like flies! But how could he find one target if the entire room was crawling with them?

Trying his best to see through the smoke that was (thankfully) beginning to thin, he caught sight of Hunter's tail, just within reach. He grabbed it, and pulled the kougra under the table with him, getting a yowl from his unsuspecting friend. "WHAT THE FU-" Jeffory cut him off with a thump on the head.

"Quiet!" he hissed. "We gotta get out of here and arm ourselves, or we're all dead!" he told Hunter, who nodded. "We're gonna need Jack to clear a way through for us!" Hunter realised. "Yeah, but where is Jack?"

"I heard my name!" said Jack, sticking his head in-between his friends, causing them to jump. Hunter banged his noggin on the underside of the table, letting out a loud whine.

Jeffory rolled his eyes and looked at Jack. "You're like, the only person here with a gun, and we need to arm ourselves. But to do that, we need to get to the door." Jack caught on, cutting him off with a nod. "Okay, I'll cover you two!" he assured them. Jeffory nodded. "On my count."

"One... Two... Three!" they all rolled out from underneath the table, Jack, already seeing an enemy near the door began opening fire. Jeffory and Hunter bolted for the door, running as fast as their legs could take them. The smoke had cleared now, and it was only thanks to Jeffory's reflexes that kept him from getting a bullet through his head.

He slid under the legs of a soldier that was slightly caught off-guard and aimed a punch where the sun don't shine. The soldier cried out in pain, dropping to the ground and writhing. Jeffory didn't dare look back, but kept running. He and Hunter burst through the Gym's doors and sped down the hall, only stopping to catch their breath when they turned a corner, sure they were out of sight.

Jeffory leaned his back against the wall, sweat rolling off his brow. Slowly, his eyes stopped watering, adjusting to the clean air. It was only after a moment of silence that Jeffory wondered something. "Hunt, you use your claws to fight, right?" Hunter, who was still panting gave him a nod. "So, why are you coming?" he asked, finally having caught his breath.

"We need Larx's help-" Hunter trailed off when he saw the hostile look on Jeffory's face at the mention of the Commander's name. "Look, I'm sorry, but we need his help; he's a skilled warrior,"

"So they say," interrupted Jeffory with disdain.

"and he can help!" continued Hunter, ignoring Jeffory's rude remark. The kyrii scoffed, not interested in Larx's help. "We're fine!" he lied. He wasn't stupid; he knew without a more seasoned fighter's help they would be wiped out easily. While there were teachers who were all experienced in wielding weapons, a lot of students were going to get hurt, or worse, without more help.

"All I need is my sword and this battle's ours!" he snapped, fixing his blue eyes upon his friend with a fierce glare. Hunter responded with one of his, growling, "Forget your ego for a moment, and think of our comrades!" They continued the staring contest for a few moments longer, before Jeffory snarled and broke eye contact, fixing his gaze on the elevator down the hall.

"Ugh, fine! You can get Larx! I'll do things my way, though," Jeffory decided, ending the conversation there. Hunter sighed. Fine; he didn't need Jeffory's help to get Larx's assistance. In fact, things would probably go smoother without Jeffory's bad attitude.

So they ran to the elevator in silence, both set on their objectives. It was only when they reached it that they said anything to eachother. "Where do you think Trident is?" asked Hunter, suddenly. Jeffory wasn't expecting that. "What makes you ask that?" questioned Jeffory, punching his floor in on the elevator, followed bu Hunter's. "It's just, those soldiers wore the same emblem as the ones who attacked us last year," Hunter informed him. Jeffory nodded, understanding what he was getting at.

"I dunno where he is. He was so damn fast, last time. I don't know if we can win, if we face him again..." Jeffory muttered. In all honesty, he hoped Trident hadn't come with those troops. The last thing they needed to worry about was a lighting-fast, incredibly strong opponent to worry about.

The elevator dinged, and Jeffory ran out. " Give my regards to my favorite Commander!" he called over his shoulder as he ran for his dorm. "Okay, I'll be sure not to mention you at all, in that case!" Hunter replied with a grin, as the doors closed once again. Jeffory chuckled under his breath as he stopped at his door, opening it and making for his sword.

VIM extended from the side of his bed as usual. "I heard the most awful sounds from down stairs, sir!" he exclaimed, sounding quite worried. Well, as worried as a computer could sound, that is. "Oh, nothing for you to worry about. We just have a few guests!" Jeffory informed him, grabbing Arrow of Life and jogging out the door.

"Well, don't keep them waiting!" VIM called after the kyrii.

When Jeffory reached the elevator, he chuckled at VIM's words. A wry grin appeared on his face as the doors opened. "Don't keep your guests waiting, he says..."

When the doors opened, he was greeted with a nice, friendly foot to the face.

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