I do not own Gaia Online. Inspired by the "Impractical Gala" going on Gaia Online ^_^

The Wizard's Ball

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Nicolae!" Cresento called out, but he didn't recieve an answer and he gritted my teeth together in annoyance. Where on Gaia is he? He glanced around Nicolae's room and noticed a note laying on the bed.

Hey, Captain

I'm going to a Wizard Ball as some Wizard's date. Heh, He has a lot of gold and money. Not to mention he has gems. Doubt I'll last five minutes without taking something. What can I say? It's in my nature. Hell, I might end up ruining the Wizard Ball. Oh and by the way that Brennivin guy has been invited to this Wizard Ball.


Cresento's eyes twitched in annoyance at the mention of that Prima donna.

'He thinks he can turn people down no matter how money they have...I doubt he has much business because of his attitude and I'm doing much better than him!' He thought and kicked Nicolae's bed at the thought of that damn Prima donna. 'I doubt he'll have fun because Nicolae will be there at the Wizard Ball.'

"Bet he'll get himself thrown out. Him and his sticky fingers." He commented before walking out.

"Say, Nicolae...After the Wizard Ball would you mind going home with me for the night." The Wizard asked and he held Nicolae's hands. "I'll be sure to pay you a whole lot."

Nicolae tilted his head to the side, grinned widely, and looked directy into the Wizard's eyes.

"We just met today." Nicolae commented while grinning. "Let's see what happens at the Wizard Ball."

"Of course." The Wizard stated and kissed Nicolae's hand. "I'm sure it will go quite well my dear Nicolae."

'Highly doubt it because I'll more than likely get kicked...Got to make sure not to be caught taking anything.' Nicolae thought and they walked inside of the building. 'Wizards are harder to get away from...Got to make sure not to get caught.'

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