Clove: Sunlight streams through the window and onto my face. I moan and roll over to my side, nestling into Cato. He is still sleeping soundly. I rest my head on his chest and slowly fall to sleep listening to his strong, steady heartbeat. I arouse again when I feel him stirring. I look up and meet his eyes. One of his arms curl around my waist and he ruffles his hair with the other. "Morning, Clover." He says tiredly. I yawn. "Aw, you look so cute in the morning!" He exclaims. "So do you." I retort, "Especially with your hair all messy." His eyes widen and he sits up. I push him back down. "Calm down! No one can see you.'' I say. "It's not too bad. Mine's worse.'' I say. He looks at me. "Yeah it is." Before I could hit him he adds in, "But perfect just the way I like it." He grins. Our lips meet and we have a slow, gentle kiss.

Clove: "When do we have to go to the Victory Tour again?" Cato asks as he pulls on a shirt. "In a few weeks, I think." I grab a bundle of clothes and walk into the bathroom to change. I hear Cato laughing outside. Whatever.

Cato: "Hurry up! We have to go to the training centre in two minutes!" I yell into the door. The door clicks and Clove rushes out. "You lock the door?" I ask amazed. "Why can't I?" She retorts. I just shake my head. "Doesn't matter. Okay now c'mon! We have to leave now!" We run down the stairs and out the door. "Race you." I challenge. "It's on!" She replies. I put on burst of speed and race in front of her. The training centre was getting closer, suddenly she ran past me quickly and agilely. I force myself to run faster we were neck and neck to the training centre. I push myself further and hit into the training door and sprawl across the ground of the training centre. Clove laughs behind me. I get off the ground and brush myself off. "Good thing no one is in here." I grumble. Clove just laughs.

Clove: The kids that train here everyday come in to listen about our experience. Then we have to teach a few selected students our skills. Cato and I talk about getting water, making alliances with whoever are useful, winning sponsorships and all that stuff. Then we split into two groups. There were a few people (the older ones) that got chosen because they are fairly good at throwing knives. I got them to show me a few throws to see where they're at and only one or two got the centre, but none could get at least two in a row. "Clove, show us your knife throwing!" They beg. I smile and pick up four knives in each hand. I position myself in front of the few targets.

Cato: I had to teach five kids/teenagers whatever you call them how to handle a sword. I had to combat with them and go easy. But I still beat them. Then I also had to wrestle with them. No one has beaten me in wrestling except for Clove. And it stayed that way, none of them even got close to beating me. A few of the girls that were in the group turned out to be fail in this area of weapon and they only came to flirt. So I just yelled at them (like any teacher would do) and made them leave. While they were duelling each other, I turned around to watch Clove's group. They all swarmed around her and begged her to perform throwing knives. Clove picks up a few knives and stands a long 20 metres away. She throws the first two with ease, then the other two in a 360 turn, then all four at the same time. The people clap in awe.

Clove: We walk home, finger interlocked with each other's. "Oh yeah, Clover, there's going to be a party tonight at a new girl's house. She's having a welcoming party. We're invited." Cato says. "You can go. I can't because I have to work on something." I reply. "Oh, um, okay." Cato says, trying to hide his disappointment. "I'll come home early." He reassures.