Cato: Here we go again… I think as the platform rises up. My heart beats quickly in my chest and I scan my surroundings. Water. We were surrounded by water but the metal horn was still visible. There were spokes of like, a wheel and I could see Clove standing on her platform. She looks at me and I nod. The countdown starts and I look around at the tributes. Gloss and Cashmere were on our side and so were the tributes from District 4. Finnick and Mags. I didn't want Mags on our alliance but that was one of the conditions for Finnick to join. Finnick is popular throughout the Capitol, ever since he won at the age of fourteen. Everyone adores him because he looks good. To be honest, I think I look the same. Just that everyone knows I'm with Clove. The gong rings and adrenaline rushes through my veins. I dive into the water and swim towards the Cornucopia. My fingers close around a sword and I arm myself. Blood seeps through the water from other tributes and I whirl around, checking to see if there were any tributes. I spot a woman struggling to swim and I slash her through the stomach with my sword. I spot a knife vest and immediately, the word Clove wanders through my mind. Oh my God, she can't swim! I grab the knife vest and bob through the water thanks to the purple belt around my waist. I spot Clove, bobbing in the water, trying to keep afloat. I can see how desperate she is, flailing around. I see another tribute swimming towards her. I swim faster but whoever that is, is a great swimmer, cutting through the water at remarkable speed and clean, perfect arm strokes. He reaches Clove and my heart sinks, my mind races through a million scenarios. Then the next thing I know, the guy raises his head, revealing deep green eyes and bronze hair. Who other than the Finnick Odair. He catches Clove before she sinks and holds her up with an arm around her waist. She grabs hold of Finnick tightly, wet and frightened. A pang of jealousy hits me square in the chest. I shake my head of the thoughts and swim over in my own way of swimming. I reach them and Finnick has just hit someone with his trident. I stand up and run my fingers through my wet hair, making it stand up. Clove catches sight of me and she immediately jumps at me, hugging me tightly.

"It's fine Clove, I'm here." I whisper into her ear. I look up and Finnick looks back at me.

"Thanks." I say.

"No worries." He replies with a grin.

Clove: Cato and I wade back to dry land. He hands me my knife vest and I feel happy immediately.

"Are you okay?" He asks his face full of concern.


Cato: The bloodbath finishes and bodies stain the water red. Cannons blast and around 7 tributes died. I sit down with Gloss, Cashmere, Finnick and Mags. We talk about our game plan and Mags doesn't seem to like us. Maybe because we were all blood thirsty Careers. I notice Finnick stealing glances at Clove and he keeps on agreeing with her whenever she makes a point. I'm sure he knows that we're married, and that she's pregnant with my baby. Still, he flirts. And it's annoying me.

Clove: I never really talked to Finnick but when I do, he's really funny and nice. He offers to take first shift and the rest of us sleep. I went into a tent with Cato for the night. But then I woke up a few minutes later and I couldn't sleep again. I unzipped the tent quietly and crawled out. The fire was still burning brightly.

"Couldn't sleep?" I turn in the direction of the noise and see sea green eyes shining under the moonlight.

"Uh yeah." I say. I sit down next to the fire and rub dirt around my fingers.

"Hey Clove, who taught you how to throw knives?" Finnick asks. I look up.

"Well, I kinda just tried it out. And, I was just good at it."

"Good?! You're the best knife thrower I've ever seen!" He exclaims with a laugh. I laugh along, blushing a bit.

"You're the best trident handler I've ever seen." I reply.

"Heh thanks." He says, continuing to wipe his trident clean of blood.

"Well, it's true. Everybody knows it.'' I say again.

Cato: I open my eyes and instinctively, my hand reaches out to the side to hold Clove. I felt an empty space and I sat up immediately. I grabbed my sword and was about to walk out of the tent when I heard voices.

"You're very pretty you know." I feel my muscles stiffen. The voice belongs to Finnick.

"I guess I could say the same to you too." A voice laughs. My whole body tenses up. Is Clove flirting?! Finnick chuckles,

"People always say I'm a pretty boy." They both start laughing at Finnick's voice. I think Finnick is the one flirting. And why does Clove let him?!

Clove: Finnick and I talk about our Districts and he tells me a story about when he had an encounter with a shark. He made facial expressions and made the story really interesting. After a while, I yawned, so he told me to sleep. I stood up and said goodbye, just before I went into the tent, he added with a wink,

"By the way, you look cute when you yawn." I blushed but hid it from his view. Finnick Odair just called me pretty and cute! I unzip the tent and Cato's sleeping. I slip into my sleeping bag and shuffle closer to him, but he turns to the side and continues sleeping. So I spent the night with Cato's back facing me.


poor Cato

jealous Cato

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