Cato: I stroll down the sidewalk to this fairly large house. I walk in and see lots of familiar faces. "Hey man, what's up?" People from every direction ask. "Hey, good to see you." I say to some old friends. "Dude, the new girl is like, totally hot." A few guys whisper to me. "Who is she anyway?" I ask. As if in reply, a girl wearing a short dress walks up to me. The other guys' eyes go all dreamy. The girl has blonde hair and glittering green eyes that looked way too familiar, just that I couldn't point out how. She holds her hand out. "I'm Shimmer. You are…Cato?" She purrs. I shake her hand, smiling. "Yeah, I'm Cato." I reply. "Congratulations on your victory." She says in that silky voice of hers. "Thanks." I say. Before all the guys swarm around her. I catch her eye through the crowd and she winks at me. I gulp and walk away.

Cato: Everyone was going crazy, drinking and dancing. I'm pretty sure they were all on high.

I sit on one of the bar chairs and just watch, occasionally drinking a bit. After a while, I stand up and begin to leave. A strong perfume smell wafts across to me, clinging onto my clothes. I look up and see Shimmer. "Finally, I have a chance to talk to you." She smiles. I sit back down, not wanting to be rude. She sits down on the chair next to me and crosses her legs. The chairs were really close and her legs were touching mine. "So um, Shimmer, you don't look like you're from the District 2. Did you come from another District?" I ask. "Yes, I came from District 1." She replies smoothly. She orders a bottle of wine and pours them into two cups. "Um, I should be going now." I say nervously. She slides the glass across and gently touches my hand, I flinch at her touch. "Please, drink this before going?" She asks. I sigh. Wouldn't hurt to drink would it? I hold the glass up to her, "I'll go after this." I say before tipping the contents in my mouth. She slides off her chair and I am about to leave when she puts a hand on my chest and presses me back down. I could feel my cheeks growing hot. I need to go home. I think to myself. But she wasn't letting me. She sits on my lap. I try to get her off but I felt my eyesight go blurry. "I need to go…" I mumble. She puts her mouth next to me. "Stay with me." She whispers seductively before flicking her tongue out and making me flinch. "I-need to go..." I mutter inaudibly. My head is spinning and I never knew wine would do that. I started seeing double and green eyes stared at me intently. Green. So familiar…The blonde hair and the emerald eyes… The word 'Glimmer' floated through my head. No, this is Shimmer. Wait! That's what she looks like! Glimmer from District One! "You're…Glimmer…" I mumble confusedly. She doesn't reply but she's all over me. "What do you want?" I mumble frowning. "I want you…" She purrs into my ear, her lips touching my earlobe. "No. I can't-"I begin, but I suddenly forgot what I was going to say and without realizing it, I followed her into a room.

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