Cato: I walk into the market to buy some eggs when I saw something that made me freeze in my tracks. It was Clove and she was talking happily to a boy around her age. Ash. Clove's ex-boyfriend. The one that cheated on her. What were they even doing together? I thought Clove hated him.

Clove: I bumped into Ash just then and we started chatting. He hasn't changed and I felt like I had forgiven him. We started talking about training and he said he might volunteer when he's eighteen.

"Clove, I heard that you and Cato are over?" He suddenly asks. I hesitate.

"Yeah." I reply quietly.

"Clove, I just wanted to say, I'm really sorry about that time. I don't know why I did it, but I want you to know that, I…I still like you." I gasp inwardly.

"Will you wait for me? After I win the games, will you come back to me?" he asks sheepishly. I don't know how to reply. I like Ash but do I really want to leave Cato forever? I snap out of my thoughts when Ash starts leaning forward. My heart beats uncontrollably and I'm thinking, what do I do?! What do I do!?

Cato: I immediately storm over when that Ash starts leaning in. I am burning with fury. Before their lips could touch, I yank Clove away.

"Hey what?" Ash mumbles confusedly.

"Lay off!" I growl.

"What are you doing?!" Clove hisses, pulling her arm away.

"You're mine. No one else's!" I growl back.

"What the hell Cato? We're done." She replies angrily. I grabher arm again.

"Clove, please no. You know it was an accident, a mistake. Listen, Shimmer is Glimmer's sister. She wants revenge!"

"Enough. Alright Cato? I don't want to hear your excuses." She says, holding up her hands.

"No please Clove! I need you! I can't live without you!" I blurt.

"No Cato. I'm never forgiving you. Ever." She says finally. Then she brushes past me.

Clove: Never forgiving him? I walk past him. When he suddenly wraps his arms around me tightly from the back.

"I'm sorry." He whispers. I close my eyes and exhale. And then I let us stay like that for a while. I missed him. I missed his scent, touch and the safeness I feel when I'm with him. I feel incomplete.

Cato: I hug her tighter, never wanting to let go. I put my head on her shoulder and breathe in deeply. I miss her. To my surprise, she doesn't pull away. Just as I thought she had forgiven me, she suddenly comes back to her senses and turns around, shoving me away. She furrows her eyebrows.

"Like I said, I won't forgive you." She says angrily.

"Never?" I shout as she walks away. She turns around.

"Never." She confirms.

Clove: I turn around and walk away again. But he doesn't give up. He spins me around and catches my mouth with his. I pull away and I slap him. Something I thought I would never do in ten million years. I slapped him. He looks stunned. Too stunned to even speak.

"I'm telling you for the last time Cato Hadley. I don't want to see you, and I won't forgive you." I choke out.

Cato: My face stings but it doesn't hurt more than my heart. Does she really hate me that much?

Of course she does. :P

Next chapter you'll find out the truth and Clove might forgive him :)