Clove: Cato tries to kiss me but I stop him, saying that he has to shave and clean himself up first. He obliges, happy that I've forgiven him. He skips into the bathroom and I begin picking stuff up off the floor. I pick up a few shirts and dump them into the laundry basket. I bend down to pick up a pair of trousers when Cato clears his throat behind me. I spin around and he's standing there, looking gorgeous as he did before. He shaved and showered and smelt way better than he did.

"Okay, now can I kiss you?" He asks.

Cato: Words cannot explain how happy I am that Clove finally agreed to come back to me. She even moved back in! Of course, after we cleaned up the whole house. I lie in bed, hands behind my head as I wait for her to come out of the shower. Finally the water shuts off and in a few minutes, she comes back out wearing shorts and a tank top. Her hair is still kind of wet and she's drying it as she walks out. I don't take my eyes off her the whole time.

"What are you looking at?" She asks.

"You." I reply charmingly. She rolls her eyes as she brushes her hair. Finally she finishes and she flops down onto the bed next to me. I turn on one side, propped up by my elbow. She imitates me, propping herself up onto one elbow and staring intently into my eyes. My other hand holds out the small box and using my thumb and forefinger, I flip it open. Her eyes flicker to the box and back. I chuckle,

"For the third time, Clover Veronica Sevina, will you marry me?" I ask laughing.

She laughs, "Of course I will." She replies.

And for the third time since the 74th Annual Hunger Games, I slide the ring onto her finger, where it belongs.

Clove: I startle awake at someone knocking on the door. I open my eyes and sit up. The knocking becomes louder and Cato sits up next to me. "Morning." He groans, stretching.

"Yeah, nice to see you." I say with a laugh. He puts an arm around me.

"Nice to see you too." He gives me a quick kiss and gets out of bed. He ruffles his hair before walking out the door and downstairs. I yawn, flopping back down onto my pillow. I stare out the window and look at the beautiful day outside. It was a cloudless day. I roll out of bed and walk downstairs. Cato already opened the door and I walk around to see who it is. It was Brutus.

"Clove!" He exclaims. "Wait, you live together?" He questions.

"Yeah, we are." Cato replies.

"Oh, okay. Good. So, later your prep team and stylists will be coming to prepare you for the Victory Tour." Cato and I groan at the same time. Brutus lets out a hearty chuckle. "I know. No one likes their prep team."

Cato: I walk down the stairs, two at a time and walk into the kitchen. Hmm…What to make for breakfast… I turn on the stove and begin frying some eggs. I go to the fridge and take out some milk when someone wraps her small arms around me. I chuckle and twist around. Clove had her hair up in a bun and changed into simple clothes.

"Hey," I say. She laughs and hugs me like a little kid.

"What's up?" I ask chuckling.

"I missed you." She murmurs into my shirt.

"I missed you more." I reply. Her small fingers trail up to my arm and she touches one of my scars. She pulls her head away and looks at the scar that her fingers were tracing.

"Why did you have to do that?" She whispers.

"Hey, don't worry about it, okay? It's fine." I say firmly, forcing her to look away with my hands.

"I don't want you doing that to yourself alright?"

"I won't ever again. I promise." I promise. "As long as you don't leave me." I add. She looks up at me.

"I won't. Unless you do something like that again."

"I won't." I say. "I'm never letting you leave me again."

I wrap my arms around her tighter. Someone knocks on the door and we both sigh.

"I guess they're here." I sigh. She nods. We walk to the door and open it.

"Cato!" My prep team shrieks happily. Then they see Clove.

"Clove? Why are you here?" They question.

"Because she can." I reply wearily.

"Oh, okay. But Clove, sweetie, you have to go to your house because your prep team is there." Ersaid says. Clove looks at me.

"Sure. See you." She says casually.

"Bye." I say, kissing her quickly on the cheek. My team 'aww's and we roll our eyes. Clove walks out into the bright day and across into her house. Then Aizel, Ersaid and Xerin rush in.

"Where's your room?" Aizel asks.

"Upstairs." I reply. They push me up the stairs and into my room. Aizel and Ersaid set up mirrors and clothing bags. Then they started fixing me up. "What happened to your arms?!" Ersaid cries.

"Nothing. It was an accident." I lie. Three pairs of eyes look at me. I knew they didn't believe me.

"Tick tock guys! Hurry up!" I say to avoid further interrogation. They nod and begin putting cream and powder on my body to hide some scars. Then they slip a red plaid shirt onto my body and make me put on jeans. Umm, what is so special about these clothes? But I kept that thought to myself. I put on boots similar to the ones in the arena. Then they started applying make-up on me.

Clove: I greet my prep team and we go upstairs into my room.

"Wow Clove! You have such a neat and tidy room!" Yeah, that's 'cause I don't use it. They strip me bare and I stand there nervously as they examine me. Finally they allow me to put clothes on. I put on a red plaid shirt and skinny jeans. Then they adjust a scarf over my neck. They put blush and a bit of lipstick on me and put my hair in a ponytail with an intricate braid on the side.

Jingles barges in and announces that it's time to go.

Cato: As I walked out the door, Brutus stopped me and pulled me into a corner.

"Cato, you two are in trouble."

"What? Why?"

"The President sees your suicidal as an act of rebellion. He thinks you did that to make the Capitol go into hysteria so you both win."
"No! I actually wanted to die myself!"

"I know, I know."
"So what does he want? Me to just die?" I ask angrily. "No. He wants you to convince him that you are actually in love."

"What the hell!? We are!" I yell. Brutus backs down a bit. "Yeah, course you are. But he's not convinced. He thinks you want to overthrow the Capitol."

"So how do we convince him?"

"You have to get married."

"What? At this age?"

Brutus shrugs.

"We'll talk about it in the Capitol."

uh oh