That Makes Three

by Cara No

One-shot written for Fandom 4 Animals.

Pairing: Edward/Bella/Riley

Genre: Romance

Beta: HollettLA

Summary: It all starts with Renee needing her daughter's help to win back Edward, even though he has moved on with another man. But it's not Renee who ends up in a bed with Edward and Riley.

Disclaimer: SM owns Twilight.

"Tell us to stop and we will, sugar."


"Mom, you're insane!" I palm my face and pray to whatever higher power that this is just a ridiculous nightmare. This isn't happening. I am not in a car with my mother who has gotten the crazy idea that she's going to win back her ex-boyfriend. It's simply not happening. Mom has not flown down to Texas—under the guise of visiting me at college—only to sink her claws into Edward again, who happens to live an hour away from me now. And she's not dragging me with her.

Unfortunately, this is happening.

My mother has her heart in the right place, but this isn't going to work. They were only together for three years—I was fourteen when they met—and they struggled to keep their relationship from crumbling for the last two. Plus, Edward has moved on. Which Mom knows but obviously doesn't care about, and she's bringing me because Edward had a soft spot for me back in the day.

Ironically, I often had a wet spot for him.

It was just a harmless crush, really, but it's impossible to remain unaffected in Edward's presence. He's a sweetheart behind a rough exterior; he's a bad boy with tattoos and a tool belt, but he has a smile that lights up the room. He stands a few inches taller than six feet, and he's pretty muscular. Not like a body builder, but as a contractor who's always on site. He very capable of…a lot. I may have fallen under his spell a few times; all it took were green eyes and the way he called me Sugar, and I was a fumbling, stuttering mess.

I shake my head, getting rid of those thoughts. I haven't seen him three years, and thinking back on my crush is probably not very smart right now. At this point, I just want my mother to turn the car around. I want her to get this ridiculous plan out of her head because, like I said, Edward has moved on. It was coincidentally the reason Mom and Edward finally broke up. He admitted to her that he's bisexual, and Mom couldn't handle it. Not because she's against it, but because she felt like she was already losing him—and to compete with two genders was just too much.

They both sacrificed a lot to be together. They tried for a long time, but they were simply too different. So, why Mom thinks she wants to go down that road again is beyond me.

I remember the sad smile Edward gave me when he announced he was leaving Sacramento for Houston. He hugged me tightly and told me he was always only a phone call away. Then with a touch to my cheek and a whispered "Sugar," he left. He left because he'd gotten a job down here, and he left because the guy he'd met lived here, too. I think his name is Riley.

When it was time for me to pick a college, I picked Texas, and I called Edward to tell him, but the conversation was kind of stilted and uncomfortable, so I never called again. He didn't either. I definitely didn't decide on Texas because of him, but I did have hopes we could catch up and maybe keep in touch. But that didn't happen.

This isn't going to work out.

"Mom…" I try again.

She just shakes her head, a determined look on her face as she maneuvers us through traffic. With my car, for the record. She took control of it when I had picked her up at the airport, knowing that I would never steer my car in the direction of Edward's house outside the city.

"He knows we're coming," she reminds me as if to reassure me. She laughs lightly. "It's not like we're showing up unannounced, Bella."

I know that, but it doesn't matter. Apparently, she called Edward last week, "just to chat," and told him she'd be in town this weekend. She suggested dinner, and Edward's too nice to say no. I can only imagine how awkward it'll be.

"You told him I was coming too, right?" I eye my mother, knowing she can be a bit of a sneak sometimes, though I hope this isn't one of those occasions. I wouldn't call her manipulative—far from it—but still. She sometimes omits details in her stories if they could work in her favor.

"Of course I did!" she exclaims. Next she scoffs and fluffs her honey blond hair; she's pretending to be insulted. "What do you take me for, sweetie?"

I don't respond.

The rest of the ride is silent, and I look out the window, the city morphing into suburbs and dusk turning into evening. It's Memorial Day weekend, and truth be told, I would've preferred to hang out with my friends, perhaps getting drunk and waking up in some guy's bed. I'm sure as hell not a bed-hopper, but it's been a while since I got laid. My roommate would disagree; she calls me kinky. I beg to differ. I just happen to like sex. However, school comes first and my weekends are usually dedicated to my studies.

I was pretty shy in high school, always walking around in clothes that were too big, and my dark hair was kept long in order to hide my face. But I changed in the summer before I took off for college. I started exercising religiously, earning myself a toned stomach and defined curves, and I got a nice haircut. It's still very long, but I keep it in a ponytail now and I have side bangs. No more hiding, in other words. I also started wearing some makeup, which I didn't before. Not a lot, but enough to make my eyes pop. I barely even knew I had such long eyelashes until I used mascara for the first time.

Safe to say, I was a new Bella when I arrived in Houston, and now Texas has been my home for two years.

"Here we are," Mom says nervously as she parks the car in front of a nice-looking two-story house. While she checks her makeup in the rearview mirror, I scan the street, smiling at the cozy feel of it. It's very suburban, but I like it. White picket fences and all. "How do I look?" She turns to me and smiles.

"You do know Edward's taken, right?" I just had to say that again. She does know, but perhaps she needed the reminder? But yeah, she looks good. My mother is an older version of me, save her hair, which is lighter than mine. She had me early, so she's only forty-two, but she could still pass for thirty-five. And that happens to be Edward's age, so I'm sure Mom knows she's got it since she was able to land a younger man.

"I just want to feel him out." Mom smirks wickedly. "Maybe he misses a pair of breasts?"

I roll my eyes and get out of the car.

"I wish you would've let me change before we got here," I sigh, turning to Mom who's retrieving the two bottles of wine she brought. Despite the fact that she recently got off a plane, she looks refreshed and put-together. Me, on the other hand…I'm only wearing a short denim skirt and a long-sleeved white t-shirt. I'm even wearing flip-flops; it's hardly appropriate attire for a dinner with my mother's ex-boyfriend and his partner.

"You wouldn't have gotten back into the car if I drove you back to your dorm to get changed," she replies with a wry smile.

She's got a point.

All right. Let's get this over with.

Leaving the curb, we enter through the low picket fence gate that I close behind me, and then we walk up to the door where my mom rings the bell. I feel nervous on her behalf and uncomfortable for my own. We shouldn't be here. We're not part of Edward's life anymore.

It's too late to escape, though, because Edward opens the door, looking as delicious as ever. Holy fuck. Maybe he's even hotter now than he was before. He's dressed casually, dark-wash jeans and a black Henley; he's lick-worthy and all man. And so tall. His brown hair is the same—a couple inches in length and messy. So sexy. His sharp jaw is shadowed with scruff, and the barbed wire I know he has tattooed along his entire side peeks up around his neck, ending there with an arrangement of lyrics, a small skull, and a black rose.

There's a dark red dish towel thrown over his shoulder, and at this point, he can whip me with it for all I care. My crush has return tenfold, along with a truckload of lust.

"Renee," he greets my mother with a polite smile. "Long time no see." They both step forward for a friendly hug, although Mom certainly hugs him more eagerly.

"Oh, it's so good to see you, Edward!" Mom gushes as he releases her.

He gives her another smile and then turns to me, that smile widening.

"Hey, Edward." I'm suddenly nervous on my own behalf, too.

"Bella." He hugs me too, and I try not to faint when his delicious scent reaches me. "Still as sweet as sugar," he whispers in my ear. Oh, my God. A shiver runs through me as his knuckles brush down my arm, and I curse the shirt I'm wearing. It's just in the way. Stepping back, he tells us to come inside and that Riley's in the backyard watching the grill, but I can barely hear a word. I'm too busy ogling and fantasizing.

We briefly stand in the kitchen, and Edward and Mom talk about something insignificant while he pours the wine. With a glass in my hand, we then end up in the living room which adjoins to the dining room, and we have a clear view of the backyard where Riley is standing by a big grill. Now, there's another sexy man. Jesus Christ, this is almost too much. By the look of it, he's as tall as Edward but not as muscular. Riley has more of a swimmer's body. His hair is short, reddish brown, and almost as messy as Edward's. And he's wearing a white t-shirt that allows me to see his muscles flexing as he works the grill. His ass in those cargo shorts is looking perfect, too.

Wow, I really need to get laid.

"Are you okay, honey?" Mom asks, snapping me out of my thoughts. "You're looking a little flushed."

"Oh, I bet," I mumble under my breath and bring my wine glass to my mouth. I take a big gulp and then smile apologetically. "I'm fine—just…" Horny? Well, that might not go over well. I clear my throat. "Um. Low blood sugar." I nod, going with that. "I'll be fine once I've had something to eat."

I can feel Edward's eyes on me, but I studiously ignore him.

Then I can't any longer, because he offers to escort me to the kitchen to help me find something to snack on while we wait for dinner. And how can I refuse? So, Mom says she's going to go outside and introduce herself to Riley, and Edward ushers me to the kitchen.

"Some cheese and crackers okay?" he asks, walking over to a cabinet. I play along with my lie and say that's just fine, and I watch his ass while he prepares my snack. "So, you enjoying Texas?" He sends me a quick smile before opening the fridge.

"Yeah." I nod and take a sip of my wine. "It's…it's home now. I like it more than Sacramento, actually."

"Glad to hear it." He begins to dice up some cheese for me, always going the extra mile. "What's your major?"

"Psychology." My cheeks heat up when I add, "I'm minoring in Human Sexuality, too."

I want to become a therapist specializing in…well, sex. There's both couples' therapy and sex coaching I'm interested in, so we'll just have to see. I don't know why, but I've always loved learning about sex, whether it's the history of it or the new fetishes that are born every day. A person's most important instrument is his or her body, and if we don't pay attention to it—your own and your partner's—I think the relationship can fail that much easier.

"Really?" Edward looks both surprised and intrigued. I nod, still a bit flustered, and pay more attention to my wine. "You know, Riley's actually a psychologist. I'm sure you'll have a lot to talk about."

I bite down on my lip. "Cool."

"Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella." Edward sighs and walks over to me with a plate of cheese and crackers. There're also grapes. "You're all grown-up, aren't you?" If I didn't know any better, I'd say his smile is wistful, but that makes no sense. I'm leaning against a counter as he sets down the plate behind me, and he doesn't back away. Instead he stands right before me, that small smile playing on his lips. "You should eat," he murmurs, trapping me with his gaze. I just stare up at him, dumbfounded, confused, and aroused.

"Um." I swallow. "Yeah…"

Yet, I don't eat. I can't look away.

"Eat, sugar," he whispers.

I'm not sure I could be imagining this. The crackling tension. The erotic atmosphere. His heated gaze.

The spell…or whatever it is…is broken when a man—Riley—calls out for Edward from the patio.

As it turns out, Riley is a very funny guy, and dinner is the opposite of how I thought it'd be. Conversation is light, jokes are cracked, the rare silences where we focus on eating are comfortable, and the rock music playing in the background only adds to the perfect atmosphere.

To no one's surprise—I think—Mom took the seat next to Edward earlier, which means I'm next to Riley. You won't find me complaining. Other than a mutual interest in psychology, we also share a passion for the same TV shows, and we're currently busy bonding over the gazillion cop shows we love.

"Wow, you're really chatty this evening, sweetie," Mom comments, smiling.

I shrug, a little bashful at how carried away I've gotten, and stab a cherry tomato before bringing it to my mouth. I guess I'm just pleasantly surprised at how easy this is. The only one who hasn't talked as much is Mom, and I don't know why. Edward and Riley are crazy nice and so hospitable.

They're also obviously in love with each other, so perhaps that's the reason for Mom's lack of participation. Not that she's been too silent, but I've definitely noticed a slight change in her behavior. She's not as forward as she was before dinner.

"Well, I have to say you were right, Edward," Riley says and drapes an arm around my shoulders. I chuckle at his smirk and try not to drown in his light blue eyes. In my defense, they're really gorgeous. "This one is as sweet as sugar."

"Aw, shucks." I smack his ribs playfully.

He's really not a stranger. For some reason, Riley and I have developed a little friendship that's so carefree that I've already vowed to myself to keep in touch.

"I told you." Edward tips his beer at Riley, and the two exchange an odd look before breaking their gaze. "And it's good to see you again, Bella." His eyes soften. "I'm glad you came."

I'm mush.

"Yes," my mother says with a nod, "this is very nice. Riley, you're an excellent cook, by the way." She cuts into her chicken. "It's delicious."

"Thank you, ma'am." Riley has this Southern drawl that sets my panties on fire.

I may be lusting over him as much I'm crushing on Edward. Almost.

"This has nothing on the dessert, though." Edward leans back in his chair and rubs his flat stomach. If only he'd go shirtless, huh? "Riley's mother has taught this boy well." He winks at Riley.

I bite down on my lip, trying but failing to not picture them together. In bed. Tangled between the sheets. Writhing in pleasure. Kissing. Hands roaming. Cocks…

Oh, fuck.

There are two of them!

I think I'm near combustion.

"You okay, honey?" Riley's quiet voice makes goose bumps appear on my skin, and I can't exactly blame the cold. Since it's hot and all. Damn.

"Uh-huh." I nod dumbly and tear my eyes away from his, eager to refocus on my wine for the umpteenth time this evening.

Edward was right.

The butter pecan cheesecake Riley made was nothing short of orgasmic, and by the time I've finished two pieces, I think he and Edward are relieved. The last thing they wanted to hear was probably my moaning, but it couldn't be helped. It was that delicious.

As were the…oh, three bottles of wine we've all polished off.

"Jesus Christ." My eyes widen. "Three bottles?" I look at Mom, Edward, and Riley. Plus, the men had beer with dinner. I can certainly feel the effects of the wine, but three whole bottles? Wow. Granted, we've been here for hours, but still.

"We can pretend you're twenty-one." Mom winks at me.

I grin. "Hey, I will be in a month or so." Four is "or so."

Edward snorts a laugh. "A month or so? Good one, sugar." Huh. Does he remember my birthday?

Being totally mature, I stick my tongue out at him.

"Witty comeback." He shakes his head in amusement, and then Riley has his attention when he says it's time to switch on the patio lights. It's completely dark at this point, and only a few tiki torches light up the patio.

"What time is it?" I ask, curious.

Mom checks her watch. "Oh!" She looks a little stunned. "It's almost midnight."

Shit, I didn't see that coming. "I thought it was around ten," I chuckle.

"Well, you're not going anywhere tonight." Riley sits down next to me again and reaches for his wine glass. "It's too late, and you've both been drinking."

I look at Mom, not knowing what to say. It would obviously be irresponsible to get behind the wheel, but I don't want to force an invitation. Perhaps Edward and Riley want to be left alone.

"Are you sure?" She faces Riley then Edward, and she looks hesitant, too.

Earlier when I went to the bathroom, she followed me and admitted that her original plan had been forgotten, for which I'm thankful. Now she's just happy to be here—no hidden agenda or ulterior motive. No plan. Like me, she can see how in love Riley and Edward are.

"Of course." Edward adds a firm nod for good measure. "There's no way we can let you drive tonight, Renee."

That settles that, I suppose.

"We have two guest rooms anyway," Riley fills in. "Aside from when our families visit, they're hardly ever used."

"Mom," I whisper-shout through the bathroom door. I refuse to do the pee-pee dance as if I'm a three-year-old, but I sure feel like doing it. I blame the wine.

Using the new toothbrush Riley gave me, I tap on the door again.

"I'm removing my makeup, sweetie. I'll be out in a minute."

Damn. Well, I guess I could sneak upstairs and use the other guest bathroom. Edward and Riley can't be asleep yet, so I doubt I'll disrupt anything. And with that thought, I say goodnight to Mom before heading up to the second floor. Since this sleepover wasn't planned, Riley and Edward gave us a couple of their t-shirts to sleep in, so that's all I'm wearing when I close the bathroom door behind me. That and panties, of course.

I think my mom secretly wanted to wear Edward's t-shirt, considering the fact that her luggage is still out in the car.

Once I'm done in the bathroom, I tiptoe out and make a right, but my eyes betray me by going left. The light is still on in Edward and Riley's bedroom; I can see the sliver of brightness under the door.

You could just knock and say goodnight—maybe thank them again.

Very true.

I should do that.

And if I get a peek at the goods, then that's just a bonus.

Steeling myself with a couple deep breaths, I reach the door and give it two soft knocks.

"Yeah? Come in." Edward's voice.

My hand trembles a little as I twist the doorknob and open the door a foot or two. Holy fuck. The visual isn't very provocative, but seeing Edward and Riley in a bed still does it. They're both leaning back against the headboard, both shirtless, and Riley's watching the TV in the corner while Edward's has a book in his lap.

"Hey, hon." Riley smiles and puts down the remote to the TV. "You okay?"

Oh, yes. Thanks for the Spank Bank material, boys.

"Just wanted to say thank you for tonight." I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear and happen to notice what Riley's watching. "That's a good episode." I grin. Law & Order: SVU is the best, in my opinion. "Anyway, goodnight, guys."

"Wanna watch it with me?" Riley arches a brow and smirks lazily.

My eyebrows rise, too, and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want to enter the deep end of the pool. This could provide some seriously sexy visuals for me—for future musings, so to speak.

"Feel free, sugar." Edward waves a hand at the space between them. "Plenty of room. And maybe I can get some reading done if you keep him occupied with that cop talk."

I wouldn't mind keeping both of you occupied. But cops wouldn't be involved.

I'm such a whore. Okay, I'm not, but I'm as dirty as one in my mind. Pushing down my sinful inner devil, I close the door behind me and walk around the bed to Riley's side. The room is sparsely decorated but very warm with its colors of beiges, browns, and greens. Right now it's dark too, the only light provided by the TV and the small lamp on Edward's nightstand.

I'm willing to bet the California King is warm as well.

It takes some maneuvering, and I'm not sure I come off as graceful as I would've preferred, but I eventually end up in the middle of the bed—not the chair next to the bed, as a respectable person would've picked—with two handsome-as-hell men. I think this is heaven. Or the gate leading to it, 'cause I'm greedy enough to wish that heaven entails orgasms.

"I might steal this bed before I leave tomorrow." The sheets, too. Christ, I think these are actually Egyptian cotton. "So comfy." I sigh contentedly and lean back against the dark headboard. Walnut or teak.

It gets even better when Riley throws his covers over me, too. "Come here," he murmurs and lifts his arm. At this point, I'm not even going to try to come up with a verbal response. "Use me as a pillow."

Yes, sir.

This isn't normal. I just met this man today, and the other man next to me used to be—for all intents and purposes—my stepfather. Not that he was, but…it was a role he took when he was with my mom. Mom. Who is about to fall asleep downstairs.

This is fucked up.

Still, only a fool would try to escape these amazing men.

Resting my head on Riley's chest, I relax in his arms and place a hand on his stomach. My eyes may be fixed on the TV, but I can't say my focus is there.

After a while, I can't even pretend to focus. Wearing so little—the white t-shirt that reaches mid-thigh and panties—and being almost enveloped by Edward and Riley has obviously erased any acting skill I might've had before.

"What're you reading?" I turn to Edward instead. His mouth quirks up and he shows me the book cover. I grin. "Still into thrillers, huh?"

"You remember?" His smile is a little lopsided, surprise evident in his eyes.

I giggle. "Of course. You were always reading." Books were always the surest bet when it came to picking out a gift for him back in the day. Thrillers, horror stories, and a good murder case to solve—Edward went through books like Hugh Hefner does women.

Putting his book aside and switching off the light on his bedside, he scoots farther down on the bed and props himself up his elbow, facing me fully. "What else do you remember?"

I go with honesty. Though there are a lot of things I remember, today's events have brought out one particularly sad memory. "I remember when you left," I say softly. "I hated that."

In a silent reminder, Riley tightens his arm around me—the one I'm currently using as a pillow. He keeps quiet, but I know he's listening.

"I hated leaving." Edward's eyes are remorseful, but there's something else, too. Resignation. "I didn't have a choice, though."

"I get it." I smile ruefully. "Riley lived here—you went with him." I know they met in Sacramento while Riley was there on a business trip. It happened a few weeks after Edward had moved out of our house.

"That wasn't the only reason, sugar." Reaching out, he caresses the cheek I'm not resting on Riley's bicep. "I needed a fresh start to get over certain, ah, feelings, I guess you could say."

"And it worked, right?" I ask, knowing he's talking about my mom.

"I thought it did." At my frown, he goes on. "It worked for a few years, but then they came back to me today."

"I told you they would," Riley mentions quietly.

Edward sighs. "I know you did."

"Wait." Now I'm all confused. There's also a knot in my stomach, and I don't like the thought of Edward having feelings for my mother again. It only takes a second for me to recognize it as jealously. "What exactly came back to you today?" I swallow hard, willing him to lie to me. Don't tell me you love Mom. God, this is beyond fucked up. FUBAR is the military term, right? Fucked up beyond all recognition?

And why the hell is Riley so calm about this?

"The feelings I'd started to develop," Edward answers, only confusing me more. Started to develop. Surely he didn't start to fall for my mother after they split. That makes no sense whatsoever. "There was this girl…"

I cock a brow. "Another girl?" More jealously flares up in me.

"She makes it sound like there were hundreds," Riley chuckles behind me.

"Shut up." I slap Riley's arm. "How can you be so chill about this, anyway?" Over my shoulder, I peer up at him. "Edward's talking about having feelings for someone else—and you don't give a shit?"

"Not really, and that's because I understand him." He's calm. Seriously. I don't get it. So calm. "Many people have a certain someone who they can't really forget. First crush, first lover, first date, first love—someone who simply has a special place in your heart." Wow, he really is a psychologist, isn't he? "And Edward has told me all about his special someone. That doesn't make me any less important." He gives me a pointed look. "And tonight I finally got the chance to see a glimpse for myself of what's so special about this girl. She's funny, gorgeous—"

"Sweet," Edward murmurs.

I face him again, catching his unreadable expression. Feeling like I'm missing something, I stare at him intently. His eyes flash with too many emotions for me to decipher, but I notice the changes even in the darkness. I just can't name them all.

"Smart," Riley adds.

Edward again. "Sexy as hell." My eyes grow wide as he moves closer to me, leaving me sandwiched between their bodies. My back to Riley. My front to Edward. Only, he's not quite touching me. "But my feelings back then weren't appropriate."

I suck in a breath, finally connecting the dots. But before I have it confirmed, I'm too chickenshit to assume. "Why?" My voice is too shaky, too soft.

Edward runs his knuckles down my arm, his eyes following the trail. "Because you were only seventeen." Oh, God. "Even when you called me a year later, I felt it was too soon. I knew I'd fall back into the feelings I'd fought."

My next word comes out as a squeak as my heart slams against my chest. "Me?"

"Yes—" he nods and closes the distance between us and brushes his lips over mine "—you." Shock sears through me, and I gasp. At the same time, I feel Riley shifting his body behind me so he's flush against my back. "Tell us to stop and we will, sugar." I feel Edward's lips still ghosting over mine. Feathery light. Yet, his barely noticeable touch sets me on fire.

A rush of arousal dampens my panties when I feel Riley's hand sliding under my shirt and up my stomach. "We both want you, honey," he whispers in my ear. I clench my thighs together. My brain is still trying to catch up with all this, but I'm getting there. Two sets of large hands roam my body. Edward keeps his kisses light, as if he's waiting for me to respond.

Edward speaks next. "We weren't planning anything tonight, but—" He releases a breath and pecks the corner of my mouth. "We hoped to call you once your, ah…"

Despite the clusterfuck of emotions coursing through me, I giggle, finding humor in the situation. "You mean after Mom's left?" In the dark, I still see his little grimace. For some reason, it levels out the field. I gain control—not of the situation, but of myself. And my wants. "Don't stop," I murmur, finally leaning in to give back. I kiss him on the lips softly. "I want." Both of you. Whatever you're willing to give.

In a quiet groan of surrender, Edward claims my mouth in a fiery kiss that leaves me breathless. His tongue delves deep, coaxing me out, and I meet him with just as much passion. Meanwhile, Riley latches onto my neck, sucking on my skin as his hand move up to play with my tits.

It's when they simultaneously grind their pelvises against me that I feel their very stiff cocks.

"Holy shit, this is happening," I mumble incoherently. I'm like a kid in a candy store, only…not really. A horny girl with two men? Jesus. Their hands are all over me, as are their mouths, and they're pressing against me, groaning, moaning, taking. However, it's very overwhelming and I feel the need to find better focus. "Wait, guys."

Yeah, that's plural.

"That's asking an awful lot, sugar." Edward's voice is all sex as he makes a move to pull off my shirt. I obviously let him. "God, you're fucking beautiful."

"Yeah, yeah." I've got more important things to do now than talk about myself. Sitting up in the middle of the bed, surprising them both, I ponder for a short moment before starting with Edward. "So sexy." I straddle his hips and ignore his incredulous chuckle. For years, I've fantasized about tracing his tattoos with my tongue, and now I finally can.

"Fuck, baby." His abs tense when I lower my mouth to his ink. The barbed wire snakes up his ribcage, goes around his shoulder, and ends up on his neck. I taste his skin, whimpering at the undeniable manliness I find myself enveloped in. Salt, soap, musk, mint. Flicking my tongue over his nipple, I elicit a hiss and a buck of his hips from him. "Mmm." I smile giddily, 'cause it's how I feel, and kiss him on the lips again.

It's a smile he returns even in the middle of a hungry lip-lock. "Perfect." He cups my ass and pushes me down onto his cotton-clad cock. My eyes nearly roll back in response to the arousal flooding me. "You're fucking perfect, sugar."

"How about you two never let me leave this bed?" I tease. They both chuckle, and I feel Riley settle behind me, straddling Edward's thighs. "Trust me—I want it." I want to make it clear that I'm all-in for whatever they have planned. 'Cause this is a dream come true for me.

"Be careful what you wish for," Edward whispers huskily and starts kissing his way down my throat. "Whenever Riley and I had a moment alone tonight, we talked about you."

"Mmhmm." Riley slides his hands between my legs, making me cry out when he slips under my panties. Oh, God! "And we haven't been with women since before he and I met. Trust us—the list of fantasies is long, Bella." Torturously slowly, he dips a finger inside me. "Keeping you in our bed forever can very well become a reality."

"Yep." Edward cups my tits and sucks on a nipple. "But enough talking." That said, he takes charge and orders both Riley and me to lie down on our backs. Which we do, and then we have Edward kneeling between us. "The only thing I need to know…" He pins me with a serious look. "Can we fuck you?"

My entire body flushes. "Yes," I breathe out. I've had all kinds of sex in the past, but I haven't been with two men at the same time. "I want you both to take me. At the same time."

Riley groans and slips a hand down his boxers. "Fuck, you're dirty. So, you've had anal sex before?"

"Uh-huh." My eyes are glued to this cock, and I kind of want him to remove his boxers already. That they're both blessed with long and thick dicks is a fact; I could feel them, but now I want to see them sans fabric obscuring my view. "Show me, Riley. Please."

He gets it and takes off his boxers.

Edward does the same.

Oh yeah, gate to heaven.

Ever the safe girl, I blurt out that I'm clean. I always insist on condoms—this isn't an exception, and if they don't have condoms, I do, in my car—but I do want to taste them without rubber in the way. Oral sex is intimate to me, even more so than sex, and I don't do it very often. Now…I almost have this feral need to do it. So, I'm extremely relieved when they tell me they're clean, too. Not only that, but they reveal they've been exclusive right up until now.

Then I lean over, grip Riley's cock, and suck him into my mouth.

"God!" Definitely took him by surprise. "Oh fuck, Bella."

As if we have some sultry music leading us, we move around on the bed to a seductive beat. Legs tangled, hands groping, mouths kissing, tongues licking. At one point, Edward and Riley are on either side of me making out mere inches from my face as they together finger-fuck me. Then they dip and include me in the passionate kiss. Groans, moans, my whimpers. I taste them both. Teeth nip. Next, Edward claims my mouth with his once more as Riley slides down my body to lick my pussy.

"I need you, baby." Edward's voice slices through me. That husky, rich voice can make a virgin drop her panties in a heartbeat. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long."

I gasp and arch my back, feeling Riley's tongue entering me. That combined with Edward's admission has me trembling and pleading. "Please." Fisting Riley's hair, I force him to stop his magic and look up at me. His eyes are nearly beastly. Hunger, primal fucking hunger. I swallow and shiver. "Fuck me," I croak.

If possible, his gaze becomes even more heated. "Gladly."

Kneeling on the bed, Edward retrieves two condoms and a bottle of lube from Riley's nightstand drawer. Then he gives me one of the foil packets and the rest to Riley. "Put it on me, sugar."

And while I sit up to do so, he pulls Riley in for a passionate kiss. I honestly don't know where to look; I'm so torn. Between watching Edward's cock and their kiss. But I settle for stealing a taste of Edward, and he groans into Riley's mouth as I suck him down my throat.

"Goddammit, Bella," he growls. "How about a fucking warning?" I giggle around his fat cock and give his balls a tug. "Jesus."

With a final kiss, I release his cock and roll on the condom. In my periphery, I see Edward stroking Riley's cock, and in their movements, I notice the change. All night, I've witnessed how equal they are. Two partners. Two decision makers. But now…the way Edward stares Riley down, it's clear that he's the dominant one—at least in the bedroom. He oozes power, and Riley surrenders to him without a single word.

"Straddle me, sugar." Edward ends up on his back in the middle of the bed and holds out a hand for me. I take it and hitch a leg over his thighs. "I want you to sink down on me. Slowly."

I lick my lips, a little relieved. While they're both blessed in the making, Edward's cock is significantly thicker. His dick in my ass won't be as pleasant without more preparations beforehand.

"Shit." I inhale through clenched teeth, Edward's cock stretching me fiercely. Halfway in, I have to pause and wriggle a little. That makes him moan. The muscles in his neck strain. His grip on my hips is hard, fingers digging in. Then I lower myself some more and hold my breath until he's all in. "Oh, God." I whimper. So full. Fuck, I'm so full.

"Christ." He exhales shallowly and swallows. "Sit still, baby."

Behind me, Riley helps me relax. Slick fingers enter my ass, but it's his hot and open-mouthed kisses along my spine that make me hum, shiver, and unclench.

"Lean forward, honey," he whispers against my neck. "Let us take over."

Edward's muscular arms wrap around me, bringing my chest to his, and now it's his turn to relax me. His sensual voice whispers in my ear, and his soft yet firm lips turn me into mush. I simply melt into him.

"Gorgeous." He caresses my arms, causing goose bumps to appear. "You're mine now, Bella." God, he can seduce me with a four-worded statement. "Ours," he amends with a little smirk. I smile back, but then I tense up as Riley adds a third finger in my ass. "Relax, sugar." I'm trying. It burns, but my body wants it. Closing my eyes, I focus on their hands, their warmth, and their words. "Give her your cock, Riley." Oh yeah, those words. Driving. Me. Crazy. Edward definitely notices my shudder. "You like this, don't you?" He nuzzles my jaw and slides a hand between us, finding my clit. "Two men taking you." Flick, flick, circle. I groan and bite down on my lip. "So fucking slick." He hisses.

Heat surges to the surface, causing me to flush all over. Before I can beg for something, anything, Riley presses the head of his erection into me. My mouth pops open, which Edward takes advantage of. His tongue slips inside my mouth, mingling with my own tongue. Stroking, swirling—much like his finger on my clit.

Inch by inch, Riley fills my ass.

"Fuck," I whimper when he's all in. Both are all in. Unmoving. Filling me completely. It stings, burns, and stretches. "Oh God, oh God, oh God." Quick, sharp breaths.

"Damn." Riley's groan comes out strained and gritty, so unlike his usual warm voice. "So tight, sweetheart. I—I gotta move. Fuck."

I freeze.

"Not yet, Riley." Edward's gaze burns into me. He's so controlled. In control. "Let her adjust. Breathe, love." I gulp and struggle to relax. "Breathe in through your nose and push back—into Riley." He waits until I've complied. "Good girl." His free hand strokes my left thigh. "Exhale."

It works after a while.

Touching me with the tips of their fingers, they evoke more goose bumps, and each shiver helps me to relax further. Kisses follow—Edward's hot mouth on mine, my throat, my chest, and Riley's softer lips on my neck, shoulders, and back. Slowly but surely, they create a rhythm. Small and erotic movements. Slow strokes.

Edward grips my hips with both hands and suspends me a few inches higher up, so that only the tip of him is inside me, and then he bucks up into me, filling me over and over. Meanwhile, Riley slides into my ass at the same pace, but he does it when Edward slides out. One in, the other out.

The stinging burn is still there, but it's dull and it has spread. It's not as intense anymore, and it serves to heat me up instead of causing me to go rigid.

They make me beg.

"You feel so fucking good," Edward grits out. The blue light from the flickering TV shows me the fine sheen of sweat we're all covered in. "Goddamn." He starts panting as he speeds up. Shallow thrusts. Fast ones. "I want to roll us over. You okay with that?"

I nod quickly.

Only Riley pulls out before we roll over to our sides, but he's back inside me in a fucking flash. I moan, trapped between their bodies. Their hands are all over, their cocks filling me again and again and again. Dirty whispers. Greedy kisses. Hot, fiery passion. It's slide and collide. Hammering versus slow strokes.

Edward kisses me and groans into my mouth. Gripping my hip and tangling his legs with mine, he drives in deeper. At the same time, Riley slides out of my ass then rams in, his hand moving up to squeeze my tits. They play me like an instrument. They dominate me, take what they want, yet show with each push and touch that they only want to give me pleasure in return.

"Oh, fuck," Riley grunts. He kisses my neck, up to my jaw, then joins the kiss I'm sharing with Edward. Three tongues tasting, mingling, and swirling. Three sets of moans. I ignite further, feeling the urgency. More, more, more. I grab at them, move with them, and cry out when they speed up.

"You gotta be quiet, love." This time when Edward kisses me, he does it to shut me up. "We wouldn't want Renee to wake up."

"You're the devil," I giggle breathlessly.

"And you're willing to be with me." He cocks a brow and drives in harder.

"Yesss," I hiss, pleasure searing through me.

"I need her to come." Riley sounds like he's close to losing it. Dipping a hand between Edward and me, he begins to rub my clit in tight little circles. Fast and hard. Every now and then, he also slides down and wraps his fingers around the base of Edward's cock, and I watch, mesmerized and beyond turned on.

"Christ, Riley," Edward moans.

"I can't hold back." I gasp and hold my breath. My insides tighten. I throw my head back against Riley's shoulder. My thighs tremble. I quake and squeeze my eyes shut. And I'm done for. The first wave rolls in, drowning me in euphoria. The following waves intensify it all. It pushes me down, and I—I can't fucking breathe. Oh, God!

"Now," I hear someone growl. I think it's Edward, 'cause he stills inside of me, and I can feel his erratic breathing against my neck. "Before she's done, Riley." And Riley follows immediately, pumping jerkily into my ass as he releases—they both do. Into me.

This has got to be heaven.

Heaven is hot as hell.

And smells like sex.

"Spent," Riley pants. "Fucking spent."

I'd speak. If I could.

"Stay here—both of you." Edward pecks me on the lips before pulling out of me with a little grimace. I whimper at the sudden discomfort, and then the same noise slips out when Riley pulls away, too. Edward disappears from the room. Fuck. Enveloped in so much pleasure clearly made it impossible to feel any pain. But now it's there. Not a lot but enough to let me know that I'll be cringing some tomorrow. And maybe comfort myself with a tub of ice cream and a hot bath when I get home.

"You all right?" Riley asks, sounding concerned.

"Yeah." I release a breath and chuckle to myself. "I'm just thinking about the soreness I have to look forward to now. Tomorrow's gonna be a bitch."

In an instant, he's with me again, and he drops a tender kiss on my shoulder. "You could always stay, you know. Tomorrow, I mean. Stay—" another kiss to my shoulder "—Edward and I will take care of you."

"I have no doubt." I smile and turn around to face him. "But I can't really explain staying to Mom. Plus, she's not leaving until after the weekend."

"Fine." He scrunches his nose and I spy Edward returning with something in his hand. To my disappointment, he's wearing his boxers now. "We'll just have to make sure to kidnap you as soon as she's gone."

"I don't really know what you're talkin' about," Edward drawls, getting back into bed, "but I like the sound of kidnapping our little Bella." I giggle as he growls playfully against my neck. "Now, lie still." Next, both he and Riley make me feel so taken care of that it almost overwhelms me. The hot washcloth is soothing; their massaging hands almost lull me into a slumber.

"You know this wasn't a one-time thing, right?" Edward tilts my chin back to face him.

"I had a feeling," I admit, happy about it. I don't have anything against one-night stands, but I'm thrilled this isn't one. I want to explore something deeper with Edward and Riley. "So, is this where you ask me out on a date?" I offer a cheeky grin.

Riley chuckles and nips at my jaw. "Edward, I have a feeling we'll be makin' an awful lot of trips to Houston in the future."

"Oh, yeah." Edward's mouth stretches into a smile. "An awful lot. We'll start next weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Three dates." He lowers his face and kisses me softly. "And that's just the beginning, sugar. Consider yourself taken—permanently."

So, maybe heaven is more than orgasms.