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"Alec, you can't just pretend that nothing happened. Talk to me." Alec paused in his search through his closet. He was trying to locate his old, tattered sweater to put on and burrow into his bed with.

"Izzy. Go away. I don't want to talk."

"At least tell me what happened! You haven't spoken to or about Magnus in two weeks," she said miserably. Alec' heart still clenched at the warlock's name, but he merely pushed it aside.

"I was stupid Izzy, that's what happened. Now go. Please." Alec finally found his sweater and he pulled it over his head before turning to look at his sister.

"But that doesn't tell me-"

"Anything. I know. Izzy, just please, leave me alone." Isabelle gave her brother one last pitied look before turning on her heel and leaving the room. Alec sighed as the door slammed shut behind her and he finally had silence once more. He knew it had been two weeks, he'd been counting every day and he could feel a hot, sharp, stabbing pain through his heart after every one. He had been so foolish, so selfish. And of course Magnus had broken up with him…he was trying to convince himself that it was better now while he was young, then if Magnus had broken up with him when he was old and grey and no one would want him. He would move on…but for now…Alec curled up on his bed under the large, blue down comforter Magnus had gotten for him months ago and finally let himself cry, his quiet cries quickly turning to choking sobs. His hand reached under his pillow and slowly curled around a familiar slim piece of metal, which he'd never returned, and had no intention of ever doing so.


Isabelle's stiletto boots clicked up every stone step before she reached the top step of a familiar stoop, and let herself ring the call button. She rang it twice more before that familiar voice belted out.

"I'M ON VACATION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! LEAVE!" Isabelle rolled her eyes.

"Honestly…men and their melodramatics," she muttered before she held the call button down to speak, "Magnus, I need to speak with you…right now. Not 'until further notice.'"

"I'm sorry; I no longer cater to Nephilim. You'll have to find a new warlock pet," was the clipped response.

"Magnus please. I'm worried about Alec. He hasn't spoken to anyone in nearly two weeks."

"I don't care. That is not my problem." Isabelle's eyes widened with shock and her whole being filled with a fiery rage.

"You lying bastard!" she yelled into the box, "you do to care! And I need your help!" By now her eyes had filled with tears as hot as her anger. "Help me damn it!" There was no answer this time and Isabelle stood there pressing the call button over and over for five minutes before conceding defeat. "I'm not giving up on you Magnus Bane! I'll do anything to get you to talk to me!" she yelled up at the building. Isabelle wiped her face hastily before making her way back down the stairs and to the Institute.


Alec laced up his boot and snapped his weapons belt into place before swinging his bow and arrow onto his back.

"Ready?" Jace asked as he appeared in his doorway. Alec nodded.

"Yep. Let's go." Jace had knocked on Alec's door, and upon seeing his tear stained face, and red eyes, had said they were going demon hunting, just the two of them.

"You look better," Jace said calmly as the elevator slowly made its way up to them. Alec had been thoroughly embarrassed when Jace had been behind the door, but had gone and splashed cold water on his face and had changed quickly into his gear.

"Jace, I already told Izzy that I don't want to talk about it," Alec said with a sigh. He was still annoyed with Izzy about this morning, but after his long cry, he was just too tired to argue with his parabatai, and he hoped Jace wouldn't push the issue.

"Talk about what?" was the automatic reply. Alec smiled.

"Thank you." The team of parabatai raced down the street and into the nearest subway tunnel before one spoke again. "Where are we going exactly?"

"Down here," Jace motioned to the far left tunnel, which both knew to be unused by the mundanes anymore. It had fallen into disrepair, and was therefore a well known hiding spot for some lower level demons and sometimes, Forsaken.

"What were you doing here?"

"Looking for trouble," Jace answered with a smirk. Alec rolled his eyes as he led them down the long subway tunnel before turning left and climbing through a smaller service tunnel. He mused silently on how some time ago Jace saying that would have evoked his onetime love and worry and anger over his brother doing something so stupid and reckless without him. Now, he merely found it amusing.

"So what was it you saw exactly while you were looking for trouble?" Alec asked dryly.

"Some forsaken," Jace paused as he took his Sensor out and both heard the quiet clicks indicative of demon activity, "nothing too big." Alec nodded as they walked forward out of the tunnel and into a large room where five smaller tunnels and one large tunnel branched out of it. "I killed a few in here…so the rest can't be far…" There were scorch marks on the ground, owing truth to Jace's story.

Both shadowhunters froze then as a large buzzing noise, like the beating wings of a thousand birds, filled the air.

"What is that?" Alec yelled.

"Trouble," said Jace grimly as he pulled two seraph blades from his belt. Out of the small, five tunnels crawled dozen upon dozen of not only Forsaken, but lower level demons as well.

"You know, I should have remembered that your idea of low levels and mine are completely different," Alec said with a glare in Jace's direction. He grabbed his bow and knocked an arrow just as Jace named his blades'.

"Oh come on, that was such a long time ago, I'm shocked you remember."

"I almost died Jace," Alec said in disbelief, just as he let loose an arrow. It struck true, right between the eyes of a now shrieking Forsaken.

"Details. Besides, Magnus fixed you up." Alec swallowed hard. Magnus wouldn't be there to save him this time. Jace seemed to realize what he said because he rolled his eyes with a curse and plunged into the dozens of Forsaken and demons with renewed vigor. Alec shot arrow after arrow, bringing down a handful of Forsaken and couple of demons, and just as he glanced from the corner of his eyes to check on Jace, his fingers hit empty air over his shoulder. He jumped backwards as far as he could and glanced over his shoulder worriedly. He was out of arrows.

The stench of garbage and urine filled the air just as Jace noticed that Alec was no longer beside him. He speared the nearest demon on the seraph and spun around to look behind him and blanched.

"Alec!" he yelled. Alec turned around slowly, very aware that Jace never sounded frightened…ever.

"It looks to me as though you're out of ammunition little shadowhunter," came a smooth voice. Behind him was a huge demon that had come out of the sixth and largest tunnels, and poor, frozen Alec, suddenly had a flash back to the greater demon, Abbadon, before he came crashing back to the present. This demon was just as large, but was in the rough shape of a giant person, with grey skin and large tufts of grey and black fur coming out of random places on its body. It had large black nails and two large, sharp fangs poking out of its mouth, and most noticeably, at least to Alec, were its bright green cat eyes.

Stupid, so stupid, was Alec's next thought. His seraph blade from his belt was missing, and he realized that he must have dropped it in the fight, and the demon, realizing this too, gave a deep laugh, revealing two rows of sharply pointed, deadly teeth.

"Oh poor Nephilim…but don't worry, I'm not planning on killing you…yet." Alec had one moment to yell before the demons black mist surrounded them and he fell unconscious.

Jace shoved through the last few Forsaken, mentally cursing himself for not keeping an eye on his parabatai's back. Why wasn't Alec moving? Why wasn't he fighting?

"Alec! Run!" Jace yelled again. He'd caught a glimpse of his brother's belt between the demons and Forsaken, and it was empty. Completely empty. He heard a booming laugh from the demon, and the masses still around him screeched with terror before scrambling back through the tunnels. Jace grunted as he pushed against them, trying to reach Alec, and just as he pushed past the last Forsaken, he heard Alec's piercing scream. "Alec!" he yelled. He pushed himself forward, but watched in horror as the Greater Demon swallowed both itself and Alec, before disappearing. "No!" he screamed. He reached them just as the last of the demon's mist receded. "By the Angel," he whispered as he fell to his knees. A demon…it…it had kidnapped Alec. Jace pulled out his cell phone, trying to keep his hand from shaking, and dialed a number. It rang twice before it was picked up.


"Izzy," Jace gasped out.

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