Thanks to a few reviews, a suggestion and some popularity, I decided to extend this into a series of one shots. Ok look, this is really just a huge group of our favorite characters getting EXTREMELY drunk and flirting and stuff. This is on request of my bestest friend ever and fellow Skyrim junkie! A big thank you to her, even though she does not have a fanfiction. Also, Tinuviel helped Cicero and our favorite jester is sane… well, saner. He's still cray cray in the bray bray but whatever!

Drink To That!

Not long after meeting, Oswin and Tinuviel became good friends. One night, they decided that they were going to go to the Bee and the Barb for a few drinks and bring Cicero and Brynjolf with them. To remain inconspicuous, they decide not to wear their normal, Dark Brotherhood and Nightingale armour. Instead, Oswin wears ancient nord armour and Tinuviel wears fur armour that barely qualifies as armour, as it leaves much of her skin exposed to the elements and her adversaries.

The two women work together, preparing for a very unforgettable night, unforgettable to anyone not heavily intoxicated that is. Oswin and Tinuviel are meeting Brynjolf and Cicero there, not wanting to reveal themselves too soon. They grin at the finished product, knowing that they look good.

Oswin has her hair pulled back into a waterfall braid that flows down her back tauntingly. It falls in little rivulets, seeming like lots of little tributaries that connect to the main stream of raven black hair. A bit of dark green eyeliner makes her eyes pop and her pale skin look soft and tantalizing.

The sides of Tinuviel's hair are pulled back, meeting in the back of her head to cascade down with the rest, showing her slightly pointed ears. The rest of her hairs falls flat underneath, trailing down her back and over her shoulders. Her high cheekbones are accentuated by the slight amount of blush she put on them and her eyes are rimmed by blue eyeliner.

They set out towards the Bee and the Barb, reaching it quickly. They push open the door and catch the eye of every man in the establishment, and even a woman or two. They look like paragons of beauty, the symbol of a truly gorgeous and deadly warrior. They walk to the bar, their hips swaying delicately. They sit down and order two drinks and coins clatter down onto the table in front of them, coins that they didn't put down.

Both women turn to see two large nord men approaching, the one on the left having tossed the coins. They are both well built and very muscular, with dark hair and dark eyes that stand out against sun-tanned skin. The slightly larger of the two stands before Tinuviel on the right, while the slightly smaller one stands before Oswin.

"My name is Vilkas and this is my brother Farkas." Says the one standing before Oswin, who smiles coyly at him. Tinuviel eyes Farkas, who has not said a word. Vilkas has an intelligent gleam in his eyes, and the stance of a worthy adversary. Farkas on the other hand, has a somewhat predatory look which Tinuviel finds herself drawn to.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Oswin and this is my friend Tinuviel." Oswin purrs, making the corner of Vilkas's lips twitch into a restrained smile he unsuccessfully tries to hide. Oswin notices this and tilts her head slightly, a smirk on her lips. Farkas breaks the silence.

"What are you two ladies doing all alone?" His voice is rougher than Vilkas's, adding to his predatory look. The girls grab their drinks and look nonchalant as Cicero and Brynjolf walk in. Instead of their normal attire, they are both wearing leather armour, making them both look masculine and well formed. Tinuviel bats her eyelashes at Farkas and smiles sweetly.

Cicero and Brynjolf approach them, pushing past Vilkas and Farkas to stand by Tinuviel and Oswin's side protectively. Tinuviel just stares at Cicero, shocked. His eyes rake her form appreciatively as she continues to stare.

"Speechless are we? Such a shame, you have a very nice voice little Songbird." Cicero says in his serious voice, leaning closer to her, his lips brushing her ear as his voice lowers. "What'll it take to make you sing?" He asks seductively, smirking. She shudders, causing him to giggle like mad. He's still not completely sane, though he's much better.

"Cicero, you're wearing leather armour… You NEVER wear anything but your jester outfit!" Tinuviel finally manages to say, ignoring the redness in her cheeks. The bartender hands them all drinks and Cicero grins, laughing like he used to.

"Hey Tinuviel! What do you say to a friendly wager? A drinking contest! Heck, everyone can join!" Oswin proclaims loudly. She tosses a sack of coins to the barkeeper who stares at it incredulously. Everyone picks up their drink and downs the first one heartily, grinning. They all drink often, so this is bound to be a long night.

-ten drinks later-

They are all laughing and having a great time, drinking more than they should and flirting shamelessly. The doors open and Nazir walks in. Everyone welcomes him with another drink. At this point, everybody's a bit drunk.

"Nazir, you sexy Red Guard you! So glad you could join us for this lovely little drinking game! Come join us! It'll be fuuuuun! Fun Nazir! Not like the games we play in the sanctuary, no, real fun! Isn't that right Oswin?" Tinuviel slurs a bit, her grin never faltering. She eyes Nazir and Oswin looks up from her drink, a grin plastered onto her face. She eyes Nazir and licks her lips.

"Always room for one more in this game! Come on over here you little devil you." She signals the bartender, an Argonian woman, who brings another drink. Oswin winks at the Argonian and tosses her another coin, licking her lips at the same time. The door opens again and a young man walks in. He sits down at the bar while Oswin eyes him appreciatively.

"Well well well! Who are YOU?" She asks, making him eye her strangely. He looks at the group and it clicks. They are all very drunk.

"My name is Erik, up until recently I was a farmer, but now I am an adventurer." She grins and scoots closer to him. He merely sits still and watches her, curious. She buys him a drink and grins.

"Well Erik, I would like to welcome you to this lovely establishment and your new life with a drinking game! Join us, you know you want to." She begs, pouting, and he sighs and joins in with a reigned smile. She grins and kisses him full on the mouth, taking him by surprise. This gets Brynjolf's attention, and he stands.

"Good, I'd hate to have to force you to join us! That's not nearly as fun…" She smiles at Erik as he blushes and stutters, then turns and sees Vilkas.

"Oh! It's Vilkas! So good to see you! I was just inducting this newcomer into our game." She grins and winks at Erik who just smiles and starts drinking.

"Lass, must you go around and kiss people you just met?" Brynjolf asks. She turns to him with her eyes wide and pouts.

"I'll kiss who I want to kiss. Like this." She pulls Vilkas down to her lips, kissing him for a few seconds before letting him go and leaning back, grinning from ear to ear. Brynjolf scowls and Oswin tilts her head slightly.

"You know Oswin-" Oswin stops Brynjolf mid sentence and pulls him into a crushing embrace, kissing him with a fiery passion. She lets him go and he staggers back, shocked. She grins innocently and he hands her another drink. She downs it and smiles before standing up, and promptly falling back down.

"Everyone, to the Ragged Flagon!" Nazir calls. Everyone eventually stands, cheering at the idea, and gradually make their way down. Farkas carries Tinuviel who kisses him and giggles, too drunk to walk that far on her own. When they finally get there, the entire guild is there, and has had a few drinks of their own.

"Are we late for the party?" Oswin asks, and the guild laughs and cheers. "You made it!" Cries Rune with a grin.

"For you baby, I'll always make it." She grins and winks as Farkas set Tinuviel down. Brynjolf walks over to Oswin, a strained look on his face.

"I've been so patient lass! Why, Oswin, why?" He slurs, and she grins and giggles a bit before responding.

"Pimpin ain't easy, Bryn." She along with half the group laugh like mad. Tinuviel laughs and staggers to the bar, getting a drink. As she walks her movement becomes more fluid and graceful, and Delvin whistles at her. She turns and winks, standing at the bar beside Oswin.

"Tinuviel Oakenheart! That is my job!" Oswin shrieks. Tinuviel laughs and turns to Oswin, giggling. She winks and smiles slyly.

"Oh no, pimpin ain't easy at all, especially when there's more than one! But don't worry love; I'm sure we can manage somehow." She winks again and laughs. Oswin smiles suddenly before saying, "Oh, we'll do more than manage, "love," much more." With that Oswin kisses Tinuviel right smack on the lips. Tinuviel kisses her back, and the entire guild falls silent, staring at the insane sight before them. Oswin pulls back and grins at the crowd, and Tinuviel casts a saucy look at Cicero, who looks stricken. Then he smiles and wolf whistles before laughing hysterically, making Tinuviel blush furiously, clearly not expecting that. The guild applauds at the brazen young women, except Brynjolf, who continues to stare at Tinuviel and Oswin in shock.

Oswin hops up and flounces over to Brynjolf and kisses him on the cheek. Tinuviel laughs and hops up walking over to Cicero slowly, drink in hand. She tilts her head and smiles. He starts talking excitedly about the listener being so unpredictable and attractive when suddenly Tinuviel leans forwards as if too kiss him, and collapses onto the floor, out cold, drink still in hand. Cicero sighs and picks her up, carrying her into the Guild room and laying her on a bed.

Next to drop was Erik, then Tonilla, then Delvin, then Sapphire, then Vex, then Nerien, then Rune, then Cynric, then Vilkas, Nazir, Farkas, Brynjolf, and finally, Oswin. The only one left standing was Cicero, who never left his Listener's side.

HAHAHA! OMG, I had SO much fun writing this! I hope you all love reading it as much as I love writing it! Anyways, I'd like to thank all my readers, reviewers, followers, ect. The next few will not be as bad as this one, and could probably pass for a K rating. So, no, not all of them will be like this :P Once again I hope you enjoyed! –Goddess out