Hi everyone, my fellow Skyrim junkie and best friend wrote this with me! This one is slightly more serious in a less serious way. It is an adventure Tinuviel and Oswin had together without Brynjolf and Cicero. Rated T. I hope yall like it!

Dragonborn Adventures

ONE DAY… as Tinuviel Oakenheartand Oswin Oswald were adventuring, they stop by the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. Upon entry Tinuviel is greeted VERY warmly by the flirtatious bard, Mikael. He purposely bumps into her, spilling mead all over her armour. With a sly grin, he offers to help her remove the dampened armour. This confuses poor Tinuviel, as she is rather unused to such brazen advances from unknown men, as usually Cicero was by her side. Seeing her best friend's confusion and alarm, Oswin decides to lend a helping hand.

"Are you flirting with my dear lover?" She asks in mock surprise as she slings an arm around Tinuviel. It looked odd, as Oswin was a head shorter than Tinuviel. Mikael looks at the pair, taken aback.

Unknown to the trio, they were being observed by a fearsome and attractive Nord with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Mikael stumbles over a hasty apology and scurries off. The two "lovers" take a seat at a nearby table and proceed to discuss something pertaining to murder and riches. They take no notice of the large man who observes them, and don't even glance in his direction as he strolls casually up to them, taking a seat at the table.

"Hey there ladies." He eyes them, noting their glances around the room. These two aren't common women, they're definitely adventures, and probably have a knack for trouble. Oswin puts an elbow on the table and rests her chin on her hand. She eyes the handsome Nord, then decides to keep up the act which he had undoubtedly heard.

"Another man come to hit on my woman?" Her voice is dripping with exhaustion, and Tinuviel sighs internally before deciding to go along with Oswin's little scheme. Tinuviel smirks and plays along.

"Honestly, is it that hard for you to understand? You MUST have heard us telling that bard off." Tinuviel adds with blatant aggravation. The Nord smiles wryly and with a deep coarse voice, says "That's not what I came over here to do." Tinuviel arches an eyebrow and smirks.

"Then what in the Void are you doing here?" Tinuviel says, her voice dripping with agitation. While they talk, Oswin relieves the man of a few of his shinier possessions.

"I happen to be going on a dangerous adventure to the dwemer ruin Aichvnadzel. My friend and I are looking for experienced help for the excavation. There will be a handsome reward." Tinuviel eyes him wearily.

"I hope you aren't about to offer to sleep with us." Her eyebrows arch and it takes all of Oswin's self control not to burst out laughing at the remark, pondering the idea. She sets down the gem she was holding, and the Nord looks down at it, snatching it up.

"That's mine!" He says sharply, and Oswin pouts. The pout morphs into a devilish grin.

"What else is yours?" His eyes narrow and he begins to understand. That wasn't the only thing she took. He scowls at her and searches his pockets, coming up short and practically growls at her.

"Got anything you'd like to return?" He asks, his voice full of venom. She smiles innocently like Babbete outside a candy shop with an old man. (if you didn't get that you either weren't part of the dark brotherhood or you paid absolutely NO attention to the story Babbete told in the beginning)

"Nope!" She beams at him, and Tinuviel bites back a chuckle. The man merely scowls and continues with his offer.

"Doesn't matter" He says through clenched teeth, "will you join us?" Tinuviel laughs and extends a hand. He smiles a bit and shakes it and then Oswin extends her. As he shakes it, she relieves him of the jewel he had so angrily take back moments ago.

"My name is Laevan. Might I inquire as to your own?" He asks, his voice smooth and not at all angry like it had been not long ago.

"Tinuviel Oakenheart and-" Tinuviel doesn't get a chance to finish as Oswin interrupts her. "Oswin Oswald, at your service." She half bows, a smirk on her lips. Tinuviel rolls her eyes and smiles helplessly at Oswin's theatrics.

-time skip-

They finally reach the ruin and see a man waiting for them at the entrance. Unlike Laevan, he's shorter (not as short as Oswin) with caramel colored skin, amber eyes, dark hair and a cocky grin. He eyes the approaching trio, particularly the two women. Oswin gives him a quick once over and hides her amused smile, turning to Tinuviel.

"You know what they say about Redgaurds…" She trails off, glancing absentmindedly towards said Redguard. Tinuviel turns towards her, looking down at her companion. She looks confused.

"They have curved swords." She finished with a grin. Tinuviel laughs, Redgaurds are known for their scimitars. She laughs a bit longer than is necessary, thoroughly amused by her little companion's short attention span.

"Finally, I've waited here for far too long. It's been nearly a week!" His voice is deep and smooth. He eyes Oswin and Tinuviel, his eyes lingering on the former.

"Hmm, I understand your choice in bringing the blonde but isn't the brunette a bit… short?" Oswin's fingers tingle, blue sparks flickering around them. Her eyes narrow in concentration. She brings a hand to her chest, clenches it into a fist and launches a lightening bolt at the offending Redguard. He flies back and hits a tree. He gets up, staggering and shakes his head to clear it.

"Terribly sorry m'lady. You have every right to be here!" Oswin rolls her eyes and Tinuviel laughs. Laevan bites back an amused chuckle and clears his throat.

"Excellent choice. My name is Tinuviel Oakenheart." Tinuviel smirks and finishes with a flourish.

"Lets get this over with." They descend into the ruin, intent on finding the treasure that is rumored to be within.

About halfway through the ruin, they are overwhelmed by falmer. The monstrous little creatures attack them from all sides, swarming them like a horde of angry ants. The little group begins to doubt their chances of survival when Laevan steps forwards and with a deep and powerful voice says, "FUS ROH DAH!" The falmer that had gathered in front of him were thrown back and quickly overwhelmed. In no time the falmer lay slaughtered.

"What was that?" Tinuviel asks, eyes a bit wide at the impressive actions of the man. Laevan sighs before explaining.

"I'm the Dragonborn." He says, and both Tinuviel and Oswin's eyes widen. They glance at each other and then back at Laevan.

"So, you decided that you could retain that little bit of information from us? Personally, I believe that to be rather important honestly. What do you think Oswin?" Tinuviel asks, looking at her companion. Oswin nods.

"I agree. And honestly, I would rather not travel with the Dragonborn, so we're going to be parting ways when we reach the path that leads to the surface. You two can continue on if you'd like." Oswin says, immediately untrusting of the Dragonborn. They are undoubtedly after something dangerous, and neither Tinuviel nor Oswin want anything to do with it.

Tinuviel and Oswin part ways with the Dragonborn and his companion at the next intersection. They make their way to the Great Lift of Mzark to ascend to the surface while their former companions head deeper into the ruin. Up ahead they see an alcove, treasure, Oswin leads Tinuviel into the tunnel.

At a glance the tunnel appears to be empty so they descend further, hoping to find something interesting. Up ahead there's another alcove, this one filled with mushrooms and other cave plants. They look around and find precious little. Exhausted, they decide to take the opportunity and get some much needed sleep. As they drift off, distant and nearly noiseless footsteps draw closer.

Oswin awakens, the dank air seeming to resonate with an almost voiced plea. The silence is oppressive, she's alone. She sits up and looks around, hoping to find some sign of Tinuviel. There is nothing.

"Tinuviel." She says quietly, though her words echo and seem loud as they pierce the perfect silence. She stands up, checking the floor and walls for any sort of sign. There is not a single thing proclaiming her passing. Panic begins to build within Oswin, and she forces herself to relax with deep, measured breaths. She sets out in search of her friend.

Tinuviel groans, her eyes opening slowly. A glance at her surroundings has her wide awake though. As she looks about she sees the interior of a small hut that appears to be made of gray straw that had been woven together. She feels a strain on her shoulders and as she moves her arms, she discovers them bound. She feels the press of the rope on her wrists and ceases her strain against them. She relaxes, already formulating a plan to escape. She has broken out of every prison in Skyrim, she's the leader of the Dark Brotherhood after all. A master at stealth, acrobatics, and picking locks, few things stop her when she wants something bad enough.

Oswin wanders down the halls, moving silently over the rough ground. Her dark eyes scan the tunnels, noting all the possibilities of where Tinuviel could have gone. There are precious few. A slight scuffle from a side tunnel to her left has her sinking into the shadows, waiting patiently for whatever was coming. When nothing happens, she starts down it, hoping that it was her friend's assailant or better yet, her friend.

Tinuviel's possessions are still with her and as she work the dagger in her right sleeve down into her hand she has to hold back a chuckle. What idiot leaves someone like her with all their gear? She works it into her hand and cuts herself loose, the rope falling from her wrists in under a minute. After all, it's what she had been trained to do.

Oswin sneaks cautiously into the large room before her, though it appears empty. She

proceeds to examine a strange statue that stands guard over what she hopes is treasure. She approaches it, noting its massive size and dwarven make when suddenly, it moves. It isn't a statue, it is a dwarven centurion, and it wants her dead.

Tinuviel picks the lock with ease and gently pushes open the door. All around her, falmer scouts slowly patrol the area. She sucks in a breath and hopes for the best, creeping slowly towards a tunnel that she hopes is the correct one. A resounding bellow from another tunnel makes her freeze, and the falmer instantly headed towards the unearthly sound. They all pee themselves and die when Tinuviel shouts from the middle of the group. (That last sentence was written by my best friend)

Tinuviel falls over laughing, tears in her eyes at the IMMENSE stupidity of the blind falmer, when another bellow resounding from the tunnel snaps her back to reality. She runs down the tunnel, abandoning stealth for speed.

She reaches the cavern only to see a massive dwarven centurion hit Oswin with a massive, club like weapon, sending her flying into a wall. She slumps to the ground, trying feebly to stand. She grabs a vial from her bag and downs it quickly. She stands, stumbling a bit. Her hands spark with the beginning of a powerful spell, and the centurion hits her again, sending the tiny Breton flying.

Tinuviel rushes forward, sticking to the shadows and approaching the centurion from behind. She takes a running start and leaps upon it, managing to reach a ledge on its back. She pulls herself up and grabs her dagger before stabbing the Centurion in the center of its massive back near an energy sphere. The light in its eyes dims as she pulls her dagger from the beast, its power core impaled on her dagger. With a smirk she leaps down from her perch as the thing topples over.

Tinuviel's victory is cut short and her panties get in a bunch when she sees her bestest friend, Oswin lying crumpled on the ground. (Another sentence by my best friend) She grabs something from a pocket as she runs to Oswin's side. Crouching down, she unscrews the bottle and tips its contents into Oswin's partially open mouth.

Oswin leaps to her feet, a strange haze clouding her vision. She staggers a bit, the pain receding. Her vision shifts and sways, the world seeming to writhe beneath her feet.

"What did you give me?" She asks, her voice sounding strange to her. She looks down at herself experimentally and quickly looks back up. Everything is weird and disturbing and she takes a deep, steadying breath.

"Skooma." Tinuviel says simply. Oswin presses a hand to her forehead, praying to every divine she can think of at the time that the effects wear off quickly. The skooma does its job well, waking Oswin up and dulling her pain. Tinuviel hands her a health potion which she downs, gagging slightly at the bitter taste.

They slowly begin making their way out of the cave and soon find themselves under the warm sun. With a smile Oswin summons Arvak and Tinuviel mounts Shadowmere. Soon all that can be heard is the thundering of hooves upon the cold hard ground as the two return to Brynjolf at a leisurely pace, who are waiting in Winking Skeever. They have another job to do upon their arrival and it won't wait, judging by the way their contacts moaned about a one week wait. Tinuviel laughs, as they wasted their week on their shenanigans and random entertainment. Good times, good times.

Not a phenomenal ending, I know. Cicero was caring for the Night Mother during that (pay attention to the fact that Cicero wasn't there. At all. That'll be important later) and Brynjolf was looting something just in case you were wondering where they were. Hopefully you enjoyed this little story as much as I did because I loved writing it! Thanks my awesome readers and by the way, I am not sure how often my friend will aid me in my writing but I can tell you it won't be very often. I love you all!

-Goddess out