So this was originally an extra essay for English that also ended up being my first fanfic. sweet :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji


Step. Step. Step.

Shiny black shoes tap out a steady beat as they cross the marble floor.

Step. Step. Step.

They make their way down a corridor that extends seemingly forever. Each Step. is illuminated only by the light from the candelabra in the tall man's hand.

Step. Step.

The man looks up at the wall, holding the light so he can see more clearly. A massive painting hangs on the wall. It's a portrait depicting a happy family. On the floor is a joyful young boy with laughing blue eyes playing with some toys.
Up and to the left is a woman sitting gracefully with her hands in her lap, looking outwards. She has a small, sad, smile on her face, yet she still appears to be content.
To her right is a tall man standing with one hand placed on the woman's chair. He looks out from the canvas with a piercing stare, yet all the while has a smile similar to the woman's on his face.
The man and the shoes walking down the hall turn back to where they were going.

Step. Step. Step.

The man thinks about the boy in the picture, and how different he is now.

Step. Step. Step.

You can only ever see one of the sharp blue eyes now.

Step. Step. Step.

And he claims he is unable to smile anymore.

Step. Step. Stop.

What a pity.

Turn around.

He always seemed to be so serious nowadays.

Look back.

Hm, now whatever could have made such a thing as that come to be?