Falling into Disaster

I was running. The handgun gripped tightly in my hand. I skidded to a stop and shot the zombies in my path. My aim was great as usual and I used only on bullet to kill a single zombie but I was quickly running out of ammo. Plus I was lost in this maze of a lab. It looked like I was in some underground lab. I didn't even know that this place existed until I woke up here. This handgun wasn't mine. I had stolen it from a zombified security guard. Where the hell was I? Why was I here? I ran into what? A surgery area of some kind. There was a large metal table with metal restraints. I backed up and went back the way I came. I stopped and swore. More fucking zombies. This had been bad enough when I actually knew where I was. I was a fucking doctor not a bloody marine. Why did I have to go through this? With the path cleared I started running again. Now where do I go? Why did there have to be so many halls? I chose one. Please let this be the way out. My breathing was started to become labored because of all of the running. Then my stomach growled as if to remind me once more of how hungry I was. I slowed my pace. i came to a door. I hesitated then slowly pushed it open. It looked like another jail cell area like the one that I had been in. Someone was in the cell. A couple of zombified guards stood moaning as they looked in at him hungrily. I raised my gun. Bang bang! The guards fell to the ground dead as the bullets penetrated their skulls. I walked over and picked up the guns and the ammo from their belts. I ditched one of the guns when I found it held no ammo. There wasn't much but I guess it would have to do. I looked in at the unconscious male. Huh unconscious just like I had been. I turned and started out but stopped. I couldn't just leave him could I? I picked up the keys to the cell and studied them. Should I help him? If I did I'd have to take care of two people and he'd probably ditch me to save his hide. That's just what people did. I had to help in some way. I felt like I needed to. I tossed in the keys and a loaded handgun along with half a pack of ammo. Then I left when I heard a moan. Similar to the one I had let out at my awakening. Bastard can find his own way out. I wasn't going to die for someone I didn't know.


I heard him cry for me to wait just before the door completely closed behind me. I continued like I hadn't heard anything. He had the keys and a gun. He could free himself and at least have a fighting chance. I needed to focus on getting myself out not babysitting another captive. I chose another hall. Didn't they have fucking wall maps or direction signs in this place? Of course not. Had to make this as difficult as possible. I looked back every once in a while to make sure nothing was coming up behind me. It was really quiet and that bothered me. I couldn't have killed them all. There was just no way. This place was just too big. I followed the seemingly never ending white halls to a staircase. It went down. Probably not the best way to go but what did I have to lose? I followed the stairs down and then to an elevator. I entered. It went down. Shit I needed to go up not down but I guess it should've been obvious that it would go down. I lifted my gun. Waiting for the doors to open and zombies to be there when the doors opened. The doors opened. I looked around as I stepped out and into the room. Nothing. Was this the control room of this base? There was what looked like a control panel and multiple screens. I looked at them with interest. Those were other areas of this lab place. I could see the exit on one of the screens but how do I get there? Well now I knew what the area looked like and what to expect when I got there. I could see the other captive on one of the screen. He was moving cautiously through the halls. His gun raised. Well he wasn't my problem. If he dies that sucks. If not well aren't you a lucky bastard? I scanned the room a second time. There was another door that had faded letters on it that read danger of something on it. I went back to the elevator and started back up. I ran back up the stairs. Maybe now I had a chance. I continued running and chose another hall. If this wasn't the right one I might as well be dead. There were so many of those zombies and I had limited ammo. Was this where the epidemic had originated? Focus focus. I need to focus. I turned the next corner almost running into a zombie who had somehow lost his left arm. He reached for me with his right. His mouth opening showing the rotted bloody inside. Sticking my gun in it's mouth I pulled the trigger. It collapsed at my feet. I stepped around it and continued on. Was I getting close? More white walls. Was white even a color at all? I certainly hated it at the moment. This hall seemed familiar. I came to a wall. Fuck. I turned and leaned against it feeling hopeless now. I could've sworn- I fell back as the wall gave way. The hell? A fake wall? I looked upside down at a dead zombie. I quickly sat up. I stood and turned. I entered the room with all of the finished zombies. I walked around them. Who had been here before me? Was it the other captive? I opened the next door. More dead zombies were down the curving staircase. I was in some sort of mansion. Why? What would be the point of kidnapping me and bringing me here? I slowly descended the staircase. He got out so that ment so could I. I made it down and slowly approached the front door. I stopped hearing the flooring crack and break behind me. I turned to see that a large tentacle had sprung out of the ground What the hell was going on? It swung at me and I dove out of the way. The next thing I knew I was hanging upside down by my right leg. I swore. What the hell was this thing. More tentacles shot up. A charming voice spoke. Her voice rang out loud and clear.

"You weren't ment to escape love." The voice chimed.

I struggled to free myself as the tentacles grip on my leg tightened. I brought the gun up and pointed to where the tentacle's base was and fired. The tentacle released me and retracted back down. I landed hard on my back. I gasped as the wind was knocked out of me. Damn that hurt. I pushed myself up as the voice chimed again.

"Ow. That hurt. Why would you do that to me?"

WHY would I? That bitch was about to break my leg! I turned in a circle. Fuck. Those tentacles were everywhere. Now what? One swung and me. I ducked. I dodged the strikes as best as I could but got hit several times. I fell back to the ground just about seeing stars. I swayed a bit when I pulled myself up this time. I was surprised when one of the tentacles wrapped around my arm. Another coiling around my neck. The tentacle bent my arm slowly. I gripped the gun tighter. I gritted my teeth. I wasn't about to lose my only defense here. The tentacle tightened around my neck.

"Drop it." The voice chimed sweetly.

I let out a yell of pain as my arm bent and twisted more.

"Does it hurt?" The voice giggled.

I unwillingly dropped the gun and let out another yell as it jerked my arm painfully back. The gun clattered on the ground. No. Dammit no!

"Now that wasn't too hard now was it?"

My other arm gripped the tentacle around my neck. I tried to pry it off but to no avail. I gasped for breath but I couldn't get one in. Was this the end? No. Please no. It can't be the end. I was a doctor at my fucking age. I had really gotten somewhere in life. It can't possible end here. I struggled to get free but I slowly gave in as my limbs got heavier. I scratched at the tentacle a few times before my arm fell. I felt a soft touch on my awkwardly bent arm. I felt the breath of the whisper in my ear.

"Shhh... It's almost over."

I blacked out soon after that.

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