Samantha was leaning over me now. I brought a hand to my head and closed my eyes. With my head still pounding I recovered the memory of... of her... of this lab... of what happened. It was my fault. My fault. Everything was, my head still pounding as I recovered the memory of... of her... of this lab... of what happened. It was my fault. My fault. Everything was my fault. Those few days when it all happened. They were all my fault. How could I be so stupid? I was working on a cure for the virus like usual that day. I was a real workaholic when it came to this stuff. Samantha stepped into the lab. She wore the usual lab coat like everyone else did in this place.

"Hey Love." She said getting my attention.

I looked back at her. I smiled at her. Damn she was beautiful. She wrapped her arms around me kissing my neck. I could tell that she was worried about something due to her expression. To my dismay what it was, was revealed quickly.

"Let's get you to bed Love." She said as her lips brushed my neck.

"Not now." I said as my focus was moved back to the virus.

"You need to learn the rest. You're just exhausting yourself." She argued puling me away from the lab table.

I sighed knowing that she wasn't going to leave me alone about this so I just let her lead me out and down the hall to my bedroom which was quickly becoming our bedroom. Left, left, right, left. The last door on the right. Well at least I wasn't going to fall asleep in the lab again tonight. It sucked when I did. I always woke up stiff. I lay down on the bed not caring that I was still fully dressed. I was to tired to really care. Samantha sat down next to me. I heard her sigh as I drifted off. Her hand brushed my face.

"Sleep tight Love."

I slept deeply that night. I woke late that afternoon which upset me rather greatly. I hated sleeping in late. It made me feel lazy. What really surprised me was I woke to find that Samantha had striped me of everything except my pants. Damn. I must have been Out. I threw off the covers and got out of bed. I sped in getting dressed and heading back down to the lab. Samantha looked at me when I entered.

"Good morning Love. Sleep well?"

"Morning? Don't you mean afternoon?"

She smiled knowing that I was upset. Why she found it so amusing when I was mad I have no idea.

"Why didn't you wake me?!" I demanded.

"You never sleep. You needed the rest."

I shook my head and walked over to her. I just couldn't stay mad at her for some reason.

"So what did I miss?" I asked her.

"Nothing really. Chemical 38 had no effect on it at all on the virus."

I looked into the microscope. Yep. Sure enough the virus was eating right through the chemical that was ment to kill it. Why was this virus so hard to kill?

"Well back to the drawing board I guess." I said putting a hand on my head.

"Again." She sighed.

I went and picked up my notebook and wrote down the effects that chemical 38 had on the virus which in fact was next to nothing. Chemical 35 seemed to have resisted the virus the most out of all of them.

"I say that we try something more with chemical 35." I said staring at it.

She leaned over to look at it.

"Sounds like a plan." She agreed.

Later I was writing out a new equation that seemed to be working a little better. Not by much but a little. Samantha and I examined the new chemical created by it.

"Let's test it out." I said eagerly.

"Not today Love. It's late." She said as her lips brushed my neck.

"I have a good feeling about this one." I said my eagerness very unwilling to fade.

"Please just come to bed with me." She pleaded.

I turned to her and that look on her face was enough to convince me.

"Oh alright." I said giving in. "But don't let me sleep so late this time."

She smiled that bright warm smile of hers. With one last look at the silverish greenish liquid I put it away. I walked with her down the hall to my bedroom. Hopefully that chemical would work. Then I could leave this place. Then I wouldn't be stuck down here anymore. I hated down here but I had to be here. I had to clean up this virus mess that had been created by who knows who. Well at least it payed well. If it didn't I would have quit by now. I mean why else would I be here? It sucks down here. We're always at risk for zombie attacks. Then there were those accidental animal mutations that seemed to happen very recently now days. They were vicious. We undressed and got into something more comfortable. I lay down in bed with her snuggled up next to me. I shifted my position so that I could kiss her. We drew out then back into the kiss several times before we really got into it. Samantha gripped the back of the shirt that I currently wore and started to pull it off. Yes... After the um event we went to sleep. I woke up to screaming that morning. I sat up quickly and looked over. Samantha was gone. Shit. I got out of bed and dressed quickly and pulled the gun out from the drawer. I went out into the hall. I followed the halls. Shit. How did those things get out?! I fired. Damn zombies. More screaming. I ran toward the sound. I opened the door to lab two. Mike and Grey were backed up against the wall as the few zombies advanced toward them. I shot them down quickly.

"Did either of you get bit?" I asked scanning them for wounds.

"No. We're fine." Grey practically gasped.

"How did they get out of the cells?" I asked them.

"I don't know-"


I turned toward the scream. Samantha? Fuck! Hell! Dammit! I dashed out of the room. Where? More screaming. I ran toward the sound. The lab. Of course. Where else? I pushed open the door. I fired at the zombies. Dammit all to hell! I ran to Samantha. She was crouched down in a corner shaking. She held her arm.

"Samantha. it's ok I'm here."

"Lance." She said slowly. "The chemical. I need it."

"What?" I asked.

It was then that I noticed the blood. She had gotten bit. No. Please no.

"No." I told her. "I can't. I haven't tested it yet. We don't know-"

"Test it now! Test it on me!"

"Samantha I can't-"

"Please! I can't become one of them!" She panicked.

I hesitated as I eyed the wound.

"Lance! Do it! Do it now!"

Damn it all! It had better work. I went and pulled what seemed to be the right amount into the needle.

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitating again.


I injected her with it. I got back unsure of what the effects would be.

"Samantha?" I asked after a minute.

She stood. I held my hand over my gun though I wouldn't be able to pull the trigger on her anyway.

"...I should get this covered." She said as she looked at the wound.

I stepped toward her still unsure.

"Do you feel alright?"

"Yeah... but my arm hurts."

I cleaned and wrapped the wound. I watched her carefully as I did so. She seemed fine the rest of the day but I still felt uneasy. So I tested the chemical on some rats. Those with the virus and those without. You never know. Samantha went to bed early saying something about feeling sleepy. I stayed in the lab. I worked on some other chemicals. I stared at the new chemical. I stood and headed down to the control room. That was where Danny always was.

"Hey Lance. What's up?"

"Has anything happened with the rats?" I asked.

"Nope... Nothing." He said looking at the screen that was on the rats down in the mutation lab below. I looked at it. They were just sleeping... I sighed and went back upstairs to the lab. The door was open. I was pretty sure I had closed it. I drew my gun and entered. I checked the room. Nothing. You're losing it Lance. I sat down and looked at the chemical. Well this was only going to cause further dangerous mutations. I wrote down chemical 39 on a fresh sheet of notebook paper. Maybe it could help stop another virus. Psh now I'm just dreaming. I lay my head down on my arm and wrote... I remember stirring to a vaguely soft touch going down my back. I woke fully to the sound of glass clinging together. Fuck I was stiff. I needed to stop falling asleep here. I turned. I almost fell out of my chair at the sight. A lizard woman had her back to me. She had silverish green scales and the fuck? Tentacles. She held a needle, with a needle filled up to a certain point with the very same chemical that I gave to Samantha and the rats. I stood and slowly backed up toward the door grabbing my notebook off the table which had suddenly ended up on another table as I went. It turned. Huh?! Samantha?

"Where do you think you're going?"

"S-S-Samantha?" I asked my voice clearly shaking.

"You sound scared." She laughed.

I had one of my hands behind my back and on the door handle ready to bolt.

"What's with the needle?" I asked stalling.

"It's for you."

"Wait. Did that chemical turn you into that? Samantha I'm sorry-"

"Why? This is so much better. The zombies obey my command and as to the mutations."

"What? You can't be serious." I said slowly turning the handle down.

"Oh I am. Now I want to share this power with you Love. Then we can move onto that mutating chemical you made without me. I have big plans." She said walking toward me.

I opened the door and ran. I stopped when my path was blocked by zombies. I ran into the second lab looking for Mike and Grey. I couldn't leave them. I pulled back the curtain.

"We need to-"

I stepped back. Zombies. No no no. Not you guys too. The zombies came at me. I aimed my gun. Why can't I fucking shoot them?! Quit being so weak and shoot them! I backed up. I couldn't do it. Fuck. The door opened. Samantha stepped in. She held the needle. A warm smile on her face. I stepped back my back hit the wall. What do I do?! What do I do?! Oh shit. I moved along the wall to get away from the approaching zombie forms of Mike and Grey. My shoulder hit another curtain. Samantha went by them. I froze. Dammit Lance now's not the time to freeze. It's the time to act now act! There's a door right behind the curtain now move! She stood not to far away from me. I still held the gun ready. My breathing was labored though I hadn't done hardly any running. She walked closer seeing my hesitation. The gun pushed up against her chest. She knew I wasn't going to pull the trigger. She brought a hand to my face. I flinched like I was going to get hit.

"There's no need to be afraid Love. It's still me."

She pulled the gun from my grasp. Run! Run now! She brought up the needle. I ran as I pushed the curtain aside. I ran through the halls.

"Laaaaaance!" She called playfully. "Are you really going to make me hold you down? It's your creation why not try it out?"

I pushed on the fake wall and ran out of the room jumping half of the curving steps as I went down. I sprinted out of the mansion and continued out the mansion gates then into the forest. Not good not good.

"You can run all you want Love but I'll find yooooou" I heard her chime in the distance.

I evaded going into the zombies infested village entirely. I made it out onto the road and kept running until I could no longer see the sign that read the lowly villages name. I walked the paved road to the north. I continued away from my mistake. Back to the capitol. Back to my home. I'm so sorry Samantha. I'm so sorry.