Ordinary Life- Part 1

Rating: M (Mostly for safety at the moment)

Pairing: Raven/Jinx, Starfire/Robin, Beast Boy/ Terra, Cyborg/Bumble Bee

Summary: The Titans have decided as a team to start living 'normal' lives with their alter egos. So, one by one, when they turned eighteen, they enrolled in College, going for degrees in what they wanted to do. Raven; after her four years of college, decides to put her 'parents' money and influence to good use, and open a bar in the city. Jinx, bad luck personified, decides that she doesn't want to be a hero anymore. She doesn't want to be a villain either. At the moment, she is just taking things day by day. One night, on her midnight strolls through the city, she comes across Raven. Against her better judgement, at the time, she decides that she wants to learn more about this 'new' Raven.

A/N: This is a random idea that came to mind. I don't plan on putting it up till I have at least six chapters to put up with it. I decided that I wanted to see what it would be like if the Titans had lives outside that of their hero lives. Also, Raven does have one friend outside the Titan's... And it will be explained...

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The building was brand new, compared to those around it. There was a sign proclaiming the name Nevermore Bar. On the roof of the bar, sat a figure, their eyes closed as they breathed in a deep relaxed manner. Upon closer inspection, anyone could see that the figure was a woman. She had dark, shoulder length, purple hair bound at the nape of her neck. With her hair tied like that, it gave a small glimpse of the edges of a tattoo. There was another tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, and another covering her inner left forearm. These could clearly be seen by the fact that she was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt that that the Monster* design that covered the bottom right side of the shirt. She had on loose fit blue jeans and black military grade combat boots.

Raven took a deep breath and opened her eyes, looking out at the city around her. She had been living as a civilian most of the past four years, and after going through three years of schooling, and a year of building, she was ready to open the bar she wanted.

The door behind her opened, pulling her out of her thoughts as she turned to face the tall man that stepped out into the bright midday sun. Nikolas was five-eleven in height, just an inch taller then she was, and had his hair done in two styles. The top part was short and spiked, while the lower half was in a pony-tail that was about three inches long. He had several ear piercings, and a tattoo on his neck. It was lines that were swirled around in a design that represented the letter N. He had a set of eyes that were a blue-grey mix, and under certain lighting, would look silver. He was wearing a tight blue muscle shirt, black jeans and a pair of black civilian combat boots. Though he wasn't a bodybuilder, he had muscles that made the shirt fit him nicely.

"Rachel." He said, bowing his head slightly, "Blas is here, and we are ready to open. If you want."

Raven smiled, "Let's wait a few more hours, it's only lunch time."

Nikolas nodded, "Will you come sit with us then? I think I'm going to tempt Blas to play black jack with me... Want to join?"

Raven shrugged, "I'll be dealer."

The two made their way down the stairs and into the bar on the ground floor. The building was a two story, with the top part being a lavish apartment, that Raven had made for Nikolas. Blas was sitting at the bar, waiting for them. Nikolas took a seat next to him, and Raven stood on the opposite side of them, taking a deck of cards and dealing the first round. They played for a while, with Blas asking questions every time he won a round. The same applied if Nikolas won, he would ask Blas about his life.

Blas was the same height as Nikolas, though he had more muscle mass, putting the term bodybuilder to good use. He was wearing normal blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a pair of sneakers. His hair was shaved close to his head, and his eyes were a deep hazel green. He had a friendly air about him, but something told Raven that he could be very deadly if pissed off. He had two kids, and an ex-wife. He had been a cop in another city, but had moved here to be closer to his two daughters. Raven was very willing to help him out, paying the first few months rent on his new apartment, so that he could settle in and get use to this new city he found himself in.

"So, Miss Roth." Blas said, as they were setting everything up to open at five.

"Please, just call me Rachel." Raven responded, wiping down the top of the bar.

"Alright, Rachel. Why did you open this bar?"

"Honestly? It wasn't for me." Raven responded, looking at Nikolas, "Nik over there wanted a place that he could call his own, and for whatever reason, he decided that it had to be a bar. So I went through the schooling to give it to him as a gift."

"And it is a lovely gift, Nim." Nikolas said happily, lining up the stools at the bar and making sure all the tables and booths are clean.

Raven smiled at the old nickname, she turned back to Blas, who had a confused look on his face. Raven smiled, "It's an old nickname. From when we were kids."

Blas nodded, turning back to his sweeping, before moving to the door. There was a line formed already, that ran down the street. He stated this to his boss and Raven nodded, telling him that they could start coming in.

The night went rather well, Nikolas and her were able to hold down the bar rather well, and Blas was the door man/ bouncer. There were no fights, and when the DJ they had hired an hour in, told everyone that it was last call; people were completely ok with it and left when they said the place was closed. The DJ offered to work there if they wanted, and Raven left the choice to Nikolas. She had a conversation with Blas, wondering if he wanted extra help or if he could do both jobs without worry. He nodded, then had a wicked grin on his face,

"Besides. If a fight ever did happen, you would beat me to it."

Raven laughed softly, "You saw that?" She asked, referring to her training session yesterday with Nikolas.

Blas smiled, "You could give me a run for my money, and I didn't even see all of the fight."

Raven smiled back, "It was just practice."

The tall man nodded, "I'll see you tomorrow night, Rachel."

"Good night, Blas."

Raven said her good-byes to Nikolas and headed for her house. She had a small to-do list before she could just sit and relax. When she got in, she swept and vacuumed, did the few dishes that were in the sink and took out the trash. She paused on her back porch, staring at the figure kneeling on the wall that separated her yard from the neighbors behind her. A slight tug at her pant leg made her look down, she smiled at the black wolf sitting next to her, whining for attention. She gave the animal a pet before walking over to her trash can. Then she returned to the porch, sitting in one of the chairs and petting the wolf again, She looked up at the figure and asked,

"What do you want Jinx?"

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