Belle had been looking all over the place for Beast no Adam, his name was Adam though it was hard for her to get used to.

"Where could he possibly be?" she muttered as she walked down the grand hallway with its long red rug, blue walls and gold curtains.

She saw Fife up ahead. He was standing near the door of the music room quietly.

"Fife have you seen...?"

He cut her off putting a finger to his lips and pointing to the music room. She looked at him confused and came to stand next to him.

Coming from the room were the sounds of a piano. The music was slow as if the player hadn't practiced in ages but still beautiful.

Belle peaked into the room it was bright and sunny with lots of instruments. At the blue far wall she saw a redhead with his hair tied back playing the piano, it was Adam.

Turning to Fife she said, "I didn't know he could play piano."

Fife smiled, "he's really good for someone who hasn't played in ten years but, then he always was growing up. We took lessons together when we were kids."

"Wow and he actually paid attention," Belle said surprised.

"You know Belle, he wasn't a bad student until his mother died and his father forced him to give up piano. Before that he would work on his other lessons with the music ones as incentive to do well," Fife explained reminiscing.

"Don't you have work to do in there?" Belle asked.

"Yes, but I don't want him to stop playing and if I walk in there he will because he doesn't know what to say to me," Fife responded.

"Why's that?" asked Belle curiously.

"We're the same age and well, he was my best friend until his father forbid him to see me or any of the other kids," Fife replied.

"Why would his father do that?"

"He wanted Adam to be like other children in the aristocracy, cold and distant from servants, not making faces at us wail we're helping serve dinner," replied Fife with a sad smile.

"He got his wish didn't he?" she said.

"Well, I don't know he still cared about us," Fife whispered, "my father died the same winter that the curse happened and Adam begged for me to be Forte's apprentice so I wouldn't be sent to an orphanage; he doesn't beg often."

"Did he play when he was a beast?" Belle asked.

"No Belle you can't play piano with paws," replied Fife, "I think he missed it."

Belle smiled she was learning a lot about Adam by just listening.

She opened her eyes to see Fife walk into the room. He went over and sat down next to Adam who got up to leave. Fife grabbed his arm and pulled him back down on to the bench.

Then he said something and Adam smiled. They both turned to the piano and at once a duet was playing. It was beautiful and she realized that they may be enough to get them talking again.

"Adam," called a Cogsworth down the hall.

Belle shushed him as he came closer.

He looked at her questioningly and she responded, "leave him be and just listen."

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