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Adam looked around to make sure no one was looking. He was by the stables near the apple tree and had decided to do something he'd wanted to do for a long time.

He took a running start and jumped grabbing an apple off the tree. He grinned widely proud of himself.

"What are you up to?" came a voice from behind him.

"Nothing," he said turning around looking at Belle who had apparently been watching.

"Really, because I'm sure that Cogsworth would find that very un-princely. Also I'm pretty sure we have apples inside."

"It's not so much the apple," Adam replied, "it's more the jumping part."

Belle giggled, "that sounds like something Chip would say."

He rolled his eyes. Chip and he were like night and day.

"I'm only kidding you know," she said gently.

He sighed taking a deep breath trying to control his temper, "I know it's just, well it's kind of a long story."

"You know I love a good story," Belle replied.

Adam sighed and began the tale…

Pierre, Adam's older brother ran down the path to the stables jumping and grabbing the apple every day and every day Adam tried and missed by at least a mile.

"Little Adam can't get to the tree," teased Pierre.

"Come on it's not fair; you're like ten feet taller than me!" Adam cried angrily turning red.

Lumiere could also do it and wouldn't tease but still wouldn't stop Adam's brother either.

Every chance he got he'd go out and practice and could never reach.

When he was turned into a beast he didn't want to be able to reach the tree because he couldn't brag to Pierre and it would be no fun telling Lumiere since he ruined his life by turning him into a candle.

"Really," Belle said, "isn't Pierre like five years older then you too?"

"Ya, and he had about two feet on me so, it really wasn't fair but, it just seemed like something I need to do," He explained.

"You really are like Chip," Belle said.

"He's much too well behaved," replied Adam.

"Oh come-on now I'm sure you weren't that bad," Belle replied.

"Did you forget the whole turning an old woman away thing? Or the fact that I was mad I got a book for Christmas from people I didn't deserve anything from? Oh or the fact were I made you stay here because you're father came into my castle to get out of snow storm? Oh or…" Adam began.

Belle cut in, "this is the same person who I saw reading to Chip in the library last night because he had a nightmare."

"Well it beat doing paper work," Adam replied.

"You make yourself out to be this monster and really Adam you're not," Belle said then kissed him.

He smiled, "you know you're the one who changed me."

"I think if you hadn't been turned into a beast then you would have figured it out," Belle replied.

"Belle you're the eternal optimist," Adam said.

With that she turned around and ran back towards the tree, jumped and missed.

She turned around laughing and said, "well I was supposed to get an apple from that."

Adam ran over and picked her up. They still couldn't reach. Belle sighed then Adam got an idea and jumped, Belle got her apple.

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