" Fantine, Please. Let me see our child!" The man said. Fantine was close to tears.

"You can't have him Fabian! You left me! you have a family already! just go
go!" She said, pointing at the door. Fabian didn't have any choice. " I just want you to
know. I've always love you" Fabian said before he walked towards the door. " Goodbye
Fabian." "No. See you soon Mon Amour"

4 Years later
"monsieur! come inside, we have available rooms" Fabian said. " Madame I- " He
stoped. He stood there in shock " Fantine? Mon Amour?" He said. " Yes. You, You wanted to
see her?" Fantine said. "Yes. Of course. I would love too." A 6 month old wrapped in white
cloth was in Fantine thin arms giggled. That made Fabian's Heart soar

"I'm giving her to I have one favor."
" And what is that?" Fabian looked up.
" I want you to take care of someone. I'll send her to you tomorrow."
"Sure Mon Amour" Fabian held her hand.
Fantine headed for the door and but before that, she said: " And please, stop calling me
Mon Amour"

Fabian went inside the inn. Elizabeth saw him. " Who's that? Is that Eponine? You
found her?" She said. Fabian remembered the incident. They lost their first child when
they were at Luxemberg. "Yeah. Yes she is." As Elizabeth took the child in her arms

6 Years Later
It's been 6 years after Fantine promised a child. Fabian was there, waiting. He
then saw a man about his age and a small little girl wearing a blue skirt and a tuck-in
white blouse. "Fabian Thenardier?" He asked. "Yes. Yes I am" He said, looking at the

"Fantine sent you our daughter. So here you go."
Our daughter. His face changed emotions. But he kept a smilling face.
"Mon- I mean Fantine told me that 6 years before. I'll take care of her."
"As if she was your own?"
"Of course."

The rain began to fall. " Her name is Cosette by the way." He said looking back.
Fabian was now alone with Cosette. Words can't explain how The Thenardiers treat her. She
was kicked, She became a personal maid for Eponine and Azelma. One day, Eponine went to her

"Psst! Cosette! Over here!" Eponine said. hiding under the stairs. Cosette was just done
with all the chores and everyone was already asleep.

"Yes Mademoiselle?" Cosette said.
"Oh! no need for that silly. Call me 'Ponine" She giggled. "I brought you a loaf of bread"
"Made- i mean 'ponine, you shouldn't have" She whispered as she went inside her room.
"Hey, I wanna be friends with you. I brought Azelma here. see? " She said as a head popped
from beside the bed. Cosette almost screamed but Eponine covered her mouth. "Azelma, you
scared me" Cosette said, giggling. "Mother shan't know. Nor Father. I'm sorry Cosette."
Eponine said. " Oh Ponine. it's alright. I understand. but we're still friends right?"
"Of course! i made us all a friendship bracelet." Azelma said, distributing the laces she
got from her mother's sewing kit. " Purple for 'Ponine, Green for me and Blue for Cosete!"
"Wow! it's beautiful!" Cosette said. They grouped hug when suddenly

"Guys get out and find food. If they ask you, tell them you were hungry. hurry!"
Eponine ran with Azelma and started to get a cookie. "Ah! there you are. i thought someone
took you and- goodness, I can never forgive myself if you go away. Come, i'll tuck you in."
Elizabeth Thenardier said. They slept peacefully. Cosette was just finished eating some
loaf before sleeping. she hid it where no one can see. Cosette crouched beside her bed and
prayed: " Dear God, Thanks for giving me wonderful friends." She finished with a flying
kiss. She slept at the small matress she called bed.