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Marius' POV

Darkness. That's all I feel. I feel so cold. There is nothing to provide me warmth. I'm all alone. Suddenly I saw a mirror. I can see Cosette, Eponine and Enjolras beside a man in a small bed. I saw Joly with a towel. He dipped the towel into a bowl of water.

To my surprise, I felt a wet towel in my head. The man wasn't just a man. It was me! I never thought I was THAT handsome when I sleep, but damn. I can't die. Cosette needs me. But why did I die? or positively, Why am I in coma?

Cosette's POV

I cried hysterically. Yeah sure, He is in coma. But why? He blocked Eponine and I. "The wounds are too deep. " Joly stated. Eponine continued to comfort me. "Shh. It's alright 'Sette. He'll be okay. Right Enjolras?" Eponine asked. Enjolras gave me an assuring nod. I tried to control my tears.

Mama went inside the room. Enjolras and Eponine looked at each other. Eponine nodded and they proceeded to the door. " Fantine-" "No, call me mama" Mama said, giving her a smile. "Mama, Please do comfort my sister." She asked. They went outside and mama was there, staring at my Marius.

Enjolras' POV

"You never told me." I began. We walked through the corridors and down the stairs. Eponine looked at me confused. "What have I not? I promised you that I told you -" " I heard you talking with Gavroche" I interrupted.

Eponine stood there. Her mouth opened, but no words came out.

"You were just adopted? You were from the slums of-" " Yes. Yes I was. Is there a problem with that?"

Eponine I chocked her words. I sat down at the marble bench near the fountains. "My father- He sold me for 1500 francs. I was once a rich girl, but our inn was bankrupt and I didn't know why. Mama said it was because of my father." Eponine told me.

"I have sister. Her name is Azelma. Now she lives with another innkeeper man with his wife. They told me papa finished-" She began to cry. "finished her off." She continued.

I couldn't believe what I heard. "Why not tell me?" I asked. "Because you were too busy with your little barricades." She argued. "Enjolras, Listen to me! Your little barricade won't survive. You have to stop this before the-" I grabbed her hand, My grip tightened.

"My mother died because of them! And to think about it, My papa left us for that stupid government. If I could just change the pa-"

"YOU'LL DIE ENJOLRAS! BLOODY DIE!" She interrupted me. She escaped my grip. I studied her face. Tears covered her eyes, Her cheeks were burning. "Cosette now has her mother. I'm left with nothing but you! I don't know what will happen Enjolras! I don't know!" She screamed, punching my chest weakly.

"Why not go to your siblings? After all you did abandon them" I said. She slapped me. My cheek was stinging and my heart was turning into the softness of a marble. "I'll go now. I don't want to hurt you." I said. I was near the gate.

"Oh and so you know, I love Patria. Not you." I said bitterly. I left the mansion, leaving Eponine.

Cosette's POV

"Cosette, Marius proved me that He is worthy for you." Mama announced, smiling. It kind of lift my spirit. "Marius told me before he left, That he wish to marry you. When time comes that is." She continued. My Marius. Why kill him off now? We have more than forever to be with each other now.

I heard a moan coming from my bed. Marius was moving his head.

"Marius?" I whispered. "Cosette I-"

"MARIUS! YOUR ALIVE!" I screamed.

Everyone suddenly appeared in the room. Eponine, Papa, The maids and doctors. "He's alive. He's alive!" I shouted happily. Everyone smiled. But what I noticed was Eponine's. Yes, she was indeed smiling at me. But her eyes seems so puffy.

After Joly examined him, He took a towel and put it on his head.

"Cosette? My love?" Marius asked.

I motioned everyone to get out. "Selfish" Eponine chuckled. I mockingly punched her arm. She left again.

"Where- Where is Enjolras?" He asked. Yeah, Where is- They didn't fight didn't they?

" I don't know. Maybe he left." I said.

"I love you so much Mon Amour" He said, holding my hand. "I love you too." I said, kissing his hand.

"May I invite you to my place? When I get well?" Marius asked. I gave him an affectionate smile. "Of course."

Enjolras' POV

It's been a week since me and Eponine last talked. Marius already recovered. The rebellion is going well. Plans getting better and better.

"Enjolras, Listen to me! Your little barricade won't survive." I hear her voice. No. I'll show her. Justice will be ours. The people Paris shall rise.

"Enjolras! Glad to see you. It's Cosette. I shall propose to her today at Lux." Marius announced. I smiled for my best friend. "I need something to wear, I need a perfect plan and," He took a deep breath "I need your hair products" Marius said. I chuckled as I heard hair products.

"Sure." I said. " Enjolras, tell Eponine to get Cosette ready too." Marius said. "She's here by the way. She came with me." EPONINE IS HERE?! I screamed inside my head. Crazy shit is gonna happen.

I went to meet Eponine. " Hey," I called. Eponine looked at me. She was still wearing the necklace I gave her. Don't tell me you'll give it back. " Hey." She took a deep breath. "Tell Cosette to get ready. Marius shall propose tonight." I said. She gave me a nod.

I headed back to the cafe. " What do you think would happen if I never hid anything from you?" Eponine said. Rather loudly, since I saw Grantaire woke up. "Everything would be as perfect as you. In that case, Very very perfect." I said as I continued going inside the cafe.

Eponine went away, wiping the tear that escaped. I was about to comfort her went I felt a strong hand stopping me.
"Let her go Enjolras. She'll need some time to think of what you said." Grantaire said.

Eponine's POV

I'm back from Cafe Musain. I'll miss the weirdo. That guy who loves eye contact, That guy who likes roses, The guy- The guy who loves Patria.

I called Cosette. She placed Enjolras' book at the table. I looked at it for a second. How to forgive your love.

"Enjolras' visited a while ago. He left this book" Cosette explained. It made my smile but I had to hide it. " You have to dress up. We're buying you a dress. We are going to the most beautiful party today" I lied. I acted so happy and excited.

Cosette raised a brow " What party? Father never-" "That is right. Now come come get dressed Cosette. Fantine is looking for you," Papa said. "And as for you Eponine, We have to talk" He said.

I sat down on the sofa. " It is about Marius right? It's not a party." Papa questioned. I nod as I chuckled. Papa, too, chuckled. "Enjolras talked to me. He said he still loves you, But he has to focus. The barricade will rise no longer than 20 days from now," He announced. My smile faded.

"He gave up on me. I think it's probably the time to move on with my life." I rose to my feet.

Papa stopped me from going to the grand stairs "I just want you to know that he is very sorry." Papa said. "Tell him it's no longer 'see you soon'. Because this time, It's goodbye. "

Cosette's POV

Alright. I heard Eponine and Papa talk about Enjolras. I was disturbed when I heard chuckles down stairs so I peeked. Eponine headed for the stairs so I locked my self inside my room.

I took a very simple dress. Color green without a petticoat. After a few, I saw Eponine dressed in a red dress, without a petticoat too. The dress was just an inch lower her knee.

We bought a black dress, It was beautiful. I saw Eponine pick out a light blue dress. I looked at the watch : 7:00

We went to the mansion, wore our dresses, and went to the party. The carriage was heading Marius' house finally. But it turned left.

"Papa, Marius' house is that way. Isn't the party at Marius' ? I mean that is the usual," I asked.

Papa and Eponine smirked. "Just sit down Cosette."

Enjolras' POV

Marius kept on walking. Back and forth and back and forth. It's making me sick. "Marius, You don't wanna be sweaty when Cosette's here, right?" I asked.

Marius stopped and sat down near me. " Sorry Enj. What if you would propose to Eponine? What would you feel?" He asked. "Actually, " I started. I took a red box from my tux. I handed it over to Marius. "I'm planning to," I gave a smile.

Marius looked at me. " But you guys aren't in good terms yet. " he told me.

I was about to open my mouth when suddenly "Guys guys guys guys! Cosette's here. So is papa. Hurry!" I hid the small little box as Eponine panthed. She raised a brow at me. Me and Marius hid and the violins played.

Eponine went down and lead Cosette upstairs. Jean and Fu- Fran - Fantine? is that her name? Went inside the candle-lit heart.

Cosette's POV

Eponine lead me upstairs. I saw a candle-lit heart. inside that heart was a table.

"This- is not a party 'Ponine" I chuckled. Everyone did too. "Papa, Mama, shall we step out the heart for a second. Cosette, sit down." Eponine ordered. They stood there as I entered the heart. Before I could push the chair, Enjolras took it. I flashed him a smile and nod. I looked at Eponine. She had a frown. No no no. She can't be jealous.

"Ep-" "Hello My love." I heard someone interrupt. Someone covered my eyes. "Papa? God? GOODNESS 'PARNASSE?" I asked. Silence. 5 second silence. The silence broke when I heard Eponine and Enjolras' chuckle. "Other than him?" Marius said.

I took his hands. "So you planned this huh?" I asked. "Yeah. I want everyone of them to be witnesses." Marius said.

I don't know what to feel. Before I could open my mouth, Marius already blurted out his little speech. "It's been, more than 7 years since I first met you. Before you came, I thought I had everything. I thought, I know you would giggle, Hair products will marry me" He was right, A giggle escaped from my lips. Enjolras also giggled. "But then you came, It gave me hope. Cosette, Please tell your mother and father that you won't be coming home after the June rebellion." He asked me. I was surprised. " Only if you would answer me with a Yes." "Actually it's a barricade. It's the event wherein you two will survive." Eponine said, Emphasizing the 'two' Marius looked annoyed.

He knelt down in one knee. "Will you spend your lifetime with me Cosette?" I opened the box and presented the engagement ring.

I stood there, shocked as ever.

"JUST SAY YES ALREADY!" Eponine and Enjolras said in unison. We both looked at them. Enjolras was pointing at Eponine while Eponine did vice versa.

"Well I can't. I can't, " I began. Marius' smile began to fade. " I can't live my life without you!" I smiled. Marius looked confused. "I love you, and I will marry you!" I said. He got up in his feet and spun me around. He kissed my forehead as he placed the ring to my finger. We kissed in front of my family- Our family.

We ate and everything was delicious.

Enjolras' POV

We're done so I offered them my carriage. I lead them to my home.

I helped Eponine to get out. Marius lead them to my living room while I lead Eponine to the garden.

"What are we doing here?" She asked."It's been years since we first met here." I answered, smiling as scratched my head. "Your point is?" she teased.

"Eponine I love you. And, I'm so sorry for judging you. Yeah yeah, say what you have to tease, but I love you. And I want to be with you forever."

I knelt down in one knee and I spoke of words I knew I would regret.

"Will you marry me Eponine?"

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