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Story Notes: Story will contain explicit scenes. There will be graphic lemons, and this story is intended only for mature audiences.

Summary: Bella is ready for college, she's ready for the new city, new atmosphere, new friends. One thing she isn't ready for though is Edward Cullen, Bella can't stand him, his conceited, angry, arrogant, crazy, rude and thinks his Gods gift to women. His everything Bella isn't so why can she feel herself falling for him?

Warning: This story has a dark, possessive, crazy over the top alpha male which some readers may find offensive.

Today was supposed to be the new me. The first day of the officially brand new Isabella Swan. I was going to be mature, organised, nicer to people and I was going to stop with the sarcastic comments. Well, maybe I could just start off with the mature and organised bit, one step at a time right?

Instead I was being my typical self, leaving everything to last minute, frantically running around my house, mentally going through my checklist in my head making sure I had everything I need.

Cellphone charger? Check.

Toothbrush and toothpaste? Check.

Student ID? Check.

Cellphone? Che- shit. Where was my cellphone?

"Charlie, have you seen my cell!?"

I yelled as loud as I could and let my voice project through our three bedroom house, I could almost picture Charlies face, it'd be a mixture of 'damn, that girls got a set of lungs on her' and 'she's going to give me a heartattack one day'.

Well it's not like he had to put up with it any longer, I was finally leaving for college today. Four years of bitchy girls, immature boys, condescending teachers, and the only thing that got me through it all was the bright light at the end of the gloomy tunnel. College.

A place where you didn't get judged on by what you wore, how you spoke, the kind of music you listened to. It'd be a fresh start, away from everyone here. Well, not exactly everyone. Rosalie my older sister by a year and boy, what a difference that year made, attended the college I was heading off to. Because of mine and Rosalies relationship this wasn't exactly something I was looking forward to, we got on fine, sure we had a few arguments here and there but that was totally normal. It was the fact that we were total opposites that really put a strain on us.

Rose was drop-dead gorgeous, a blonde bombshell were the words commonly used to describe her. She was tall, and her legs went on forever, she was all woman, the likes of her belonged on the cover of Vanity Fair. Whereas I still looked like I hadn't hit puberty. Ok maybe I was slightly exaggerating. Sure I had fairly big boobs and a reasonable sized ass, but everything else about me was just average. Average height, average brown eyes, average brown hair, which yeah you guessed it, fell at an average length just a few inches after my shoulders. I was your average girl, nothing special and I never would be, especially when I had an older sister like her.

At first it was hard growing up with Rose around, everyone would compare us, and that was after the initial shock passed once people found out we were sisters.

"Rosalie? That tall blonde girl? She's your sister? Full sister? Wow, no way. How is that possible?"

That was normally the reaction I got. I knew what they all thought. How can this average, boring looking girl be related to a girl who could run for Miss USA, where was the logic in that? Once I grew up a little I realised that looks weren't everything and there was one thing Rose couldn't take from me. My brain. I excelled at everything from Math to History to Science. I was the brains of the family and she was the beauty, and I'd come to accept that because my brain would take me far, I was sure of it.

"It's down here, and hurry up your sisters gonna' be here soon."

Charlies voice snapped me out of my train of thoughts and I looked over my suitcase once more, before zipping it up and lugging it downstairs to put with the other two. I headed into the living area to see Charlie sitting in his usual seat reading through the Phoenix times. He looked fine but I knew he was sad, after today he'd be all alone. When Rosalie left last year for Seattle the house had become eerily quiet, I dreaded to think about what it'd be like for him once I left too. Me and Charlie were two peas in a pod, he was an average looking man, and I had clearly gotten my brown eyes and brown hair from him, along with plenty of other traits.

He liked peace and quiet, I liked peace and quiet. He was sarcastic, I was sarcastic, maybe just a little more than him though. He kept his emotions in check and hardly smiled, laughed, cried. I was the same. He didn't like affection. I didn't like affection. I was my Dads kid through and through.

I sat down on the sofa next to him and grabbed my cellphone off the coffee table.

No new messages.

It was to be expected really, I didn't have much friends around here. Not because I was a social outcast, I could have friends if I wanted to, I just chose not to.

"Rosalie rang, she said she just got off the highway and she'd be here in about ten minutes. You all packed?"

I knew that Charlie was just trying to make small talk because these were the last few minutes we would have together before I'd be off into the next chapter in my life. It was upsetting to leave the only life I knew, but I was more excited than upset.

"That's great then, and yeah all done, finally."

He nodded and I knew that was the end of our conversation. I went about cleaning, trying to pass time before Rose arrived. I was in the swing of things when the doorbell rang. Rose.

I opened it and was blasted by masses of blonde hair. Not even a hello. I closed the door and followed her through to the living area, Charlie was standing now and hugging Rose so awkwardly I cringed. We weren't an affectionate family, but it had been a few months since we'd seen Rose so a hug was necessary.

I could hear Rose cussing, moaning angrily to Charlie. I could tell he felt uncomfortable hearing his daughter use words like twat, bastard, fucker but nonetheless he stayed quiet.

"What happened?"

"Sorry about that Bella." She opened her arms and beckoned me for a hug. I decided to quickly get it over with but she held on longer than I wanted and expected. Once she let go she delved into her story.

"Some stupid asshole tried to kill me! Honestly, male drivers! Think their so much better than us. Pigs. Oh not you Dad I didn-"

He cut her off before she could carry on, he knew aswell as I, that Rosalie was a crazy driver, God knows how she got her permit.

"I'll go make some coffee then shall I."

I wasn't needed and the truth was I needed a few minutes alone. Rose had been here less than five minutes and the house already seemed louder.

"Oh that'd be great Bella, thankyou."

I watched Charlie load my suitcases into Rose's range rover and an awkward silence fell before us. Rose had already said her goodbyes and she was currently sitting in the drivers seat applying lipgloss to her already glossy lips.

"Be safe Bella, I know you're not crazy like Rose was but just be safe."

"I will Dad, you don't have to worry about me."

I knew he wasn't really worried about me, he knew I wouldn't go wild like Rose probably had, it was just his way of telling me to take care of myself.

"I know Bells."

My heart tugged when he used the nickname he'd made for me when I was little. I inched forward, even though I put off hugging people, I wanted a hug off Charlie. He was the only person who understood me, mainly because I was just like him but that didn't take away the fact that I was leaving him and would have to find someone else to silently understand my weird ways.

His arms circled me and at first it felt awkward but then I relaxed and felt like any other daughter leaving for college having to say bye to the only man they could count on.

"I'm gonna miss you old man."

He laughed, he wasn't really old at all, he was under 40, but to me he was my old man. He ruffled the top of my head and let out a content sigh. Even though he didn't say it back I knew he'd miss me too. He didn't have to say it to tell me that.

I headed for the passenger seat and climbed in, I pulled out my iPod and scanned through my songs.

"I'm so excited Bella, this is gonna be great I can just feel it."

I looked back once as Rose started up her car and drove off.

"I hope so."

I settled deeper into my seat and felt tears stab at my eyes as the lyrics to the song I put on played.

Hold on, to me as we go

As we roll down this unfamiliar road.