"Ohayou gozaimasu, Sengoku-san!" one of the police officers said while giving a salute to Sengoku.

The high-ranking officer replied him with a nod then quickly went into the house where the crime scene took place. Another several police officers who were checking out the place greeted him formally.

Then he heard his phone ringing. He took it out from his front pocket, to know that his so-called bestest friendd ever, Monkey D. Garp, had sent him a message.

He opened the message. It said,

Hey, Sengoku. Why didn't you tell me that my grandson's the member of the new unit!? D: Anyways, I'm happy about it actually... So, I wanna celebrate it with a meal, together with you and Tsuru-chan, this weekend! Along with my family! Okay with that? =3

"Cute much," he thought while chuckling at the childish message of his friend. He then decided to reply.

Yeah, sure. Why not.

He then focused on the nice bloody scenery in the house.

He took a glance on his right then to the left. Not many drips of blood can be seen on the left side where the entrance is the nearest but many splashes of blood on the right side, which was near to the kitchen where the second door to enter and exit the house is placed.

Meaning, the murderer is quite used to the house.

"Sengoku! What're you doing here, sir?" shrieked a blond-haired man with a pair of sunglasses with red shades before bowing in respect to the high-ranked police officer, not forgetting to grin like a maniac he is.

"I am the one who's supposed to be asking. Why are the Special Crime Unit were sent here? Who sent them here?" Sengoku asked with a firm voice. He pointed to the said unit as they all were gathering DNAs, photographing the crime scenes and many more.

"Doflamingo, everyone! Get out!" ordered the chief superintendent.

"What!?" Doflamingo asked with his jaws wide opened. Everyone went into their shocked faces.

"Don't worry. This case will be handled by the new unit," Sengoku uttered. Everyone saluted him in respect and went out of the small house.

Doflamingo frowned before shrugging. "The new unit, eh? I think I've heard about it... ," he frowned while walking slowly towards thee exit. He didn't really care, at least he can relax a bit especially after the troublesome case two days ago.

"Doflamingo. Come here. Is this the reason why, the SCU was called here?" the afro man said. He pointed to the writings in blood on the wall near the sofa where the victim was stabbed many times. Blood spreads all over the three-seated sofa.

It wrote, 'Death as you wished.'

Doflamingo nodded to the middle-aged man.

"Yes, General Inspector," he said.

"So, you are seeing this case is similar to 10 years ago?"

"Yes, sir."

"What do you think, Trafalgar?"

"Nah... I don't think so..."

"Why so, Traffy? ... LAW!?" Doflamingo's face showed his funny face.

Law, the dark blue-haired man waved at the blond and greeted with his head bowing.

Doflamingo sighed before dragging his legs to the exit of the house.

Law waved friendly to his old colleague. They worked together before in a special case. He was a genius so he was needed to solve the case. It was easier for Doffy because Law was apart of his family.

Moving their focus back onto the case. He traced the writings in blood with his eyes. Sengoku walked to other places. He raised an eyebrow when he saw a splash of blood on the picture on the wall.

"I haven't asked yet. Who were the victims?" Law asked before landing his hands on his head in boredom.

"A rich family. They left their grandmother when they died," Sengoku replied while shaking his head, unhappy with Law's casual and reckless attitude.

"Really? Huh... Another sadistic drama," Law replied, much to Sengoku's annoyance.

"However, go get your colleagues and start investigating. Understood?" Sengoku ordered.

"Yes, sir... ," Law replied with a yawn. He then puts his hands into the pockets of his jeans and walked away humming a child's song. The Maru Maru Mori Mori song.

Sengoku sighed hard. 'Why in the world did I let him lead this group again?' he thought. He then became worried of the newly organized unit. He's sure that they'll handle all the weird and hard and mind-wrecking cases, but, for all's sake, they are all too reckless.

"Youngsters these days... ," he grunted, shaking his head.

"So, the second person is the most experienced detective, Kid. Hmm.. If I was a girl, I'd be drooling aver his sexy body," Law said to himself while browsing the profiles of his colleague.

"Yes. The killer is you!" Kid accused the blonde professionally. His assistant, Killer quickly showed the proof.

"He's got all his cases answered," Law continued before readjusting his cap.

"You! Don't expect me to be nice. You're the killer!" Bonney shouted before sipping her coffee.

"Aww... So cute... Bonney ya... ," Law whispered taking a closer look at the said woman's chose of picture-pose.

He browsed and browsed until he reaches a rookie's profile.

"Mugiwara Luffy. Hmmm... The hat suits him well," he said.

"I know where you've placed that scalpel, miss. Zoro," Luffy said and Zoro quicly took the pink-haired woman's handbag. And he opened a hidden zipper in the handbag and revealed a bloody scalpel.

"They're all experienced. Eleven Supernovas, including me. Adding this red-haired girl. Koyuki, makng it Twelve Supernovas," he said, while looking at the 15 years old detective.

"I maybe a kid. But that makes me special, mister. You could've just throw away the gun into the deep hole to keep on murdering people and avoid the police from speculations, but you didn't. It is obvious that you are challenging the police. And, you are the mastermind in this story. Series killer, Lucci," Koyuki accused while gazing at the man. The bird beside hime answered for him,

"You are indeed talented, Hazuki."

"But, she's just solved this one case. Let's see if they could make it up for this case," Law nodded and kept back the files.

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