"What!? You're the boss?" Kid shrieked, almost spilling out the coffee in his right hand. Law nodded in reply, calmly.

"As long as you're not bossy and all, I'll follow whatever you say," uttered Bonney, the pink-haired woman, who was calmly eating a pizza.

"This is going to be fun," Kid muttered while rolling his eyes away. Law chuckled teasing his senior.

"Ugh!" Drake groaned and a smacked his head on the meeting table. He sighed tiredly. Urouge was poking the snoring green-haired man. Meanwhile, Apoo was silent as he was sitting in between the chatting Luffy and Koyuki.

"... no... That'll be the third time."

"But you need it."

"Okay. But the real deal is that woman."

"You see ... "

Killer, the masked man was staring blankly at Hawkins for nothing, which makes the golden-haired man feeling annoyed and uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Capone was watching Bonney eating another slice of pizza in disgust.

"Okay, everyone. I hope all of us can work together. And, Midori-ya ,please wake up," Law said loudly and signaled Apoo to wake Zoro.

When the green-haired man was up, he scratched his eyes.

"Wait, Gary's not quitting from Running Man, right?" he said.

The people in the room sweatdropped while Luffy bursts into his laughing fit.

"He didn't, Zoro," Koyuki replied his question. She was plastering a friendly smile on her face.

"Wait, who're you calling Green!?" the now pissed Zoro glared at the dark blue-haired adult. Luffy laughed harde. "It's not funny, Luffy!" he shouted, obviously angry.

"Okay. Everyone. Let's not waste time. Luffy ya, take off your straw hat please when we're there. Your straw hat might fly around the house-," Law didn't manage to finish his sentence because,

"Not in a million years," Luffy cut with his cold voice. He'd stopped laughing hearing the mentions of take off hat.

"Ah... Okay," Law replied and quickly adjusted his cap.

"I don't want to remove mine either."

"So, the blood traces are weird," Drake uttered while tracing the blood on the walls and on the floor with his eyes.

"They are. But don't you think it is quite, impossible to drag a dead body and leave blood traces like this?" Koyuki suggested as she tries to demonstrate to herself how the murderer would leave weird blood traces like these in the house.

Everyone paid attention to her. That fact she'd just pointed out was quite, realistic.

"You're right. Maybe this is a two in one case?" Capone pointed out.

"Nope," Hawkins replied, instantly. Everyone turned to him for explanation. "If it was, then the goods would've been gone."

Satisfied with his answer, everyone went back to their thinking trains.

"Maybe it was faked," Apoo muttered to himself, heard by Kid who was right beside him. Kid approved him with his hums.

"Where's the granny?" Luffy asked while staring at the sofa.

"The hospital, duh," Kid answered. Luffy nodded silently while his brain was thinking hard on something.

"You think the suspect is an outsider?" suggested the dark-blue haired man to Luffy.

Luffy closed his eyes calmly.

In the meantime, Zoro and Killer were upstairs making some more observation.

"There's no blood traces near or even at the staircase. This is really weird," Killer uttered. Zoro nodded in agreement. Their eyes looked everywhere around.

Suddenly, their eyes stopped at a laying body in the murdered teenage girl's room.

"Wait, all bodies are already brought out, right?" Zoro said to the blond. They both gulped before approaching the room slowly. Suddenly the body sat up which made them cried in terror.

"What the hell?" Law cursed while his eyes staring on the ceiling. All of them who were downstairs stared to the ceiling before making their move, running upstairs.

"What is it, Killer!?"

"Zoro! What happened!?"

As they were upstairs, they saw the green-haired man carrying the blond while the blond was hugging him. They cried comically and were shaking horribly making the others sweatdropped.

Law slowly walked to the room and immediately became annoyed as he saw the red-haired girl was laying on the ground. With the same position like when the murdered girl died.

"Quit playing around, Hazuki-ya," Law said firmly.

"I'm not playing," she replied while looking under the bed.

"Then get up," Law uttered with his strict voice.

Koyuki continued to stare.

Law bend towards her face and gave a glare. Koyuki closed her eyes calmly.

"Don't you feel weird?"

Law raised an eyebrow, humming in confusion.

"The girl stared here in shock after being stabbed a few times. What was she staring in shock at before she dies?"

Law's mind starts to think. But, his thoughts were distracted by the stares from Koyuki. Their eyes suddenly met each other. He flaterred a bit before sitting straight up. He wasn't used to stare at any women's eyes. Koyuki jumps to sit straight. Then, a knock came on the door of the room.

"Hey, did you find the ghost?" Luffy asked before coming in. Law sighed for no purpose.

"There's no ghost. It was only Koyuki playing around," he uttered. Well, intentionally to troll the girl.

"I wasn't playing!" she shouted, popping veins on her forehead. Luffy blinked at the arguing duo before looking around in the room. He awed in amazement looking at the awesome posters in the room. He then muttered something about awesome and otaku and other stuffs which, Koyuki and Law couldn't get as they were busy glaring at each other.

"Hey, what's with the ruckus in here?" Capone asked as he enters the room.

He raised an eyebrow, wondering why Koyuki and their boss were having a glaring competition, and if stares could anihilate or the least, harm someone, then the two would've been blodied by now.

"So, you're the one who reported their deaths to the police?" Hawkin asked to the blue-haired maid, who was feeding the old woman, whom the only one survived from the murders.

She nodded as she feeds another spoonful of porridge to the fairly old woman.

Kid watched the woman carefully. He made some faces as he noticed that the old woman was calmly eating the food given to her but her eyes looked straight forward her.

'She looks like the granny from the Howl's Moving Castle,' the detectives thought.

"So, what's your name, miss?" Drake asked with his gentle voice. The maid slowly glanced at him nervously.

'Why are you nervous?' the youngest detective thought. She curved a smile when the son of the maid glared at her.

"Wha you look at?" the boy narrowed his eyes towards her.

Before the girl could reply, "Oh. Must be cause me handsome, right?" he grinned stupidly at her. Instantly, the sweet and sincere smile on Koyuki's face fly away and gave him a dangerous deadly glare, obviously saying shut-it-and-don't-be-such-a-badass-or-I'll-skin-you-alive.

The boy sweats cold. The elder detectives sweatdropped at the two's antics.

"I'm Kuichi Paula. You may call me Paula," Paula replied to the question asked by Drake.

"So, what does she eat? And why are you feeding her?" Bonney asked, feeling suspicious with the maid.

The maid looked at her with a pale face, though her face is already pale. The maid smiled warmly. Not faked nor anything.

Koyuki watches her eyes. She noticed something different in the sparkles of Paula's eyes. She quietly raised an eyebrow.

"She eats food only from me. The nurses had try to feed her but ends up making Tanae san rebelling and starve. Besides, Tanae-san loves my food," the maid explained with no hints of nervous or lies. However, the detectives can just feel that she really is something.

"So, what other business do you all have other than meeting Tanae-san?" the blue-haired woman asked.

Law took a few steps nearer to the old woman.

"Tanae-ya? Can you hear me?" he asked.

The called person glanced towards the slim man. Law stared into her eyes. "Do you remember anything about the incident?" as he asked the serious and sensitive question, Paula pushed him away from Tanae sama.

Everyone made a shocked face except for a few cold-hearted human being.

'I wonder what did Doflamingo did to him while growing up together. These two are totally insane,' wondered a certain red-haired man named Kid, who was staring dumbfoundedly at the cool guy near the old woman.

Koyuki narrowed her eyes carefully onto the maid's hand. Just then, Drake took the maid's hand and holds it firmly in his hands.

Drake faked a smile that was unnoticable by the maid.

"You're beautiful," he uttered.

"Why, thank you... ," Paula replied bashfully. She is beautiful, in fact. With those amazing curves she had, some might wonder if she really is in her late 30s.

Drake walked away from her and stood back in his place while his pose showed that he was thinking of something. Bonney and Capone eyed him thoughtfully.

"Whatever it is, Paula-ya. We need to bring Tanae-ya here to her house so that she'll remember better about the incident. We need her in this case," Law said firmly. The maid stared at him with a somewhat intimidating gaze. Then, Law's phone rang.

~instrumental of Crazy Rainbow-Tackey & Tsubasa~

"Nice ringtone," Hawkins said interestedly yet uttering it out with his poker face.

Law snorted with a smirk before answering. He looked on the screen and found out that Doflamingo was calling him. He stared at the phone for a few seconds before deciding to not answer.

Everyone sweatdropped at him.

Again the phone rang. Tanae san started dancing and moving her head up and down. Koyuki giggled thinking that it was cute. Even Bonney agreed to it. Well, of course the pinkette didn't admit it out loud.

Law glared at the phone which rang again for the third time. He sighed before answering.

"What do you want."

"Traffy... Don't forget 'bout tonight! Bring them together!"

"Tonight? Oh. The dinner."

"Yep. See ya lat-"

Law yawned after keeping his phone back into his jeans' pocket. He twitched his eyebrows when he found out that everyone was staring at him. He frowned at them before snarling.




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