Hi There,

Appreciate all of the feedback and would like to continue, but would someone like to partner with me? I have ideas and scenes with outlines I can send, but from there, there would be freedom to write whatever you wanted. I just need someone to get down to the nitty gritty and write for me. From there, I could go back and edit the work. We both would have our names on the project.

I'm looking for someone with passion, who knows their grammer, and understands how to put this into a script format. Back then, this site did not allow me to upload the formatting of that of a real script which I had been taught to write. Hopefully this has changed.

As you can tell, in my writing there is not a lot of diversion from the characters we know. Staying true to character is the most important thing, to me. I want to explore these guys, but slowly grow them, just as a weekly television show does.

I'm interested in anyone who might want to help! Just send me a message. I have great ideas and have already started an outline for 2.9