Sherlock was very surprised that Molly had come today. He momentarily thought that she had cracked his disguise yesterday. Then he was surprised that she had brought his things. Then surprised that she still cared about his anonymity and even more surprised with the way she had reacted. Finally surprised that she had left so…soon. He had wanted her to stay. He had wanted to see her more. He wanted to talk to her.

He turned, in surprise, as she left the room. They stayed silent for over 10 seconds. He could not help but think, she is going away, every second, she moving further away. I've to talk to talk to her.

He moved towards the door. Realizing that two pair of curious, surprised eyes were following him he turned and informed.

'I have to still ask her to get some things. she doesn't know where they are.' With that said, he hurried down the stairs and out. She was just turning at the end of the block. He hurriedly moved past the traffic and caught her.

'Molly.' He called. She stopped at her name or, in fact, his voice. 'Molly.'

'Sherlock.' She said turning when she heard his voice behind her. 'What can I do to help you today?'

'I– what?' he asked, once again, surprised on she had said.

'you know, you shouldn't have taken all the pain on coming here. You could simply have texted my and I'd be at your service.'

'What, no. no Molly I—' he said, understanding what was happening.

'Sherlock, please. I really have to get to work. Please tell me what you want me to do and then I'll start working on tat and let you know as soon as I can. And you can go and enjoy the lovely company you have up there, who knows about everything, more than me. And she wasn't even— I have to go Sherlock.' Said she. The cool wind blew into their faces. Yet it could not cool the anger bubbling inside her.

Molly, I am not asking you for any work. Is that what you think I am doing all the time, asking you to work for me.' he asked. Somehow he felt very angry at her reacting this way.

'No. No, of course not. It was just me, who was trying to help you. It was me who said that if you ever want anything you can have me? you, no. you did not do anything. So I am telling you, requesting you that please say whatever you have to and get back. At least, I don't want anyone to recognize you, unless there's some new plan about it that I obviously don't know of, that needs dear Ms. Adler.' She nearly bellowed at him. She could see his anger boiling up inside him. But he contained it.

'Molly, Ms. Adler indeed dropped by. She knows I am alive, we must treat her with care since she could be helping moriarty.' He stated calmly.

'oh, ye surely. You can treat her with as much care as you want. Go on, go ahead.'

'please stop getting angry like this. it's too—' he was about to say that it was silly, but stopped at her the look on her face.

Please don't stop Sherlock. Go on say it, stupid? Dull? Boring? Idiotic? Moronic? Go on. It's okay. It does not make any difference. I'd still be crazy about you.' She said.

His face fell, in a way that almost hurt her. But she felt too much pain to distinguish. She turned and walked, angry hot tears finally heated her face.