From where we left off..

Chase nodded. "Mr. Davenport?" Davenport looked. "Huh? Oh, sorry." Chase rolled his eyes. "So what is it?" Davenport pointed to screen again. "I have no idea how, or why, but it kinda seems you're pregnant. Parthenogenesis is medically impossible, on humans anyways, much less male pregnancy, so what..." Davenport trailed off.

Marcus looked up at him. "Wait... what? Did you just say Chase is pregnant? Oh dear God..." His eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out right in the chair. "Chase, is he OK?" Davenport asked, finishing the ultrasound.

"Well, uh hold on." Chase began. Chase then slapped Marcus awake. "Ouchies. Chasey, why did you do that? oh..." Marcus realized. "Mr. Davenport," Chase began.

"Yes Chase? Davenport asked, still processing those past few minutes. "Look, you may night like what we have to tell you, but it's important..."

Davenport nodded, sitting in another chair, almost knowing he would need to sit down. "Anything, just tell me and I'll try not to get mad." He told the two.

Chase looked at Marcus for help, who made the 'go on' gesture with his hand and wrapped his arms around Chase. Chase took a deep breath before continuing. "Well, Mr. Davenport, I-I, I'm kinda gay, and me and Marcus are together. We're sorry for not telling you, I just didn't think you'd approve, after all, you kinda did almost send Adam, Bree and I away." he began.

"Look, I promise, I won't send you away. Ever. That was just before I fully realized that the three of you are almost like my own children, even though I am technically just your creator. And It's ok that you gay. And beside, however this happened, I'm going to be a grandpa!" Davenport smiled and got up and hugged the three.

Marcus laughed as he hugged Davenport back. "Yeah, and I'm going to be a daddy." He smiled at Chase. Chase smiled as he grumbled. "And I guess I'm going to be the mommy then."

"That sounds about right." Davenport told them both. "Chase is about eight weeks along, so if I'm right, he should be due around.." He thought for a moment. "January 9th of next year." Davenport finishes.

"So I have to carry the little buggers for nine months? You did say there were two right?" Chase asked. Davenport nodded. "Yeah, and there is two embryos. Fetuses actually." he explained to Chase.

"This should be fun." Chase told Marcus. Marcus just smiled and wrapped his arms around Chase again. "You're the one that wanted kids." He kissed him. Chase kissed back. "Now just to tell the rests of the family." He sighed wishfully and smiled at Marcus.

Two updates today as promised. And I definitely want to hear your name and gender suggestions. Daddy Marcus and Papa Chase, fucking adorable.