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Chapter One: Drained

The day was bright and sunny, a perfectly warm day. The sun's warm glow filtered through Lady Sakura's room as she stood in front of her mirror, staring down her attire. Indeed she did not like what she wore, and it was not a day she thoroughly came to enjoy. It was her 21st birthday, and the day of her family's death. Although there was a huge party to celebrate it with other nobles, she felt she truly had no one there to celebrate it with, other than her best friend Chii, who would be unable to attend because of an illness. She felt truly alone.

She wore a lilac dress that fell to the floor; it was strapless and had scratchy white lace that went under her arms. Other than the lace, the dress was pretty plain, and Sakura found it very annoying. The dress was made of silk, yes, but that didn't stop her from wanting to rip it into bits and pieces. She wore a diamond choker, which some flirt had given her as a present for her eighteenth, and her hair was pinned back with an amethyst rose hair clip-a keepsake from her mother which Kanna had given her one year. She walked towards her door, where her matching heels were waiting. She slipped into them, and walked out the door.

The mansion her family left behind wasn't the usual quiet; guests had started arriving already. Sakura didn't want to go out and see the pity on their faces, and started grinding her teeth. She hid around the corner of the stairs, listening.

Instead the maid of the house was taking care of the guests. "Lady Sakura should be out to meet you soon." Kanna said in her soft kind voice. Sakura sighed-it wasn't fair to dump everything on her house maid, and so she stepped out from her hiding spot.

"It's ok Kanna, I'm already here." Sakura announced, putting on a fake smile. Luckily no one noticed her smile, however the maid clearly did.

"It's good to see you Lady Sakura! I wish you the best wishes for your very special day, and my condolences for your family." The guest, a Master of another house, said with a smile handing Sakura a small square box, neatly wrapped. No doubt jewellery, Sakura was thinking. Kanna took the small box and put it on a large table covered in a white table cloth with purple flowers around the edge. "Thank you, I really appreciate it." Sakura replied with a smile. But really, she just wanted to be left alone. She didn't want to be reminded every year of the death of her family. It pissed her off. "You are most welcome; I assume you will be looking for a suitor soon?" He asked politely, his son standing beside him.

Sakura continued to smile politely, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid not…" she answered. "Ah yes, many matters to uphold?" he asked. "It certainly appears that way…" she said, her eyes darting around the room for somewhere else to look-she spotted a few others who were dressed differently from the dress code which interested her-especially the one person who was wearing black, red and gold. "Please excuse Lady Sakura, she has many guests she must speak with." Kanna, the maid, freed Sakura from the conversation. "It is nice to see you." The master spoke kindly. "You too, please enjoy your evening here." Sakura said, keeping her smile. However, as soon as he left, the smile left her lips almost immediately.

More and more guests started arriving, and Sakura just wanted to hide. She could hear the whispers- she knew what they were thinking. "Oh that poor girl; why doesn't she find someone to spend her life with already?" she could hear them saying it. Other things like "What do you think really happened to her family?" and "maybe she was the one who actually murdered them!"

murder? What? Sakura didn't even know what happened to her family! She had no memory of the incident that had happened when she was 12! Now they're deciding to blame it on her. Sakura just wanted to end the party here and now, but she couldn't, she had to keep her calm. She clenched her fists, her nails digging into the palms of her hands.

"It's rather sad isn't it?" Sakura jumped as she heard the masculine voice beside her. It was calm, soothing, and had a hint of sadness in it. Sakura turned and faced the man. Her heart skipped a beat. His hair, dark brown, like chocolate. His face looked perfect. He wore black red and gold as his attire. A black suit and his coat decorated with gold chains across the front of his chest. The red embroidery on the cuffs of the sleeves wasn't noticeable unless you were paying attention, and it really suited it. His tie stood out against the rest of his clothing, being red. "I'm afraid I'm not following." Sakura whispered. He turned to face her completely, his amber eyes staring right into her emerald eyes. "It's sad how they can say such things about you, without understanding your suffering and loss completely. It must upset you a great deal." His eyes were searching for something in hers, as if looking through her soul.

Sakura felt weakened by this man. Or perhaps weakened wasn't the right word, but she felt she could collapse into him and tell him anything. But she'd only just met him, how could she trust him? "No, I it doesn't bother me." Sakura lied. Of course it bothered her. He held her gaze. "Then what are those tears for?" He asked. She was crying? She didn't even notice. No one ever made her get this emotional except for Chii, who wasn't there because of her illness. "Let me take you to the balcony for some fresh air." He said, taking her hand in his.

Careful not to get any attention he carefully brought her out onto the balcony. The sun had just set and the cool night air felt good against her skin. "Who are you?" Sakura asked. Sakura had noticed he was different from everyone else. There was this feeling she couldn't shake. A smile flashed across his face. "Lord Syaoran, my Lady." He bowed. "You're different from the others." She stated. "How so?" he lifted an eyebrow. "All the men are wearing lilac and black while the women wear lilac and white, while you wear something that is completely different to the dress code. Most wouldn't dare do that." Sakura answered. "Are you mad?" he asked. "I love it." She admitted.

Now that was what confused him. He circled her. "Why?" he asked her. "I don't like this colour. There's something about it that stirs feelings of hatred within me, and I don't know why." She wanted to snap something. "You didn't get to choose the theme did you?" he laughed. Sakura shook her head. "May I have this dance?" he offered his hand out to her, and she took it without saying a word, but gave him a genuine smile.

Everyone gasped at the site. They weren't expecting her to dance with him. A lot of the single men were saying that he had bribed her, who knows, maybe somehow he had. Syaoran tightened his grip around her waist and suddenly the lights went out. Sakura felt fangs bite deep into her neck, and her eyes widened in shock. The pain caused her vision to go blurry. She was now digging her nails into the flesh of the hand she was holding onto-his hand. Sakura was so confused. Pain. Blood running down her neck. Her life now edging away. She could hear screams in the distance; it must have been everyone at the party. Darkness consumed Sakura, and the last words she heard were Syaoran's soft voice in her ear, telling her she was his. Her eyes fluttered closed, and her body went numb.

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