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Chapter Nineteen: Sakura's Explanation, Kanna's Truth

After the fight, Sakura didn't say anything to anyone. All she did was sit at her window and stare out at the garden below. Chii watched her, saying nothing, but worrying about her. "Sakura?" Chii called her name out, hoping to grab her attention. Sakura took no notice. Chii sighed and sat on the bed. A million things were running through Sakura's mind. So many memories had rushed back to her in the past few days. Her older brother Touya had told her about Grim Reapers and their terrifying powers. Sakura sat there, listening intently to what her brother was telling her knowing that one day all of this information would become useful in some way. Their ability to make deaths look like someone else's fault or a suicide is extraordinary. She hated them, but her sister had hated them more.

Sakura had guessed that somehow her sister's soul had taken over at that moment she couldn't remember much of, as everything was a little fuzzy. What will happen now? Sakura wondered. She remembered something else that happened from when she was younger. She remembered her sister saying something to her, her last words. 'I'll always be with you.' Those words comforted Sakura in a way. More memories were coming back to her every day, helping her understand herself a little more. "Syaoran, maybe you should talk to her…" Chii turned her head to Syaoran, who was leaning against the wall, watching Sakura with calm eyes.

He walked over to Sakura and touched her shoulder gently. "Sakura, what's wrong?" His voice was soft and concerned. Sakura turned her head and made eye contact with him. "Just remembering something Touya was telling me and my sister when we were young." She said sadly. At the mention of Touya's name, there was a clattering sound. Syaoran and Sakura turned their heads towards the door where Kanna was standing. At her feet was a tray of broken teacups and spilt tea all over the carpet. "Touya…" she whispered. "Kanna?" Syaoran called her name, and she automatically snapped back to reality. "Sorry! I don't know what came over me, how silly of me! Please, forgive me." Kanna hastily started cleaning up, distracting herself from her thoughts. Sakura watched her carefully, wondering what kind of special relationship she had with her brother. Kanna hastily walked out of the room with the tray of broken china, leaving Sakura to continue her conversation with Syaoran. "As I was saying before…He was telling us about Grim Reapers…" Sakura continued. Syaoran frowned. "I thought I'd heard the name before." He said. Sakura smiled to herself. "I remember running up to you later that day and telling you that my brother had been telling us about Grim Reapers. The confused look on your face was kind of cute in a way."

Chii laughed at this. Syaoran blushed. "Shut up Chii." He muttered under his breath. "No way, picturing that is just too funny!" she laughed. Syaoran pulled a face at Chii, then turned back to Sakura. "Touya was talking to us about how they have these powers to manipulate deaths of others in different ways, as well as being extremely strong opponents." She said. Syaoran thought for a moment. "Well there was extremely strong evidence of suicide with the other maids…It sort of makes me curious how it all works." Sakura looked down. "Unfortunately I don't know that, Touya didn't tell us that because even he didn't know." Her eyes travelled to the chair in the corner of the room. "My sister hated them with a passion like no other." Syaoran thought this over in his head. "Yeah…I'm not surprised." Syaoran said, looking up at the roof for some odd reason. "He also told us you can identify them by their scythes. They always have a scythe; however they can put it away." Sakura looked over at Chii who was now listening intently, instead of laughing. "As we discovered with Sapphire simply pulling it out from nowhere." Syaoran stated. "Sakura, is the only way to kill them to stab them through the heart like us vampires?" Chii asked casually. "How can you say that so casually?" Syaoran complained. "Say what so casually?" Chii was clueless. Syaoran smacked his forehead with his palm. Sakura turned and faced her. "Yes, that's pretty much right, at least that's what I was told by Touya." Sakura said. "Well at least we know how to kill them." Syaoran said. "Come to think of it, wasn't Kanna acting a little weird before when you mentioned Touya's name?" Chii asked. "Yeah, I noticed that. I think I'll ask her about it later." Syaoran looked at the two girls who seemed to be in on something that he didn't know about. Chii noticed his confusion and stuck her tongue out at him. "Nothing you need to worry about buddy boy." Sakura burst into a fit of laughter. "Ok, ok, I'm going to go find Kanna now. I'll be back." Sakura dismissed herself from the room, leaving the two to throw insults at each other to their hearts content without being disrupted.

Sakura found Kanna out in the rose gardens, sitting by the fountain. Her eyes were red and puffy with tears falling from them. Sakura walked over and sat next to her. "I'm sorry." Her voice came quietly from her lips. Sakura embraced her, comforting her. "Kanna, the person you loved…was it my brother?" She whispered. Kanna stiffened, then relaxed. She didn't make eye contact with Sakura, instead she looked over at the red roses by her feet. She drew in a deep breath, and then let it out. "We never told anybody…and I promised him to always protect his sisters if something were to happen to him…" Kanna's breaths came with sobs. "Kanna…don't think about the past now…look towards the future. I'm still alive ok, so he wouldn't want you to be crying about the past failures…but it's ok to mourn." Sakura's words soothed Kanna, and settled her down. Sakura never thought badly of her friends relationships. She always trusted them and their judgement. "I know it's painful…I miss him too." Tears were falling from Sakura's eyes now. "I'm sorry I kept it from you all these years." Kanna's eyes showed guilt. Sakura hugged her tighter. "We all have secrets we want to keep to ourselves, so don't apologise." Hearing these words, Kanna let all of her feelings out. Sakura stayed with her, comforting the girl that she also looked to as a sister.

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