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Chapter Twenty Six: Wedding Chimes

The past three weeks had been hectic. Freya had been freaking out hard core about the wedding, stressing about what kind of dress she should wear, and organising everything else like what she wanted her bridesmaids to wear. The day of the wedding had arrived. Since they were going by the day of a vampire, however, the wedding was at night. Freya was sitting in front of her vanity, watching as her sister braided her hair and pinned it into place on the top of her head.

Chii stood back so Freya could look at her hair properly-The braid that was wrapped around her head and pinned in place had the veil over it, and loose strands of hair surrounding Freya's pale face made her look stunning. "Freya, are you going to get into your dress?" Chii asked, looking at her sister. Freya snapped out of her trance and turned to her sister. "Oh! Yes!" Freya hurried over to the bed and picked up the white dress. There were five layers, the top layer being the thickest material and having complicated and intricate patterns of flowers at the hem coming up in silver embroidery. Sakura walked in with her shoes and a small box. "Oh Freya dear!" she sang, "don't forget your shoes silly! Also, I thought this might be a nice touch." Sakura pulled a silver necklace that sat high, and joining each piece of curved silver was a diamante. Hanging from the middle was a pearl. "It's so beautiful…" Freya whispered. "Consider it a gift from Syaoran." Sakura winked. Chii gasped. "What!? No way! He got her a gift out of his own kindness?"

Sakura laughed. "I think Syaoran was pretty happy for the two of them actually, after all they do work for him and are some of his closest friends if you think about it." Hearing these words made Freya overjoyed. She loved the necklace, and would treasure it forever. She slipped her shoes on and found that there was still something she was missing. Sakura handed her the bouquet of light blue flowers and white roses. Freya was ready-nervous, but ready.

All of the bridesmaids wore azure blue dresses, and silver jewellery with it. Sakura was wearing a simple silver choker with a small azure stone in the middle around her neck with earrings to match. Her hair was held tightly back by a clip that Syaoran had recently given her; the decorative part was crystal.

All the men were dressed in black suits with azure shirts to match the girls. Syaoran still stood out with his chains on his jacket to show his status, most likely out of habit. Only, instead of gold he changed them to silver. Yuui was wearing white, with an azure tie. Finally the music started playing for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle, then the lucky bride. Chii was at the front, leading the way gracefully with each step underneath the moonlight in the snowy garden. The garden was lit with lanterns, and the moonlight guided the pathway perfectly. Finally Freya came walking down the aisle, glowing in the moonlight. Her dress trailed behind and the embroidery sparkled. Yuui smiled as she walked towards him gracefully. It was time for the ceremony to start.

Kanna was conducting the ceremony, and it went for about an hour. Yuui was able to say his vows smoothly, whereas Freya choked on hers a bit, a little overwhelmed by everything. After saying 'I do' and kissing, a reception was held. Surprisingly, instead of the guys starting the drinking games, Sakura started a drinking game with Chii and got so drunk she thought that Freya was Chii, and there was a rather amusing misunderstanding. Of course, Syaoran was the one who had to drag her off the dance floor once she passed out from being completely smashed. Syaoran stuck to drinking his usual red wine, without getting drunk-not that he ever did. It seemed that Kanna's new partner, Jason, was arm wrestling with Chii and Fai, wanting to see who was stronger of course. "You should totally go up against Sakura!" Chii watched as her hand went down against the table after a bit of a fight. "She's out cold." Jason replied, waiting for Fai to take Chii's seat. "Challenge her when she wakes up! She won't care-I don't think." Chii said.

The two men were even, however after a bit of a struggle, Fai finally won. Chii could hear Sakura mumbling a few incoherent words and something about Syaoran, and she didn't want to know what it was. Syaoran walked over. "May I?" He asked. Fai moved so that he could sit. Syaoran didn't even sit. Without giving any notice he shoved Jason's hand down on the table with a thud. A look of disbelief hit Jason's face. "No warning?"

Syaoran had an icy look in his eyes. "Attacks always come without warning. Remember that." His voice was cold. He got up from the table and walked away from the joyous occasion. Words were running through his head from the previous night he spent with Sakura. "Syaoran! These memories won't leave me alone! They plague my dreams and I think they're trying to tell me something! It's not over. Not yet!" He remembered how distressed she was. He was so frustrated, why did he have to do that at his friend's wedding? He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Fai and Jason standing there. "What's up?" Fai asked. "Sakura's still waking with nightmares of what happened. She thinks it might be that the nightmares are trying to tell her something." Syaoran explained. "What does she think it is?" Jason asked. Syaoran looked up. "It's not over."

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