It's scary to think how fast something can be taken away from you. It can happen in an instant, when you least expect it. And yet you always think it would never happen to you. The idea of someone you love being taken from you so early.

It was more then a summer romance. It may have started out that way, but it turned into something much more then that. Much more then anyone could have guessed.

We hated each other at first. Couldn't even stand to look at each other. That soon changed when stubborn friends got in the way, and fate changing its mind suddenly. And I knew our paths were meant to be crossed.

So it blossomed. We became something big. Something people would envy because they wanted to be like us.

She was beautiful. Anybody knew that. Even with no effort, she still captured everyone's eyes, leaving me to be the overly protective boyfriend making sure no one came in and took her from me.

But it wasn't a someone who took her from me, but it was death. The one thing that gets everyone in the end.

There were so many things I wanted to say to her. Some many things I wanted to do with her. Like take her somewhere she always talked about, finally collect enough money to put the ring on her finger like she deserved.

But the day I bought it, the day I was going to take her out with me, was when death swooped in, and took her like the golden prize she was.

Car accident. A drunk driver having one too many drinks and deciding to take on the challenge of the roads. He missed the stop sign, and before he could notice, hit her car, the impact killing her instantly.

So here i sit. Everyone's gone home, to mourn alone. She had been laid into the ground, a beautiful and unfortunate soul.


She was 24.

I took the ring out of my pocket. Setting it behind the roses, a small note folded nicely inside the box. Just for her when she could read it someday. Whenever day she chose. Dusting my pants, I took one last look at the cold hard stone that told me, and everyone, that the one I loved had been taken from me.

When I least expected it.