"We bless you and give you thanks in your Spirit, who brings our hearts to life this Christmas Day and forever. Amen."

Tong picked at his cutlery at the sides of his plate as soon as he had finished saying the prayer. His mother gave him a warm smile which went unnoticed while his father had somehow already started attacking the food in front of him. There was a joyous atmosphere in the dining room and the scene was almost unfamiliar to the family's home. Since Tang went missing, Christmas was always more of a solemn affair than a joyous one.

"Ma." Tong spoke, "The food tastes great." he said.

Sunee smiled, "Thank you, Tong.", she said, before picking up her cutlery.

Tong seemed normal to her, she hadn't asked how things had went down between him and Mew but he looked cheerful. Korn, who sat across from Sunee suddenly coughed. The woman and her son instantly stopped moving and looked towards him in concern.

"Korn, are you alright?" Sunee asked. Korn nodded, while reaching for a nearby glass of water. As he finished gulping it down, he spoke up,

"I'm fine." he said.

Sunee was worried about her husband but he was at last attempting to get better by his own will. The woman thought back to June and silently gave her thanks, if it wasn't for her, things wouldn't be like this. June was right, they could manage without her, without Tang, as long as they all continued to care for one another, things would be alright.

"Um." Korn had broken the silence, "I'm supposed to visit the doctor again, tomorrow." he looked towards Sunee.

Sunee nodded, "I know. I'll have to find some time between work to drop you off."

Korn nodded, wanting to change the line of conversation, he turned towards his son,

"Tong, do you have anything planned for the New Year? Are you going out with any friends? I think you're at an age where you can stay out for New Year's Eve." he smiled.

Sunee held her breath, she was very protective of Tong. She would pick up and drop him everywhere and she always had to know where he was going. Some people might call her controlling but she was just being safe. Ever since Tang had disappeared she had to be like this. She remembered the night that Tong didn't come home, that was a harsh reminder of the worst day of her life.

"Not really." answered Tong, "My friends are doing something but I don't know if I want to go."

Sunee bit her lip before speaking, she knew she had to let loose of her hold on him but she also wanted to ask this question for another reason: she wanted to know how things stood between her son and Mew.

"Which friends are these, Tong?" she asked.

Tong put on a bashful smile, "Just a few from school."

Friends from school, she thought. She felt bad that Tong's words reassured her, friends from school would mean that Mew wouldn't be there. Not that she didn't like Mew, she put her son's happiness before her own but if she had to choose for her son, it would be for Mew and her son to remain friends, normal friends. She repeated the word in her head, normal, she shouldn't have used that. Nothing was wrong with Mew, and if Mew was going to be there then that wouldn't be wrong, either. That'd be normal, too, she told herself.

"From school?" Korn asked "What about our old neighbour? He came to... that party we had, Mew, was it?"

Sunee found herself holding her breath once more. Korn was completely oblivious to what was going on, or what might have been going on, between the two boys.

Tong nodded,

"He won't be there. I don't think he'll like my friends anyway."

"When did you last speak to him?" Korn asked.

Tong threw a cautiously glance to his mother that she didn't seem to notice,

"Last night. He performed at the Christmas concert in Siam Square. It was that really nice love song that he did at the party. It was great, the crowd really liked it. "

Sunee felt like she had to say something, if she didn't then Tong might think that she was angry with him,

"I'm not surprised." she said, "He's a very talented boy."

Tong smiled and nodded. He thought that he should probably talk to Mew. He had a million things to ask the boy, what did he do for Christmas? Was he doing anything for New Year's Eve? Was he working on a new song? How was Ying going?

He had taken a liking to Ying, she was a strong girl, being able to accompany Tong to the concert. After all, Mew did love him and not her. Love... Tong mentally sighed, even though he had loved Mew, things were complicated, he wondered how things would feel when they spoke again. Their last conversation had ended on a good note, but he felt anxious when thinking about talking to Mew again. Tong zoned out, his thoughts were racing and he could practically hear his heart pounding.

"Mew..." he spoke aloud.

"What did you say, Tong?" his mother looked towards him, had she heard?

"Um..." Tong looked down toward his plate, it was completely empty, he smiled and looked towards his mother,

"Can I have some more?"

Sunee shot him a half-amused, half-sly look before taking up some of the larger cutlery to serve him.

I'm completely redoing this story because... well, I just didn't like how the first chapter turned out when I read it over. I kind of wish I still had the date it was published, with it being December and all but I digress. The title of the story is taken from the name of the song that plays when Mew cries at the end of the movie.