Tong's shoes grinded against the concrete as he shimmied from left to right, trying to get at the soccer ball some feet away from him. A player on the opposing team was doing a good job at maneuvering past Tong and his teammates, inching closer and closer towards the goal. Tong signaled one of his teammates with a jerk of the head as they caught each others' eyes. He had a master piece of a plan in mind to steal the ball away from his opponent. Unfortunately, the plan that Tong came up with didn't get a chance to come to fruition as his opponent somehow managed to score a goal with a very risky shot.

Tong groaned and put his hands up to his head in frustration. He'd been playing for about half an hour now and his team was losing miserably.

"Staying for another round, Tong?" one of the players asked.

The boy shook his head, "No, I have to go."

He didn't want to get too sweaty and he was admittedly a little irritated after not being able to play his master move. He figured it was time to leave anyway, it was Sunday morning and he had stopped to play when he spotted some classmates in a park on the way to Kao's house. His friends had wanted to hang out and make plans for New Year's Eve tomorrow but they'd decided to stay at the park for a bit while Tong played. He turned around to spot those same friends on a bench nearby, loitering around like they always did while he played soccer.

Jeng was on his cellphone as usual while Whae spoke to a withdrawn Kao. Kao seemed to be chewing gum, no doubt in an attempt to starve off his cigarette crave. Whae perked up as he noticed Tong heading towards them.

"Hey, hey." he nudged Jeng who shot him an irritated look which quickly became a sinister grin as he noticed Tong. Kao's expression didn't change at all as he spotted the approaching boy.

"Here he comes." whispered Whae.

Tong felt like walking away right then and there. Though the four of them were good friends, they would constantly harass each other and sometimes it would be taken a step too far.

"What is it this time?" he asked.

Jeng laughed and put his phone into his pocket. "Nothing." he said.

"We just want to ask you a question." Kao took his gum out of his mouth, "Is it true that you broke up with Donut?"

Tong froze for a while. He wondered where this would head. If only they asked him what he thought they were going to ask.

"So, is it?" Whae whispered.

Tong sighed. "Yes."

Jeng's eyebrows shot up at his friend's answer. "We've said it before, Tong. Donut's a real find, what is it that you don't like about her?"

"Maybe he found someone better." Whae asked.

Jeng chuckled, "Like that boy from... what school was it again, Whae?"

"St. Nicholas?" he answered.

Tong shook his head. "Not this again." he groaned.

"Come on, Tong." Kao said, "It's just a joke."

Tong didn't find it funny at all though. Mew was a very sensitive topic right now. They might not be friends anymore. It wasn't exactly the same situation with Mew but Jeng would always say to let the girl make the first move after breaking up with her. Apparently if she doesn't speak to you after you break up with her then that meant that she didn't want to talk to you again. Mew wasn't a girl and they weren't ever really together but he wondered if the same logic applied. They didn't speak since he told Mew he couldn't be his boyfriend so what if he had cut him off? His heart sank at that thought.

Tong scowled at his friends. "Whatever." he said and then walked off.

Tong had decided to take a stroll through Siam Square on his way back home. He was angry at his friends and couldn't stop thinking about Mew, he needed some time to cool off and think. The boy didn't exactly have anyone to talk to about his feelings, other than Ying, who was unusually quiet lately.

He thought back to that night while he walked, back to the singer's smile. He of smiled, but was he really happy? That was the biggest question in his mind. If Tong was on the other end, he knew that he might not have been satisfied with his own words that night. What if that was the case?

"This is stupid." he whispered to himself. After an hour of getting nowhere with his worries, he decided to just go home.

Tong loved going home lately, his house was inviting and actually felt like a home again. His mother would even try to come home early from work for his father's attempt at a meal. Things were different, and they were good. The only worry his family had was wondering who would take care of dinner once his father had found a job again. His family sat down for dinner and said grace.

As soon as they finished, his father spoke up "So, Tong." he said, "What are you doing tomorrow?"

Tong felt that it was almost strange how his father was basically pushing him to have plans till he saw his mother stealthily smile at his father; They wanted some time alone.

"Um." Tong wasn't sure what to say. Did he have plans? He figured any plans he might have had with his friends tomorrow was canceled since he walked off on them earlier but at the same time, he didn't want to possibly hinder his parents in repairing their marriage. He ran through scenarios of apologizing to his friends till he realized something, this was the perfect opportunity to see Mew again. He had to get out of the house because his parents wanted some alone time and he decided to visit Mew. That would be his reasoning, if he had to explain himself.

Tong smiled, "I might go over to Mew's." he said.

His mother looked at him, "Is he having a party?" she asked. He figured that she might still be a little antsy about him and Mew spending time together, or being together.

"Yes. Our friend Ying might be there too." Though the boy was making this up on the go, he really was hoping that she would be there.

"I see." his mother replied and smiled.

He wondered if she thought him and Mew really were in a relationship. He knew he should clear the air but it was a fairly difficult thing to bring up, especially with his father there. It didn't matter anyway, because right now, Tong was overjoyed. He was finally going to see Mew again.

A/N : This chapter is up a little later than I wanted it to be since I realized I messed up the timeline while I was writing it. I'm going by actual dates in 2007 and originally wrote the first part of the story with Tong playing soccer in school (hence the rather wordy explanation about the park and them meeting up to make plans for New Year's Eve) till I realized the last chapter was on a Saturday. I didn't want to replace chapter two with this since I'm going for alternating view points per chapter (at least for now) and putting a date stamp on two chapters when it isn't really that important would be too silly.