Summary: She didn't know how she ended up here and in a body of a dragon no less. Just her luck right. But after some times she is getting to like how her life is, and falling in love or as toothless said, she is his mate, didn't seem that bad...well it did when she first met him.

Crossover: Inuyasha/How to Train Your Dragon

Pairing: Kagome/Toothless

Rating: T

This Fic came to my mind because of the song "stray" it is the opening for Wolf's Rain. Go take a listen if you want ^^


Chapter Two


Kagome took a couple steps back, making sure she kept a good distance between her and the other dragon. She wanted to have enough room to run if need be.

"What do you want..." Kagome asked, taking another step back as the other dragon took one towards her.

The dragon tilted his head to the side, eyes watching her every movement, as if seeing the light for the very first time. It made Kagome uneasy but she kept her ground...mostly.

The dragon gave a low purr, "You know what I want, my nightshade."

This statement made Kagome bristle, she didn't like how the male said that. It had an undertone to how he said it, making her what to hiss and bar her teeth.

"NO, I don't know what you want..." Kagome snipped, teeth barred now, "So I would like to be left alone now if that isn't too much trouble."

The dragon tilted his head, giving her a wary look, "You felt it...the warmth, didn't you?"

Kagome gave him a reluctant nod, "It didn't mean anything just a warm breeze." Kagome was denying it though. It felt more like someone was encasing her with warmth.

"All dragons know what it means..." the dragon paused giving her a thoughtful look, "...unless..."

"I didn't used to be a dragon.." Kagome snapped out finishing his sentence for him.

Her eyes narrowed, eying the other dragon as it's eyes widened in understanding and flicked its tail in wonder.

"Your an otherworlder..." It was a statement, which made Kagome narrow her eyes even further.

"What exactly is an otherworlder?" She was curious, she always had been and wanted to know more. It could be information that could help her get home.

The dragon paused, "Otherworlders come from a different world. They are sent here to live life again. One the gods didn't let them live in their own world."

Kagome huffed, " Well I don't want to be here...I didn't' really get a choice in the matter..."

This caused the dragon to laugh, "Of course you didn't get a choice. IT is a gift though. A new life."

Glaring at the other dragon Kagome muttered, "I will find a way."

"You are an otherworlder, " He said it again, eyes flashing with amusement, "You may have been human in your world, but now you are a dragon." A look passed through the dragons eyes before continuing, "You have a new life here whether you like it or not."

"I'll find a way." Kagome started, but was interrupted.

"...even so, you are still a dragon right now that...and when an otherworlder comes to this one...they stay forever."

Kagome glared at him, "I will find a way home...eventually." She would be damned if she stayed in this world without a fight!

The dragon gave her a grin, "Even so...while you are here you have to abide by dragon laws.." The dragon took another step forward, now in a pouncing position, "Which means one thing..."

Kagome went to run but she wasn't fast enough, the other dragon tackled her to the ground, and slid his teeth into her throat as his voice seeped into her mind and warmth encasing her dragon body.

'Your mine.'

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