The war ended, The Noah's are dead, many exorcists died.

On the river of dead bodies, a girl stood, bloody and victorious, Ellen is her name. She is standing on the dead corpse of the Earl where her sword is pierced on his body.

Rain started to fall

She looks around and looks her friends and hopes that they are still alive, but her hope died when she saw them. Her eyes widen, her heart stops in a second. There she saw her best friends; Lenalee and Kanda, lying on the ground, bloody and dead. She cried. She can't believe it that their were dead. Then her mind said.

She now looks like a broken doll, with soulless eyes.

She felt so alone and empty.


She stopped crying. "That voice, it belongs to…" She thought and when she turned around, she saw Lavi, alive and looking at her.

Lavi is seriously injured but he can still move, using his hammer to support his body to walk. He walked in front of Allen and wipes the tears on her face.

"Don't cry Moyashi-chan, I'm still here…" Lavi said putting a sad smile on his face.

"Lavi…. I…."

She was lost of her words. She was glad that Lavi is still alive.

"My name is Allen not Moyashi!"

Lavi just laughed and next was Allen

In a few hours.

Lavi and Allen said their goodbyes and prayers to the ones who died in the war, including Kanda and Lenalee. Lavi can't say his thanks for Kanda for saving his life from Tyki. Tyki almost pulled his heart and if ever Kanda wasn't there for slicing Tyki's hand he might die and never see day light again.

They don't want to see another war again.

And so they went inside the ark and went to another dimension, where war does not exist.

The ark takes them in the world of Gaia.