Promptly after waking (and shouting profanity), Kamijou calmed himself down for a minute to think at the kitchen.

Index, came around eventually to check up on him.

"Have you thought of anything yet, Touma?"

"No, nothing yet. How about you?"

"Well, as you should know Touma, I've never had much experience with money or money problems thanks to your kind genorosity."

(Living with a freeloader has it damages,) Kamijou thought to himself.

"However, using my idetic memory, I did do the courtesy of extract everything that can be called money from the apartment by looking around." Index pulled out a fist full of bills and coins and poured it onto the counter.

"How much is it?" Kamijou said with a tinge of worry.

"5400 yen."

A breath of relief came out of him.

"9,800 more if we include your secret money."


Index pulled out another wad of cash from her other hand and gently placed it on the table.

"I won't question why you're hiding money from me, Touma." She glared at him with a distinct look to let him know she would be biting later for this. "I think it would be wise, though, if we kept some money for us to use on food."

"That money was for emergency only!" he said in response to her earlier comment.

"Then why couldn't you have lent me some money when my poor stomach was in dire need of nutritious food?"

"Idle hunger isn't an emergency!"

Truth be told, the money was Touma's own lunch money for the times when Index swiped his plate's contents. He'd never tell her that.

"In any case, you're right," he said. "It's best if we kept 10,000 in our disposal and use the rest to start paying off our debt."

"Your debt," Index corrected. "If you didn't go around punching people so much, you wouldn't be inso much trouble."

"Don't treat it as if I'm the one causing doom and destruction. Let's just stop talking and think of a way to make money."

"Can't you ask your parents for money?" Index inquired.

He sighed and thought about it. It wouldn't be too far-fetched. They did pay most of his earlier hospital bills, including the time his arm had to be re-attatched.

"No. I'd rather not involve them at all if I can help it."

Even if he was one million in the hole, he couldn't bear the thought of putting his problems and burdens on others.

"Well we have to do something, Touma... and I think I know what to do."

"This is humiliating."

Listening to Index from a lack of choice, Kamijou had no choice but to do as what she had suggested. Now he was outside in the street and pan-handling for money with a dirty black hat he had laying around.

Ten minutes had passed since Kamijou was convinced to go out. Index stood next to him in support. In those ten minutes, not a single yen was dropped into the hat in Kamijou's hand. Index had noticed and frowned.

"Why is no one giving us their sympathy and support? Do people here not know how to treat people in need seeking help?"

"It's just a rarity to see people like us, I suppose. Problems with money aren't common around here." Although Kamijou said this, he was still pretty annoyed.

"Even so, there should be at least be some sensitive people here."

Kamioju agreed before it got him wondering. People tend to be more sensitive toward young girls, he was sure. "Mm., what if Index held the pothole alone while wearing some tattered cloth? That should send out a different message than a teenage boy with a foreign nun by his side, don't you think?"

"Oh? Are you saying that's what people sympathize for? Or are you explaining how all of your maiden-in-needs looked like?"

"Oi, don't be making assumptions like that. Also, aren't you part of that group? Maybe you should put on some tattered cloth!"


After the head chomp, they stopped talking and returned to their silent begging. Kamijou was starting feel sick to his stomach with this action, believing they could be something more lucrative than this.

(There's got to be a better way. Wait a minute! The money Index found around the apartment turned out to be a lot. Maybe there's money hiding somewhere around the city.)

As much as this was a possibility, he shook it off. Academy City was much too advanced and clean to have things like trash or money laying around. It was as immaculate as a mansion cleaned by an army of professional maids. Finding anything on the ground would be more difficult than trying to find a casino around.

"Such misfortune," he quietly released.

The faint catchphrase was heard by Index. "Don't worry, Touma. Let me do something that might help."

She clapped her hand together in front of her chest and dropped her head atop of them. She began speaking in English.

"What are you doing?"

"Shh. I'm in the middle of a prayer. Haven't you ever heard of asking and receiving, Touma?"

"Alright, alright. I understand."

Index nodded and continued her prayer.

He tuned it out of his attention and started scrutinizing the area out of boredom. He never realized how tall the buildings were before. Nor had he noticed how offended he was for the faces people passing by made at them, the face people made when they see someone they hate and haven't seen them in years. He also noticed some of the more fearful switching to the other side of the road momentarily as they approached them and come back to their original side once they've passed him. It made him feel much worse than he initially did.


As his eyes wandered down the street where it was more dense with people, a figure stood out in the crowd. A brown-haired middle school student wearing a Tokiwadai school uniform.

"Amen!" Index announced. "I've finished my prayer now, Touma."

"And what exactly did you ask for that is giving me such misfortune?"

Continuing to look at the girl, he noticed her legs moving rapidly toward him.

(Damn! She's spotted us!)

Before his mind went with negative override and telling him to run, a vague smile that could not be distinguished from a pout came on him.

(But maybe this isn't such a bad thing?)

The girl known as Academy City's #3, Misaka Mikoto. Many residents, however, only seem to hear about these Level 5s, never to see any of them. As such, she is able to traverse the city with minimal attention and unwanted distractions and why she is able to walk in a crowd normally.

Despite her presumed normality from the stranger's eye, she was quite frustrated.

(That idiot wasn't at the supermarket today,) she internally repeated to herself like a mantra. It was always an annoyance when something you deem as predictable doesn't come to, such as those times your friends don't laugh at a joke you'd expect them to enjoy. What's worse was that Misaka had come to know that if 'he' wasn't doing his Saturday noon routine, he was most likely off fighting in that world he refuses to let her in.

"I suppose it can't be helped," she said under her breath. "If he's off doing his thing again, there's nothing I can do until I happen to find a trace of him. Huh? Wait is that him?"

Just as she was accepting that she would not be able to see him today, spiked-top high school boy could be seen a few blocks away. Index could also be clearly seen, but her mental thoughts did not process that.

"It's him! I'm sure of it!"

As if he had heard her, he began running. For whatever reason, he was running to her.

(Eh? Is that idiot actually going after me for once?)

The small possibility had hit her and suddenly she had turned red and nervous.

(He's still running! What is he going to say to me? What am I going to say?)

Despite it seeming like her dream was on its way of manifesting, he killed it, that illusion of her. Two blocks away from her, he turned right, or Misaka's right, and disappeared.


(That fucking bastard, I'll show him!)

She dashed out of the crowd and headed towards the same street as him.

She had first planned to blast him a bolt of electricity while shouting nonsense at him, but a better idea came to mind.

(If he's on the process of going to wherever to save whoever, I'll make sure to go with and fight along his side!)

With this in mind, she retarded her speed while focusing on the high school boy like a hawk and its dinner.

After some time, about four minutes, did the hunt stop.

(Why did he stop at the park?)

She brought her pursuit to a stop and hid behind a tree, looking at him from afar.

He did nothing but stand. He looked like he was becoming impatient, waiting for someone.

Misaka was becoming more frustrated with each passing second looking at him. She turned and looked at the sky.

"Er, well, I suppose today is a nice day to walk in the park."

She took a deep breath and soothed her feelings before walking into the park with her usual confident demeanor.

As she was approaching him, he saw her with the corner of his eye and he said, "I was wondering when you would show up."


Her body felt like a child had pushed her and she forcibly took a step back.

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, really. I knew you would chase me to ask for a battle and whatnot, but I never realized how slow you've become at running."

"Hey! I'll have you know that my laps in gym haven't decreased in any way at all!"

Yelling at him relaxed her nerves a bit. Until he spoke again, saying something that would make them explode.

"Listen. I brought Misaka here for a reason very important to me."

(What? What's with this tone? What's with him? He c-can't There's no way he would ever-)

"I've been wanting to ask you this request for a very long time," he said. "I just haven't had the nerves to have say it until now for a special reason."

Her heart was pounding and her limbs were numbing.

(Could he...?)

"Misaka!" The way he said it was like it was hurting him. "Would you be as kind as to...give me my 2000 yen from the machine!"


Her illusions...he had killed them again in such a short time.

She frantically looked around and saw a certain vending machine a few meters away. He wasn't kidding. He had brought her here for such a stupid reason.

"Heh heh." She chuckled.

"Hm?" This wasn't the type of reaction Kamijou was expecting at all. "Are you all right?"

She ignored his words. "Fool me once," she pulled out a coin, "shame on you."

This was a bit more of what he was expecting.

"Fool me twice," she flipped the coin into the air, "to hell with you!"

A railgun was shot. Kamijou tried to block it with his hand, but nothing was negated. She had actually fired the coin a few centimeters away from his head, deliberately. Her real attack was a kick to the groin.

Debt remaining: 1,000,000 yen

Money on hand: 15.200 yen

Time remaining: 167 hours and 40 minutes

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