Author's Note: This is a quick, little chapter story I wanted to write, honoring the relationship between Robin, Starfire, and the rest of the Titans. I love writing and emphisizing how close they are to each other! So, like always, its an honor. Anyway, please enjoy!

"S-Star? The boy pressed an ear to the door, his weight shifted upon the steel his hand slid down. "Are… Are you in there?" The others crowded behind, peaking around his frame and at the door shut to keep out. They gawked to another in confusion… in concern for their friend. Raven, her arms crossed, her brows pushed upwards, Beast Boy, his shoulders hunched, his head tilted, and Cyborg, one arm locked around his torso, the other upon the wall separating him from his friend.

"Please, friends. I wish to be alone."

"In the bathroom?" Glancing back to his friends, he stretched his mouth askew to question. He pivoted back to the door, placing his voice to penetrate the chrome, "B-but, Starfire, it's been three hours."

"Yes, 'the thinking' is good in here."

His eyes beneath his mask widened as he drew his head from the chrome, hesitating to turn back to his friends who waited anxiously upon his call. The lingered forward. With the wrinkle of his nose and a subtle glance to his friends, Robin blinked for a gesture to replace words and they shuffled away, Cyborg, coughing to diffuse and disguise their quick waddling from the premises. A Robin, his eyes rolling back against the bathroom, was left at its door, pushing two subtle knocks upon the chrome.

"Hey Star? Don't worry it's just you and me right now. What's going on?"

He hesitantly placed his hand upon the silver knob, rattling it loosely: it was unlocked.

"Will you let me in?"

No response. Nothing but a whispered breath and a light whimper.

With a push of the door, she made no protest, but ducked her head in where she was, her eyes focused upon her bare feet tucked in front of her. With the swish of the curtains, light poured in, her eclipsed by the shadow of her best friend. Her arms locked around her bare shins, her head placed upon her knees, she did not meet his gaze.

"Uh, Starfire, is there a reason why you're just sitting in the bathtub?"

Murmuring, "Beast Boy said to me this was his favorite place to do 'the thinking.'

Her tucked his lip and tilted his head, trying to meet the contact of the girl who crunched herself into the tub. With a breath, he encouraged a leg to swing over the rim, then the other. He fastened himself next to her, feeling the gnawing of the tub's cold base. After a fidget or two, he found himself still, staring to the girl whose gaze aimlessly fell onto her shoulders, hunched in front.

"Starfire…" He began, his shoulder brushing against hers. "I-I'm worried. You haven't been yourself lately."

No response, just the pulsing of a tear wanting to stream.

"Please, Starfire… Talk to me."

Stiff and hesitant, she pivoted to meet him, her eyes sliding to the tiny crack of acrylic that lie between them.

"I-I do not know where to begin, Robin."

He nodded, tucked his chin, and inched a bit closer. Her gaze fluttered hesitantly to find the childlike warmth he ever so often expressed with a single glance. Against his, her eyes trembled violently, knocking the damn that sealed her words, it to break violently.

"Oh Robin! I am not myself… I feel so strange! I-I do not think… I cannot… I-I think, Robin, I am unwell, 'the sick.' I feel so weak! Exerting strength is very painful! I fly with great difficulty! And look!" She chucked a hand that only sparked with a green static. "Starbolts… I cannot make them anymore!" Her arms flung back to her cheeks, to hide a stream tears that summon a hiccup. Her muffling, Robin unhinged his mouth in concern for his dear friend, pushed closer, murmured a thing or two, pulled her hands from her face, and grasped them tightly. Blush arose in both kids.

His hands unfolded to reveals hers placed on top. "Try now."

"B-But Robin-"

"You won't hurt me. Try."

With her grunt, a pulsing green spark blew from her palms, he to feel the light warmth seeping from her fingertips.

"See! That was better!" With a stir of her hands, he loosened his grip to let hers slip back to her sides.

"…I do not know, Robin… In combat, I cannot assist the others and you to victory. Perhaps, my time with Titans is closing to an end. "

"Don't you say that… please…Maybe you just need a little air…A break maybe."

"I am afraid that ' the breaking' is all I have been doing, Robin. Criminal violence has been dwindling these past few weeks."

"We'll…" His legs crossed, he stretched his torso around in a slow circle in a boyish manner. "Maybe you need the opposite of a break."

She brushed her forearm across her face gently to wipe a tear, "What do you mean?"

He rose to his feet, above the tub, unraveling a hand to meet her. "Maybe, we can fix this. Will you take my hand?"

Rosy in her cheeks, a hesitant nod shook as her palm placed itself in his.