Tangled: Skip Beat Edition

Okay I've loved this Disney movie ever since it came out and I've always wanted to do a parody of it and since I love Skip Beat so much, I've found the perfect way to portray it ^v^ happy day. Keep in mind, I try to keep to the Manga, so things may be different from the movie but I'll try to keep to it as best as I can. Promise!

-Just so you know, I don't own Skip Beat

-I don't own Tangled either...

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Prologue: The Golden Flower…the Golden Child

Years ago, a single drop of sunlight fell to the ground. When the soil soaked it in, it grew a magic golden flower. This flower could be used to heal the sick and injured and bring life to any and all. It was God's gift to humans to show His love. However, it fell on the grounds of one of the most selfish and conceited women in the world, Saena. She was as intelligent and crafty as she was viscious and cruel, she quickly discovered the gift and the power it possessed…more on that later.

Centuries passed, and past the forest of Kyoto grew a Kingdom called Tokyo. It was ruled by a beloved King named Lory Takarada and his lovely wife Su. They were benevolent and kind, albeit a little strange, developing everything in the form of the sun to "give thanks to God for another day" and very bright but everybody loved them both. So it was a truly sad day when they heard that Su was dying and worse? With their unborn daughter.

Lory went to his two best knights that protected the kingdom, Shiko Fuwa and Kuu Hizuri to ask what they could do in order to save the queen and their child.

"milord, if I may make a suggestion…what about the Golden Flower in Kyoto?"

Shiko hesitantly asked. Kuu gave a snort and narrowed his blue eyes,

"yea, and what do you plan to do about her?"

All three men knew he meant Saena. The silence in the room was deafening as they pondered this.

Saena gave a cold laugh as she turned to the man who stood in front of her. He had mottled gray skin and from what she could guess, nothing more than a few days to live. He stood in front of her, cowering with fear and sweating with fever.

"so…" she started slowly, her voice laced with ice, "let me see if I understand this." she paced in front of the man, moving her hands dramatically and focusing her dark grey eyes hard on the poor man,

"you want my beloved Golden Flower to cure you from…what was it again?"

The man gave a gulp and scratched at another sore that lie on his skin, festering and stinging,

"the Bubonic Plague..."

Saena gave a cruel smile as though she'd actually forgotten,

"right…right…the Bubonic Plague. So you want me to use my precious flower for that? What can I expect in return for this generousity?"

She fixed him with a greedy stare and her smile grew, showing her ruthlessness. The man was shocked, placing a price on human life? Saena seemed to understand this and her smile dropped. The man thought that she understood how cruel this was, when Saena suddenly showed a bright fake smile,

"well, if you have nothing for me in return, then you can just go die."

She turned to go when the man stopped her,

"wait! Wait! I have land! Beautiful land! If you heal me with the Golden Flower, I'll let you pick whatever place of land you want!"

Saena turned back to the man and gave a large smile, the greedy glint in her eye appearing again.

"good. Now place this around your ears. If you hear the spell, you'll die immidietally, I'm the only one who can use it right."

The man nodded and tied the sash tightly around his ears and eyes. Saena clapped behind him and when he gave no motion that he heard her, she gave a greedy smile,

"you fool. I say that to all the people. It keeps people like you from touching my magic flower...and allows me to get both things I want."

Then she looked lovingly at the flower and began to softly sing:

"flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine.

Make the clock reverse,

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine.

What once was mine…"

The man's injuries seemed to heal and close up. The sores ceased and he gave a great jump in the air.

"Im cured! Oh thank you Saena!"

Saena turned to him coldly, her gray hair mysteriously gone and back to its black sheen.

"just don't forget our agreement. I'll look through your land and decide which one I want. You don't give it to me; I'll give you the disease back and twice as worse, understand?"

Not that she really could, but she didn't need to let him know that. The man nodded with fear and with a shake of the hand from Saena, he disappeared.

Saena gave a laugh,

"that fool. He thinks his disease is gone? It's just temporary. I would never ever use my flower to cure him!"

she turned back to the flower lovingly,

"don't worry my dear; you're mine and no one elses. That man will die in a few days and his land will be ours. I would never give you to anyone else."

(see? Told you she was cruel! Believe me, this is nothing.)

She covered the beautiful flower with the bush and gave it one more longing, loving look, and turned to go into her shack that lay a little behind it. She heard footsteps behind her and quickly spun around in a flurry to disappear, unknowingly knocking the protective bush over the flower off as she ran into the thickets that guarded her flower.

Shiko and Kuu grumbled as they waded through the dense forest.

"are you sure the flower is this way Kuu?"

Shiko grunted, knocking another long branch that caught in his uniform. Kuu didn't respond, just gave a brief nod as he continued.

"how can you be sure?"

Shiko panted. Kuu turned the corner and saw the bright Golden Flower glistening,

"we found it."

He breathed. He gave a quick glance around before walking forward. He didn't see Saena's cold grey eyes peering out from the bushes. Shiko panted as he stood next to him, hunched over and gasping for air,

"we found it. now how do we use it?"

Saena watched with breathlessness from the bushes. She couldn't believe they had found her flower. She'd been so careless with it. Had she let her secret of using it slip out?

Kuu gave a frustrated sigh,

"no. unfortunately, no one but her know how to use the flower."

Saena gave a smile of pride,

'that's right. You don't know how to use my flower, so you should leave now. Turn and leave.'

Shiko took a deep breath as he assessed the Golden Flower that they innocently in front of them, it's petals dripping over the side like soft raindrops.

"so what do we do?"

Saena's smile dropped off her face,

'what do you mean 'what do we do?' You don't know how to use the flower, turn around and walk away.'

Kuu looked at his friend and gave a gentle smile,

"well…we can't let the queen die. Nobody knows the incantation; but I think if we boil the flower to its essence; we'll be able to make a cure out of it."

Saena blanched white. Someone was going to destroy her flower? For a cure for a worthless queen?

'no…without that flower…I'm done for.'

See, Saena held a secret. All the time she was pretending to use the flower for others in order to get what she wanted; whether it be land, money or power, she was actually using the flower for another purpose. To keep herself young for hundreds of years, she would sing the incantation of the flower which would give her youth again for another day. Without that flower, her age would catch up to her, and she'd surely die.

She watched with fear as the duo gently uprooted it. its roots curling gently around their hands. Saena stretched her aging hand toward them, pure fury in her eyes. She followed them silently, using the cover of the bushes to keep hidden. All the time she fumed and cursed as the two guards carried her precious flower,

'how dare they touch it? it's mine! Give it back!'

But as she followed them silently, furious as she could do nothing but watch as they dropped the flower in a bowl of hot water. The flower's petals fell away and became a simmering bowl of shimmering gold. It passed from hand to hand until it reached Lory's.

"Su…honey, I need you to open your mouth okay?"

Su looked up at him weakly, her hazel gold eyes shimmering in his brown ones,

"I don't think I can Lory. Please, I hurt too much."

Lory felt tears spark in his eyes,

"I know baby, I know, but please this will help I promise."

Waveringly, she opened her mouth and let the smooth gold liquid glide through it. The magic of the Golden Flower healed the queen.

A healthy baby girl, a princess was born. But unlike her parents who both had black ebony hair as dark as the night onyx, this beautiful baby girl had gorgeous blond hair that trailed down to her feet and sparkled like the sun. It was amazing how long her hair was. That baby girl was originally named Kyoko, but she would be known by another name later; Rapunzel.

To celebrate her birth, the king and queen lit a golden lantern to fly through the air commemorating their new princess. The two captains of the guard held their sons as they watched the ceremony. When it was over, Lory announced that the two young sons and squires to the kingdom would be charged with protecting his daughter. Shiko and Kuu smiled at their two knights in training and brought them close to see the new born babe.

"see that Shotarou? That's the new princess Kyoko."

Shiko said with a smile of benevolence and kindness toward the young girl. The young two year old barely registered her, but turned with interest to the sleeping child.

"do you see her Kuon? She's very beautiful isn't she? And see that smile she wears even in sleep? That's the sign of a happy child."

Kuu turned with adoration and love to the new princess. He was always a little happy and proud about the fact that it was him and Shiko that saved the little girl, by saving the queen. He turned to the little four year old boy who stared with wonder at the little sleeping girl. She looked like an angel with her golden hair splayed out behind her like a beautiful halo that wrapped around her body a soft smile playing upon her lips. Kuon saw as an annoying strand fell into her face and made the little girl sneeze, her thin eyebrows furrowing with annoyance. Before anyone could do anything, Kuon had reached down and flicked the offending strand from her face. the baby noticed it immediately and she settled down, the small smile returning to grace her face. Kuon's heart thumped hard, but not in a bad way as he tossed a gentle smile to the young princess.

"gorgeous isn't she Kuon?"

Kuon swung around to see the king smiling down at him. he gave a deep blush and nodded. Lory laughed and cuffed the young boy on the shoulder,

"don't worry about it son. I actually have a proposition to make to your father and Shiko, why don't you go play with Shou?"

Kuon faked a smile until the king was out of sight with his and Shou's father. The two boys turned to each other and gave a grimace. They'd never tell anyone, but the two boys couldn't really stand each other; getting into fights and competiton over the most trivial things. They went to go see the princess one more time. She rolled to one side and before Kuon could think about it, Shou had reached down and taken the girl from the crib,


He told Kuon, holding the girl like a doll to himself, clinging to it. Kuon's eyes darkened and shook his head.

"no ones. We are guards. We don't get her."

He said darkly, reminding Shou of his place. Shou blanched and Kuon gave a fake smile that shot off waves of anger and disgust toward the young boy, as the baby began to squirm and squeak with displeasure.

"put her down. She wants to sleep."

Is all he had to say. Shou grimaced and placed the sleeping girl back in her bed following Kuon's orders. The two fathers returned with a large smile on their faces, unaware of the two boys continuing to stare darkly at one another from across the crib.

Of course, while all this was going on… Lory was proposing something interesting to the fathers of the boys in question. He smiled at his two favorite guards.

"gentleman. You know that our kingdom is in the middle of nowhere right?"

The men nodded. They had to get apples from the conjoining forest, and the fish from the sea. They never really fought in wars, most of the time just had to be concerned with pirates which popped up from time to time.

"yes sire."

They responded automatically. Lory stared out the window, surveying the entire kingdom of Tokyo and all it's majesty.

"you know, I wont give my little princess to just anyone. And there are no princes around here to propose her to. I need someone who will take care of my little girl, and make sure she's happy and safe."

Kuu stepped forward,

"yes sire?"

He asked nervously, trying to draw out what Lory was getting at. Lory turned to them with a glint in his eye. Kuu groaned as he recognized it; it was another crazy love scheme.

"I propose a friendly competition between your sons. You two are the most loyal and noble guards I have. Whosever son wins the heart of my daughter, becomes next king."

I wish I could tell you that a crazy competition ensued to win the heart of the fair princess, but unfortunately, they never got that chance. In the darkness of the shadows Saena watched the King and his knights that had stolen her flower. Looking at her skin she knew she only had at most a year to find a way to get her flower back…otherwise…she was done for.

The summer that the baby was born flew by quickly and the two boys who were charged with watching her became the little child's playmates. Because of the power in the Magic Flower that the girl had been bathed in when in incubus of her mother the baby girl progressed quickly, becoming far more coherent and intuitive at a young age.

Sho, who was told of the competition, would do all it took to capture the young baby's attention (including really capturing her and holding her hostage which did not make either the King, his father, or Kuon very happy.) But it was the quiet, and smiling Kuon that baby Kyoko became very attached to.

Kuon loved her as well, for just like her golden hair, the little baby seemed to glow with happiness and beauty. He asked his father to request the king the empty room next to the Princess' nursery and would sometimes at night climb out of bed to go and tell baby Kyoko a story to help her fall asleep.

In the bright Kingdom of LME, the happy days flew by with the Young Princess and in no time at all, a year had passed and her first birthday was upon them. It was on this certain night, on the eve of the first birthday of the little Princess, that it happened.

The back window of the nursery cracked open slightly and a dark figure swooped in. Her ebony hair was now stark white and the skin on her body was now so thin, you could count every single bone that lay just beneath the epidermis. The woman fixed her desperate, greedy, grey eyes on the crib. She smiled and was about to move when she heard a sound.

Crouching down in the shadows she watched as a blonde haired youth snuck through the door before tiptoeing to the crib. Saena watched as the young boy stood on his tiptoes to peer inside the crib, gently lulling and stroking the baby's back as she stirred with restlessness. As her golden hair wrapped it's loose strands around her face, he gently played with it, combing it through his fingers. He was always so surprised at how soft it was and how it had the faintest smell of honeysuckle.

He was shocked when he touched her as the baby turned around and clutched his finger, her little hands barely reaching all the way around but yet still clinging onto him for dear life. She opened her eyes, they were golden like her mothers and glowed with an amber light. she stared with magnifying gaze at the young boy, her face drawn in fear and alarm and her eyes twinkling like stars with tears. Kuon gave a gentle smile to calm the young princess and soothe her, as he used his other hand to pat her hair softly and rub it down to her stomach and back again. 'why is she so scared?' he wondered. Looking back on it now, the young intuitive baby probably could sense the darkness laced in the quiet nursery, spurning from the ageless and wicked creature hidden in it's shadows. But Kuon, couldn't see it, or understand why the little baby shook with fright. "It's me Kyoko. Kuon remember? I'm your best friend."

He reassured the girl, who stared up at him with continuing alarm. after some time, as her gold eyes remained fixated on Kuon's face that fear suddenly broke into happiness as the princess gave a smile and squeaked with giddy pleasure, "Corn!"

Kuon gave a chuckle, remembering that the little baby (though very smart for her young age) couldn't understand how his name was actually pronounced. He noticed that as she exclaimed his name with joy, her other little hand that wasn't clinging on to his finger was wrapped around a small purple amethyst that she held tight in her infant grip.

"come on Kyoko, remember? It's not Corn, it's Kuon. You have to squeeze your lips together to say it."

The baby cocked her head not understanding and Kuon laughed before gently taking his other hand and pressing the baby's lips in a "u" form and said, "Kuon."

Kyoko smiled and Kuon let go, before Kyoko burbled in joy, "Corn!"

He gave a soft laugh and gently stroked the baby's hair until she fell back asleep, her small hand still wrapped tightly around his finger. His father had already told him about the proposal only a little while ago, and he was so filled with joy because he had already fallen in love with the joyful bottle of sunshine. He watched the young girl sleep and he gave a smile and he stroked her hair and used his other hand to tuck in her blanket around her to keep her warm.

"I will win Princess Kyoko. I promise you I'll keep you safe and happy." He vowed.

"how touching. But you know child, you shouldn't make promises…you cant keep." A cold voice rang out from behind the giant stuffed teddy bear her father had gotten her.

Kuon felt a shiver drop down his spine as he turned around to come face to face with the old woman Saena's face. her grey eyes stared with fury and anger at the young boy, as wrinkles crossed her face and white hair flowed with anger behind her. She looked like a haunting banshee. She stretched out a long, bony hand toward Kuon who stood in front of Kyoko.

"you look like the man who took my flower."

Was all she uttered before hitting the young boy in the face. Kuon felt it as his hand slipped from Kyoko's and he fell to the ground. In pain and hurting, he lay there, paralyzed as he heard the cries from Kyoko coming from the crib, because she too could feel Kuon's comforting grip leave her.

"Kyoko, hang on, I'll go get help."

He muttered trying to pull all his strength back. He turned to the door and ran to try and get help before Saena noticed and growled, "I don't think so."

Sprinting with the fury blazing like a fire in her wild grey eyes on Kuon's heels, she reached the door before him and shut it tight, locking it from the inside.

'idiot!' he whispered, frustrated at himself. Now he was trapped!

Saena gave a cold smile as she saw the boy couldn't move and stood over to the girl, who stared at her with fear in her gold eyes as she cried, "Corn! Corn! Corn!" the only word she knew how to say.

She turned and saw the boy's blue eyes darting between the baby who cried for him and the witch woman that he had been terrified of since his father had spoke of her. He struggled and fought, unable to move because of the fear that held him there. She lay a bony hand on the baby's face who continued to cry.

"now, now, child. I must see if you are my flower…"

Kuon turned and saw the woman's hand on Kyoko…his Kyoko! In anger and protection he jumped up and threw himself in front of the girl, pushing aside the fear that bubbled in his heart revolving around Saena's wrath and he tossed the womans hand from Kyoko's face.

"I wont let you hurt the princess!"

He shouted defiantly, courage blazing in his blue eyes.

Saena stared in shock at the young warrior. He stood protecting the princess! She gave a cold smile as she picked him up by the lapels of his shirt and threw him to the pillar, smiling wickedly as she heard the familiar crack of bone on the polished marble.

"I don't remember asking your permission boy."

She growled as he slumped to the floor.

Then she turned back to the girl, and began to softly sing,

"flower, gleam and glow…"

She watched with a greedy glint in her eye as the young princesses hair began to glow with an ethereal light,

"let your power shine."

She touched the strands of the girls golden hair, who had strangely become quiet. Saena watched with glee as she immediately started to become younger. Kuon could see the glow of the baby princess from his spot on the floor, but he had no time to be impressed or frightened as he tried to move, the pain from the collision with the pillar making him no better than an overturned turtle.

'come on Kuon, get up! Get up!'

But he couldn't. he watched with fear as he saw Saena take out a pair of scissors from her coat. He tried to push through the pain but couldn't as he heard Saena continue her song, the scissors nearing Kyoko's head.

"make the clock rev…NO!"

Here comes the bad part. As she tried to cut off a lock of golden hair to take for her own, it turned black as it came off and the rest of that lock was turned ebony black as well.

"this worthless child has the flower inside it? Now what do I do?"

Kuon turned to the door that remained lock tight. He knew he couldn't move the pain was far too much, but he had to help somehow, he had to. Gathering all the strength in his body to his lungs he took a deep breath before shouting, "HELP! SAENA IN THE NURSERY HELP!"

"hey! What the hel-" Saena jumped as she heard the young boy's cries echo in the darkness of the nursery.

Kuon stopped as he saw Saena, who stood over him in hatred and fury. He blanched white and turned to Kyoko in fear. Saena growled at him her teeth looking more fanglike in the light of the summer's full moon.

"what do you think you are doing?!"

Kuon gulped and then saw a long spear that rested on the floor beside him (probably left over from one of the real palace guards who had come to visit the Princess).

"Don't touch the princess!" Kuon shouted, wrapping his tiny hand around the spear and stumbling into something that was similar standing, using the long spear as a crutch to stand on. Saena turned to him, her cold eyes going wide,

"are you stupid kid? If you rise up against me, you'll die."

Kuon stumbled a little further and stared at her in the eyes, "I don't care. Nobody hurts the princess!"

Saena gave a cold smile, and heard a small voice behind her call out, "Corn…Corn…"

Kuon tried to get closer but was pushed back by Saena. He heard the little princess cries and dug deep for strength as he faced the woman that haunted his nightmares and scared him worse than any monster that could lie under his bed. "I cant let Kyoko down."

Gripping onto his spear with all the strength he had; he tried to move forward; repeating like a mantra in his head, "I don't feel the pain. It's not there. This is just a bad dream and I'm going to save Kyoko!"

Sho burst into the nursery as the sound awoke him from sleep and called out to Kuon his eyes barely open to the commotion around them, "Hey Kuon! You're in trouble now! the guards are coming and they wont like you being so close to the princess! Let's go back to bed!"

What Sho didn't know, was his warning to his rival had also alerted saena and she heard the footsteps of the soldiers approaching. Saena blanched. The guards. If they caught her, who knows what would happen?

"I need my Magic Flower to stay alive. I cant cut the brats hair or else it loses power. I wont be able to sneak in at night and use its hair to stay alive, and they certainly wont let me stay here if they find out about her 'gift' they'll use it for others…I need it to be only for me…"

That's when she turned to the little baby in the crib, who was reaching out for Kuon and calling out, "Corn! Corn!"

"the little brat…I could raise her as my own child. She'd rejuvenate me whenever I needed it. perfect."

As the guards burst in the room and Sho fell inside, his eyes finally going wide seeing the ghost like woman Saena glaring at them all, she reached in and swooped the child into her robes. Kuon, who was still in pain from the sickening thud that had happened in his confrontation with the wicked woman could do nothing as Saena floated back to the window, Kyoko's cries wailing in the night and cutting deep into his heart. He could hear the guards rushing about to capture the witch woman, but before they could capture her, Saena…disappeared.

Lory ran into to the nursery, his robe laying haphazardly on his body and his hair askew hoping to find his daughter safe and sound. but alas he only found her crib was empty and so was the nursery with the exception of the two boys that cried in fear and sadness. His eyes went cold and sad, "my daughter; my young Kyoko. Where are you?"

Lory was numb as he walked out on the balcony and Shiko followed him. he stared out at the sea and turned to his men, his dark eyes brimming with tears.

"my daughter is out there somewhere. I want her back."

Shiko was nervous, but he approached the king and said quietly, "sire. Nobody knows where Saena lives, we wouldn't know where she took your daughter. We wouldn't know where to look."

Kuu said nothing, and focused on attending to his son who lay in pain and cried out as they tried to touch him. He was furious at Saena for coming close to his precious son and the Princess and wanted nothing more than to find the evil woman and plunge a sword hilt deep into her chest; but even he had to admit it sounded pretty hopeless. Saena knew this place better than anyone, she could hide in places that not even the king and queen knew about.

"I don't care." Lory spoke.

Shiko was about to protest again before Lory turned to him, his brown eyes cold and filled with determination.

"I don't think you understand Shiko. I add one more thing to our previous agreement. Who so ever brings me back my daughter, I will marry her to them or their son. I want my daughter back."

Kuon, who was placed on a leather stretcher to take him to the infirmary turned to his father, "we're going to find Kyoko right dad?"

Kuu turned to his son, who's blue eyes that were the spitting image of his mothers sparkled in tears of pain and sorrow. Kuu felt his heart drop as he responded, "I don't know son...I just don't know."

Kuon was quiet as the doctors carried him away from the nursery.

And nothing more was said about that horrible night.

Though the kingdom searched and searched for years (Kuu and Shiko especially) they could not find the child. Yet, deep within the valley in the woods of Kyoto; where the man with the plague had given to her a beautiful grotto of land, for a synthetic cure; Saena had built a tall tower and raised the child as her own. She changed the girls name to Rapunzel to keep any trace of her old identity for intruding.

The girl remained oblivious of her true nature and Saena planned on keeping it that way as the years grew on and the girls power grew,

"this is how you sing it Rapuzel. Are you ready?"

She turned to the young three year old toddler who nodded and listened to her mother sing the song she had heard as long as she could remember. As the girl grew older, Saena could no longer trigger the power of the flower by herself. So she taught the girl the magic words to the flower and brushed the girls long golden hair as Rapunzel sang.

"save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine.

What once was mine."

Saena's skin became young and healthy once more and she breathed a sigh of relief. She had found her flower, and this time she was determined to keep it safe for herself.

"mommy? Why can't I go outside?"

She became frustrated that her flower was trapped inside the annoying brat, but she couldn't let her know that.

"the outside world is a dangerous place; full of horribly selfish people. You must stay here, where you're safe. Do you understand flower?"

Rapunzel nodded and turned to her mother, her gold eyes wide as she caught the look of contempt at the question. She lowered her gold eyes in embarrassment and nodded.

"yes mommy."

Saena gave a cold smile,

"good. Now you go to bed alright?"

She sent the girl to bed. As the girl tried to climb the stairs, she tripped over her long gold hair and tumbled to the ground. Saena rushed over and began petting the hair, "my precious flower are you alright?"

Rapunzel gave a gentle smile, hoping that her mother was finally showing her kindness, "I'm fine mommy."

Saena turned to her with a cold look on her face, "you idiot! You almost hurt yourself! What would I do without my flower?"

Though to the outer person, it looked like a mother caring for her daughter; Rapunzel couldn't help but feel like it was her hair that her mother was concerned with more than herself. Saena fixed her with a cold glare and pointed upstairs, "go to bed. And don't be such a klutz Rapunzel."

A bitter pang rang through her heart as she climbed the stairs, this time watching her step. She waited as the moon filtered through the tower. She knew that Saena was fast asleep by now. Then she saw a bright light floating through the sky, and past her ceiling window as though it was calling to her. She let a smile form on her face before creeping silently down the stairs.

See, the valley, the grove, the walls of the tower couldn't hide everything.

Rapunzel threw open the main window (and door) of the tower, and the only way out to stare fully at the night sky. What she didn't know was in the Kingdom of Tokyo, Lory and Su released thousands of lanterns into the sky.

"she's out there somewhere Lory." Su said with comfort,

"and these will find her. And remind her where she belongs. She'll escape Seana one day. We have to believe that. "

Kuon watched the lanterns fly into the sky with sadness on his face as he lay in the dreary hospital bed. The confortation with Saena had left him with a broken leg and a broken heart. He was plagued by her face that haunted him in dreams just to wake up and remember that it was all real. He had seen the princess crying that night. He had been the one she'd been calling for to save her. Her soft cries of his mispronounced name rang in his ears as he tossed and turned on the bed. He had watched as that horrible woman snatched her from the crib, that ruthless glare and greedy glint in her eyes. He was the one that failed Kyoko. It was his fault.

"I'm sorry princess. I'm not worthy to be a guard of you...I can't stay here." He cried, clenching his fists on the sheets of the bed.

He didn't know where she was, and his heart broke as he thought of her. It wasn't long afterward that Kuon Hizuri died and took up a new identity, a dangerous new identity. Instead of a guard he became a thief, sly and suave to bury the regret he held over his failure…but he would never stop searching for her, no matter what it took he would find the lost Princess.

And Rapunzel?

She was forever locked away in a tower; deep in the valley staring with bright eyes as the stars lit up for her birthday dreaming of one day seeing them.

16 years later

The tower had become overrun with vines that snaked around the tower like a large candycane. It had become very old and decrepit, but was still in its own way very beautiful. The silence of the grove was suddenly broken when from the window a small chameleon ran out the window as though something was chasing her. She panted as she ran behind an old flower pot and quickly changed her colors to blend in. her grey eyes darted about fearfully,

"did I escape?"

Suddenly the window doors flew open and Rapunzel appeared. Her small face was curved in an ecstatic smile as her voice flew through the valley,


The chameleon cringed and tried to push themselves further into the pottery.

"please don't find me, please don't find me."

She silently prayed.

The girl glanced around frantically before her voice cracked with tears,

"Moko-san…I thought we were going to play today."

Moko-san hiding in the pottery, could of course hear everything. Her heart broke to hear the girls tear stricken voice,

"no…I wont be suckered into it! I wont! I wont!"

She climbed out of the pot and uncameflagouged herself, showing herself to the girl. The girl freaked out, her blonde hair flying like wings over the small chameleon. Before the chameleon could think, she was wrapped up in the girls strong hands,

"MOKO-SAN! I thought you left me and I was going to be all alone!"

Moko-san turned to the girl and glared,

"mo! You really think I'd do that to you? What kind of best friend is that?!"

She chittered angrily. The girls large golden eyes grew wide and she apologized profusely,

"of course not Moko-san! I don't think you'd leave me! forgive me for my insolence!"

She bowed, covering the tired chameleon in piles of golden hair. By the time Moko-san had found herself out of it, the golden eyed girl was watching her with extreme interest,

"so what do you want to do today Moko-san? We could play hide and seek?"

The chameleon rolled her eyes and pointed outside with her tail. Kyoko gave a laugh,

"stop trying to be funny Moko-san. I couldn't leave this place! Just couldn't happen."

Moko-san's eyes narrowed and rolled her eyes,

"sure you could. You let go of your long hair and off we go!"

Rapunzel continued on,

"besides I like it in here. Don't you?"

Moko-san looked around the simple hovel. Then she turned back to Rapunzel and stuck out her tongue with a bored expression on her face,


She wanted to show that to her friend, but the wide eyes that Rapunzel was giving her, made her unable to do so. She gave a faint nod and grimaced a smile. Rapunzel didn't seem to notice this however as she collected the small chameleon in her palms and laughed,

"that's right! It's not so bad in there."

She commented, more like trying to convince herself than Moko-san. She rolled back through the window and tossed her long hair behind her as she took a running jump and climbed up the rafters. She took a deep breath and turned to the lever, gathering a long bunch of hair in her hand.

'okay, think of it like a rope Rapunzel, just one smooth toss and…'

She smiled as it hooked on the lever which she pulled down before swinging down on her long hair to the floor of the tower. Moko-san watched her with a smile at the girls funny actions as Rapunzel looked at the beautiful clock. Rapunzel began humming to herself the song she always sang each day that kept her going through. She turned to Moko-san who gave her an encouraging smile as she picked up the small mop she always used to help with the chores.

"7:00 am the usual morning line up,

Start on the chores, and sweep till the floors all clean.

Polish, and wax, do laundry, and mop, and shine up.

Sweep again and by then it's like 7:15."

Rapunzel breathed out a huge sigh of relief,

"well that didn't take too long did it Moko-san. Shall we read some of the cool books mother got us?"

"so I'll read a book, or maybe two or three.

I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery!

I'll play guitar and knit and cook and basically,

Just wonder when will my life begin?"

Kyoko pulled the sweet bread from the oven and turned to Moko-san,

"doesn't this look really good? It's amazing how quickly we finished off those books huh?"

Moko-san nodded and stuck out her tongue to take a piece of the bread. Rapunzel laughed before seeing a wooden sculpture that reminded her of a door hanging to hold the curtains in place. She turned to Moko-san and gave a wry smile,

"you thinking what I'm thinking?"

She moved the portrait as Moko-san dragged her paints over. After thanking profusely, Rapunzel began to begin a new masterpiece.

"then after lunch, it's puzzles and darts and baking

Papier-mâché, a bit of ballet and chess."

"I win Moko-san! That means that I get to choose what we do next!"

"pottery and ventriloquy, candle making.

Then I'll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb

Sew a dress!"

Moko-san glared at Rapunzel as she fitted the small chameleon into a small blaring pink dress. Rapunzel laughed and commented,

"oh, come on Moko-san, you look great!"

Moko-san growled and her gaze turned vicious, before Rapunzel threw herself to the ground, bowing and apologizing,

"I'm so sorry Moko-san! I wanted to make something for you, and I thought it'd be cute! Forgive me for my assumptions!"

Moko-san tried to keep from laughing at the girls apology, before squeaking an

"it's okay."

She climbed out of the dress and handed it back to Rapunzel who apologized once more. Moko-san shrugged it off and turned to her as though she was asking,

"what now?"

Rapunzel shrugged with boredom,

"and I'll re-read the books, if I have time to spare.

I'll paint the walls some more,

I'm sure there's room somewhere.

And then I'll brush, and brush, and brush and brush my hair

Stuck in the same place I've always been.

And I'll keep wondering, and wondering, and wondering and wondering…

When will my life begin?"

She glanced around the tower solemnly. They had done everything again for another day. Moko-san hated to see that look on her friends face. she climbed up her friends shoulder and directed her to the window before mimicking looking at something in the sky. Rapunzel took a moment before her golden eyes lit up, and she ran to the window, her gaze watching the clear blue sky above her.

"oh! Right!"

"tomorrow night…the lights will appear,

Just like they do, on my birthday…each year."

As she looked down from her tower her gaze grew curious,

"what is it like…out there where they glow?"

She turned to her friend and Moko-san shot her an encouraging smile and Rapunzel mirrored it,

"now that I'm older…mother might just…let me go…"

Both Moko-san and Rapunzel knew that was very unlikely dream…but you could still dream right?

So this is the start of the next AU Movie, where I rewrite cool movies with cool fanfic characters. Hopefully by now you'll have figured out I'm using Skip Beat. Now I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on this story, but before you do I want to clear up something:

-I know Kyoko is not related to Lory, he's just such a cool character, and when it came down to writing this story…he was just made to be the king yes?

-yes Sho is two years older than Kyoko. Yes I realize that in the manga he's maybe 1 year, but I wanted a little tussle over the baby, and a two year old is more coherent…a little bit anyway.

Okay…other than that just leave a comment or question below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can thanks!