Skip Beat-Tangled: Let's make a Deal

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Ren was dumbfounded. He shook his head (which was impressive considering everything lower than it was still wrapped in golden waves of hair) and stared quizzically at the young girl.

"I'm sorry…can you repeat that. What's your name?"

Rapunzel cocked an eyebrow at the man, could he not hear her? She knew she left his ears alone, but maybe all the whacks she'd given him with her frying pan had battered his hearing as well. She turned to him and clasped her hands at the front before bowing at a perfect ninety degree angle letting what was free and not tangled up with Ren fall past her blue eyes, "my name is Rapunzel." She repeated.

'Rapunzel? That's an odd name…' Ren thought, trying to stifle his laughter as he smirked at the young girl, "you mean like the lettuce? Great name, Goldilocks."

Rapunzel lifted up her head and her face turned bright red with irritation as she sputtered, "that-that-that's not of your business. Besides, what about your name? Huh?"

Ren's smirk just grew bigger, "you mean Ren Tsuruga?"

Rapunzel could find no qualms with the name and turned from him in a huff, as Ren silently laughed behind her. He could see the steam of embarrassment and frustration wafting up from her head and decided to dig it in just a bit more, "so Miss Lettuce, you've captured me…now what are you going to do?"

Rapunzel turned around and narrowed her blue eyes at Ren in fury. Her lithe body shook the tower as she screamed; "DON'T CALL ME MISS LETTUCE!" the tower was silent for a moment before Ren began to laugh, "Got it. Miss Lettuce is sensitive about her name."

Rapunzel growled but Moko-san looked at her and shook her head telling her not to get frustrated at the man's teasing. Rapunzel nodded understanding before sticking her nose up at the man tied in her hair and huffing, "tch, you're so immature."

Ren chuckled at the girl before cocking an eyebrow over his eye and gesturing to where he was still tied up, "says the girl who freaked out about her hair. Her hair of all things."

Rapunzel's face grew even redder and she sputtered, "That-that's because you tried to cut it! Who tries to cut a girls hair?!"

Ren stared at her and let out a sigh, "you were upset and it was about your hair. Forgive me for trying to help."

Rapunzel stared at him warily and gave a laugh, smacking the frying pan in her hand and glared at him, "yeah right. No person helps someone for nothing. Especially when same said person snuck into a completely private tower!"

Ren sighed, "You're just never going to let that go are you?"

Rapunzel shook her head sending bounces of waves across her blue eyes. Ren acknowledged his defeat and bowed his head, "alright, so what do you want? An autograph, a picture, a kiss? What?"

Rapunzel looked appalled at the notion of kissing the man and was about to smack him with her frying pan once more, before Moko-san stopped her and chittered in her ear. She smiled and nodded understanding her friends plan, "I want answers."

Ren's eyes widened, 'that's a new one.' He thought but in light of his agreement (and defeat to hair) he nodded, insinuating the young girl to continue. Rapunzel stared at him and thought for a second before pointing her frying pan at the man as a threat as she asked, "Who sent you?"

Ren responded quickly, "no one."

"Shoot." Rapunzel mumbled, before thinking again, "what are you doing here?"

Ren smirked, "If it was my choice, I wouldn't be here at all."

Rapunzel narrowed her eyes at the man's nonchalance; didn't he know how serious this was?! "What do you want with my hair?"

Ren's eyes widened for a moment, and Rapunzel thought she had him, before he responded in exasperation, "Why on earth would I want your hair?"

Rapunzel didn't know what to say as she grabbed a loose strand of hair near her bangs and began tugging on it (as was her habit whenever she got nervous), "well, to cut it…or sell it…mother says people will always want my hair."

Ren shook his head and laughed, "Your mother's a real basket case you know that? I don't want your hair, in fact I want out of it…now would be preferable. I was being chased, saw a tower, I climbed it so I could get away, end of story. Can I go now?"

Rapunzel stopped and leaned in close to Ren, making him hold his breath as her big, innocent blue eyes surveyed him. 'You know, when her hairs not being used as a weapon…she's actually very pretty. No! Stop Tsuruga! You have a mission!'

"You're telling the truth?" she asked softly, peering up at him with big blue eyes, daring him to tell a lie. Unable to avoid looking at them, he met them with his brown ones and nodded. Rapunzel knew just by that, he was being sincere. She nodded and began to unwind his bindings, giving him a smile, "if that's the truth then…"

Moko-san suddenly scurried up her friend and covered her mouth before drawing Rapunzel's attention away from the man. Ren watched with fascination as the two began to "talk" to one another.

"What? Moko-san that's-"she was cut off by a gabble of chittering from the chameleon. Listening intently, she replied, "well that's true, but it wouldn't be-" Moko-san began chittering again, sending a glare to Ren that made the young man wonder what mad house he'd fallen into. "I see your point, but do you really think he'll do it?"

Ren jumped in now, knowing they were talking about him, "he'll do what? What are you and your frog talking about?"

Moko-san chittered indignantly at being called a frog, as her skin turned bright red to invoice her anger. Rapunzel, not noticing turned to Ren and gave a wide smile, "well you see Moko-san and I were just talking about you taking me to see the floating lights."

Ren stopped and stared at her, "I'm sorry?"

Rapunzel stared at him incredulously before realizing what (she thought) he meant," Oh! You don't know about them. See every year in my window I see these lights that…" Ren interrupted, "I know what they are Lettuce-san. I want to know what you expect me to do."

Rapunzel could hear the impatience in his voice, and began to panic, snatching the loose strand of hair and tugging on it nervously, "well, I- uh…I'm sorry to ask but can you…"

Ren waited impatiently for the stuttering girl to complete the sentence. He gave a sigh as he waited. Rapunzel could feel the impatience wafting off of him in droves of negative energy, and her mother's cruel words returned to her, about people hating her stuttering. She took a deep breath and decided to try again. She turned to Ren her blue eyes piercing his brown ones that were now wide with shock.

"I can't go by myself. I need a guide to help me. Will you please take me to see the floating lights of the sky and then return me home before mother comes back?"

Ren was shocked at the determination of the young girl and for a second, considered helping her, but then the dire need of his mission to find Princess Kyoko returned to him. Her young voice still haunted his every waking moment and the guilt forced him and he thought of saying no. But just as the words were on his lips, he remembered who the girl's mother was. Saena. The woman responsible for taking Kyoko to begin with. He nodded and Rapunzel's face lit up before hearing the rest of Ren's plan.

"Fine. I'll take you. But in return, I want to meet your mother. Saena and I have unfinished business."

Rapunzel paled, her hopes dashing to the ground once more. She couldn't allow that. Mother would be so angry with her. She shook her head, "I'm sorry. I can't do that."

Ren sighed. He should've known it wasn't going to be that easy. He turned to her and shook his head, "then I see no reason why I should take you. Now, finish untying me, give me my satchel and I'll be on my way."

Rapunzel didn't know what to do from here. She tightened the grip on her hair which tightened the bonds of her captive and shook her head furiously, "no! I've been waiting to see these lights for sixteen years!"

Ren tugged on his bindings albeit fruitlessly, trying to free himself from them, "I don't see how that's my problem! I've got my own things to worry about!"

Rapunzel didn't expect that, and within a second to Ren's surprise she had prostrated herself on the ground bowing her head deeply. "I'm so sorry! I'm so ashamed of myself! Of course you have something better to do than to help me! I'm so sorry!"

Ren stopped and stared at the girl who now had bright tears brimming from her blue eyes. Call him crazy, but whenever a sparkling diamond like tear would course down her cheek he would see a flash of gold, as though it was hidden behind a veil of blue. As though she was Princess Kyoko, the girl he had been looking for. 'Stop Kuon. It's not her. You know that!' Rapunzel's hair had loosened around him when she had fallen to the ground and he slowly revealed a hand and placed it gently on her head, "don't worry." He comforted her with a soft voice, "I'm not mad at you. Please don't cry."

Rapunzel lifted up her face slowly and Kuon took advantage of it by smiling as gently as he could before brushing away a tear that slithered down her cheek. Rapunzel felt her face heat up, though not with embarrassment as Ren's deep soft voice caressed her, "a girl as pretty as you shouldn't cry. Why don't you untangle me and we can talk alright?"

Rapunzel was spellbound as she reached for a rope of her long hair and began to unwind it before Moko-san quickly jumped on her hand and shook her head no quickly, glaring at Ren the entire time. Her little "mo" squeaks didn't seem to favor releasing Ren anytime soon. Rapunzel watched her friend with wide eyes before glaring at Ren, "that was a horrible trick Ren Tsuruga! Mother was right! Men are cruel, mean, viscous creatures!"

Ren stared at her dumbfounded before narrowing his eyes, "wait! You actually think I was trying to-I would never do that!" then he stopped (because he had in fact used that trick before) "let me rephrase. I wouldn't do that to some naive girl who listens to a frog and a mad woman for advice!"

Rapunzel growled at him and tightened his bindings until she was holding her captive only a few inches from her face (which looked odd because of the height difference), "have you forgotten that this naïve girl has captured you? So what does that make you?"

Ren growled back and smirked, "it makes you lucky! I don't normally lose Goldilocks, and I definitely wouldn't have lost to you."

Rapunzel returned the smirk, "but you did."

Ren couldn't retort and decided to simply look away. Rapunzel laughed at his childish antics and gave him a small smile. Ren had to admit, her laughter that was reminiscent of a silver bell at Christmas time sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine, and all he wanted at that moment, is create another one. He tossed that thought out of his mind immediately though. After all, he wasn't allowed to fall in love. He had a mission of first and foremost to find and protect Kyoko. He had failed all those years ago, he couldn't do it again. He suppressed the smile he could feel coming. 'This girl is way too dangerous! She's Saena's daughter for crying out loud! For all I know this is all part of her plan!' He decided to try a trick he knew. Shine what he called a "gentleman's smile" at a girl, let the girl swoon, and make her do whatever he said. (When he worked with Kajima, Kajima called it "woman hypnotism") might as well see if it worked on her as well. "Excuse me, Rapunzel-san?"

Rapunzel looked up at the formal calling of her name. Then her eyes widened as she saw flowers surrounding the young man with a dazzling smile. His eyes were closed as his lips stretched across his face. Rapunzel felt a shiver crawl down her spine and she backed away, pushing herself into a wall, "what-what's with that smile?" she asked nervously.

Ren continued to smile and said in the sweetest voice he could muster, "Rapunzel-san. Can you please let me go?"

Rapunzel cringed at the sugary sweet tone in his voice and fearfully shook her head. Ren continued to smile, though Rapunzel could see the bright flowers around him growing brighter (which terrified her even more) "why not?"

Rapunzel responded softly, holding her frying pan as her last line of defense in front of her, "because if I let you go, you'll probably kill me."

Ren continued to smile, but the façade was beginning to fade, "and what gives you that idea?"

Rapunzel stared at him with her blue eyes as her hands trembled, "that smile. That's a lying smile. You're really angry right now aren't you?"

The smile faded, and Ren's true emotion (which was searing fury) came forth, sending a shriek from Rapunzel and poor Moko-san who had turned pale white before fainting into Rapunzel's lap. Ren growled in the midst of a black aura, "and why would you say that?" Rapunzel just shivered in response.

Ren knew now he had scared her. And while he probably could've used that to engineer his escape; rather a pang of pain crossed his chest and he dropped the "gentleman's smile" and let out a sigh as Rapunzel shivered. He was reminded of a small woodland creature as he lowered his voice and softened his tone, "Rapunzel-san? I'm sorry I scared you. Most people think that's just a normal smile."

Rapunzel let out a nervous chuckle, "how so?"

Ren returned the chuckle and shrugged, letting the golden waves of hair brush over his neck, "I have no idea. Look, I just really have to go. Please understand. This is really important to me."

Rapunzel's face softened at the sincerity of the man and she nodded before saying quietly, "the lights are really important to me too."

'She just won't give up. Alright, let's try this again.' He gave her a sympathetic smile, "look Rapunzel-san, even if I wanted to take you, I can't. I'm a wanted thief of the Kingdom you see-"

Rapunzel cut him off, "so you are a ruffian!"

Ren stifled the urge to laugh as the girl's eyes widened and she held the frying pan out in front of her, brandishing it like a sword, "if you want to call it that sure. But the whole thing is this; the Kingdom and I are enemies. Very bitter enemies in fact, so I can't take you anyway. Why don't you capture some other person with your hair and make them take you?"

Rapunzel turned to Moko-san who now sat on her shoulder (with a cape of Rapunzel's hair around her in case Ren showed that creepy smile again) Moko-san glared at him and chittered at Rapunzel who repeated what she said, her eyes narrowing with each word. "Let me get this straight Ren Tsuruga. You trespass onto a completely private tower, you try and cut my hair, you threaten my mother, and now you want to walk out scot free?"

Ren nodded, "yes. That would be just about right."

Rapunzel growled before Moko-san whispered in her ear. Rapunzel's face split into a wicked grin and nodded; before turning to Ren, who was now wary as the seemingly innocent girl from beforehand was completely gone and replaced by a wicked woman (whom he thought with fear, reminded him of Saena). "Fine. You can leave."

Ren was shocked as Rapunzel slowly untangled her hair from the man before standing up and walking to the stairs, "doors out that way." She called to him. Ren turned to the window and went to climb in it before realizing, she still had his satchel. He turned back to the young girl, who was casually swinging it up and down on her wrist, before smiling at Ren, "oh, you're still here? I thought you left."

Ren watched the satchel carefully before stretching his arm out to the young girl with caution, "Rapunzel-san…please…give me back my satchel…"

Rapunzel stopped swinging it around her and turned to it as though she just noticed she still had it, "oh this? You want this?"

Ren's eyes widened as she began to swing it around her wrist even faster. He motioned for her to stop before continuing in his soft tone, "yes. Please give it back to me, it belongs to me."

Rapunzel nodded, and looked to give it back to him before stopping, "wait…not all of it belongs to you does it? You are a thief after all. In fact, I bet this…" To Ren's horror, she pulled out the crown of Princess Kyoko and slipped it over her arm, "belongs to someone else doesn't it? That means you stole it."

She tossed the rest of the satchel to Ren before smirking and holding the crown, "well, if that's the case, then I guess I'll keep it. As a souvenir. See, I don't get to see many pretty things in this tower, and I bet mother will love it!"

Ren froze. If this girl gave it to Saena, Saena might move Princess Kyoko (or even kill her) to keep the Kingdom from finding her. He dove for the crown to only come up empty handed as Rapunzel lolled about on a rafter above. "Give that back!" he shouted.

Rapunzel snorted and called back, "if you want it so badly, take it from me."

Ren growled and rolled up his tunic sleeves before leaping onto a rafter, "I will."

And the chase began. Rapunzel had the advantage as she swung from rafter to rafter with her hair, creating a tangle that Ren had to avoid from time to time. Back and forth they both went, before they returned to the ground, Ren with his sword, Rapunzel with her pan. They both huffed and glared at each other, daring the other to make a move.

"Give it back." Ren growled slowly enunciating every word.

"No." Rapunzel retorted.

"I will get it back from you. Even if I have to beat it out of you." He glared at her, his brown eyes flashing dangerously.

"just like you beat me before? You'll lose again and then what?" Rapunzel laughed.

Ren was about to charge her and prove her wrong when he noticed the bright sun in the sky of Kyoto. He was running out of time. He dropped his sword to Rapunzel's surprise and stared at her with pleading brown eyes. "That crown, is probably one of the most important things in the world to me. What would it take for you to give it back?"

Rapunzel stopped and tears began to fill her eyes as she bowed her head remorsefully, "I'm sorry Tsuruga-san. I don't mean to be cruel, but I'm desperate. I really want to see the floating lights, but I can't go on my own. If you take me, I'll give it back to you, unharmed and untouched. Please?"

Ren sighed, what would it take for this girl to understand that it wasn't possible? Then he stopped. In all the chasing around the tower, the curtain that hid Rapunzel's painting was unveiled. Ren stared at it in wonder as he saw a young girl, who sat perfectly poised in a tree (probably to symbolize her tower) watching as a trail of different color and shaped lights glimmered high above her. He could sense the desperation in the painting, and he could hear the pleading in her voice…the same type of pleading he had when it came to Princess Kyoko. He gently touched the girl in the painting, the cold marble brushing on his fingertips. His back turned to Rapunzel, he quietly whispered, "this really is your dream…isn't it?"

Rapunzel nodded, fighting the tears that threatened in her eyes, "yes. This is all I've ever wanted. One day to see them, and I'll be satisfied. Please Tsuruga-san."

A knife wrenched in his heart, as the pleading of her voice harmonized with his past pleas of continuing to search for the Princess. No one had supported him, hence the reason he had become LME's most Wanted thief. He clenched his fists and said quietly, "but if I take you, then my own dream is in jeopardy. But if I don't…then I'll have lost that dream to begin with."

Rapunzel didn't hear him, but continued to bow, the crown still clenched in her small hands. Before long however, Ren had turned around, letting out a large sigh and he said quietly, "if I take you, and bring you back home, you will give me the crown back right?"

Rapunzel nodded and lifted up her head, her blue eyes filled with determination and for the first time, hope. "I promise. And when I promise something I never break that promise. You can trust me on that."

Moko-san nodded, vouching for Rapunzel's word, as Rapunzel held out a pinkie to the thief who stared at it, then the picture, then the crown that sat nestled in her other hand being guarded by the chameleon who growled at him. He gave another sigh and held out a pinkie back to her, wrapping it in his own, "I guess I don't really have much of a choice do I?"

Rapunzel felt a stab of guilt and bowed her head, "I'm sorry." She whispered. Ren wanted to be mad at her, but found at her innocence and the determination of her dream, he couldn't. He gave her a smile and pat her on the back, jolting energy back into the young girl, "yeah yeah, let's just go see the floating lanterns okay?"

Rapunzel nodded before stopping Ren, her small hand clenched on his shirt, "lanterns?"

Ren tried to ignore the energy that surged in his back where she had oh so innocently touched as he responded, "yeah, what did you think those floating lights were…stars?"

Rapunzel said nothing but as Ren gathered up his sword and placed it in his holster on his side; she smiled and whispered to herself, "I knew they weren't stars."

As Ren hopped over the window, using his sword to pierce the wall in order to climb down, Rapunzel placed the crown back in the satchel and the satchel under a loose stone in the stairs, so mother wouldn't find it (or anyone else who decided to come into her tower.) then she turned to Moko-san. "Moko-san, I want you to stay here in order to watch the satchel and keep it safe alright?"

Moko-san didn't like that and chittered back, "mo! (You're going to need me in order to deal with him! That satchel isn't going anywhere!)"

Rapunzel nodded and smiled gently at the overprotective chameleon, "yes, but I trust you to watch out for it, not to mention it could be dangerous."

Moko-san rolled her eyes and climbed up her friend, "mo! (I'm going with! And that's final!)"

She crossed her arms to show her stubborn will to go with her friend and Rapunzel sighed and nodded, knowing she could do nothing to convince her friend otherwise. As she collected her pan and a small purse in order to carry things she knew she would need; like the eye drops (having your guide think you're a freak would not be good), an extra change of clothes, and of course, the necklace that she had never taken off of her person of amethyst stone. (She never knew when mother had gotten it for her, just that she had always had it). She took it off and kissed it softly, gently singing its name "Corn" before placing it in her purse. "Alright. Here goes." She said, reaffirming her courage as she stepped up to the window.

Ren struggled to get the sword out of a particular thin crack of the wall as he thought of Princess Kyoko,

"I'm sorry Princess. I will find you, I promise; but I have to do this first."

As he pulled it from the stone and stuck it into another position guiding himself slowly down the tower, he thought of Princess Kyoko. True, she hadn't been in the Kingdom for very long, but it had been at least a year before she was taken by Saena. He hadn't gotten very close to her (since he was a guard after all) but had always thought of the princess as a beautiful young girl. The day King Lory had given the competition to Sho and himself, he was playing outside when he found a small amethyst. As he held it up to the sun, it changed color, making him gasp in wonder. In joy, he wanted to show it to baby Kyoko, but the nurses had scolded that the stone could be swallowed by the young baby. Kuon was upset before he hatched a plan and quickly tied the stone to a long piece of string. He entered the nursery, claiming a gift for his future fiancé and had strung the necklace around her neck, tucking it into the blanket to make sure she wouldn't lose it. That same night, she would call him by his name (a little messed up sure, but his name) and that same night, Saena would kidnap her leaving him with nothing but a memory of a crying girl who was reaching for him.

Kuon, now Ren, clenched his fists and struck the building before bowing his head in sorrow, "I'm sorry Princess. I'm so so sorry."

Then quietly, as though but a whisper on the wind, he heard a soft voice sing out, "Corn."

He looked around in wonder before seeing nothing in his visage but Rapunzel who stood staring blankly at her purse. He growled irritated with the girl who had stopped his one mission, 'why did I get stuck with this idiot?' before calling to her attention, "Rapunzel-san? As much as I'm sure your bag is fascinating, are you coming or what?"

Rapunzel's heart pounded as she released her purse letting it swing to her side. Moko-san pat her cheek gently with a foot, as Rapunzel quietly sung to herself,

"Look at the world so close and I'm halfway to it.

Look at it all so big, do I even dare?

Look at me; here at last, I just have to do it.

Should I…"

She went to return to her tower, her mother's warnings of the outside world haunting her. Then the call of her dream steeled her resolve,


Here I go."

Moko-san quickly tied a piece of hair around her stomach, to keep from flying off as Rapunzel tossed her long hair out the window and jumped on it, sliding down.

The wind that blew in her face felt better than she could've ever imagined as the twenty foot tower dropped her lower and lower to the earth she had never stepped foot in. Ren watched as he climbed down, finishing his descent to the ground. His shoulders and arms burned with the pain of climbing down the tower, but that was nothing compared to the paralyzed Rapunzel he saw, holding tight to her hair and wrapped like a ball, and less than a foot from the ground.

"Rapunzel-san? Are you okay?" he asked, though he wasn't sure if Rapunzel could hear him or not as her blue eyes remained fastened on the ground below. "Hello?" he tried again.

Rapunzel was terrified as her heart pounded in her chest. Once she touched the ground it was over. She knew that. Her mother would be so upset the second she touched the ground, and she was risking her mother never speaking to her again. Moko-san, chittered softly in her ear, and she could hear Ren's voice asking if she was okay, but her own voice wouldn't come out to say she was terrified.

'One foot down Rapunzel, you can do it. Just one foot down.' She encouraged herself, stretching one small petite leg beneath her. The wind blew the grass that tickled the tips of her toes as she touched the grass that lay beneath her tower, for the first time. One foot found stable holdings on the grass, as her toes clenched the soil that lay just beneath the furry surface. Then another followed. Rapunzel was officially free from her tower.

Ren watched as the girls face went through a range of emotions as she stood there speechless, from fear, to sadness, to giddiness, to sheer euphoria. Wordless sounds spilled from her mouth and Ren stifled a laugh at her cute antics and smiled, "how do you feel?"

Rapunzel, clearly hearing Ren for the first time gave him the widest smile she could muster and collapsed on the ground, running her hands over the grass. She bubbled happily all of her newfound pleasures.

"Just smell the grass, the dirt

Just like I dreamed they'd be."

Ren smiled as she rolled over on her stomach and a breeze that signified that summer was upon Kyoto blew through the valley, sending pleasure and shivers down Rapunzel's spine as she continued.

"Just feel that summer breeze,

The way it's calling me."

Ren held down a hand and helped her up and smiled before lifting her to his chest, "that's nothing, check this out."

He laughed as he let her down in a cold pond. The water lapped at Rapunzel's ankles and she stared down in wonder and laughed before turning around and hugging Ren around the stomach.

"For like the first time ever

I'm completely free!"

Ren was frozen as warmth bubbled in his stomach, but Rapunzel had seen a bird that had flown by her window many times. She had always wanted to follow this bird, now was her chance. As she began to softly jog after the bird, more fantasies that she had always dreamed of appeared in her mind and she thought of all of her newfound freedom.

"I could go running, and racing

And dancing, and chasing

And leaping, and bounding

Hair flying, heart pounding

And splashing and reeling

And finally feeling!"

Out of the valley she sprinted, into the open forest of Kyoto. She was surprised that the forest didn't end like it did in the valley, surrounded by walls of stone like the tower and the mountains that surrounded it; but rather continued on and on, with no indication of where it would end, or if it would ever end. Ren followed quickly behind the young girl, the Princess and his mission far from his mind as Rapunzel smiled at him, the sun enveloping her golden hair like a halo and illuminating her bright blue eyes, giving them flecks of gold and making Ren's heart skip a beat as she looked up to the sky, soaking in the rays of sun she had never received inside of her tower, and the wind that returned, blowing her long blonde hair from her face as the birds flew from the trees and Rapunzel's bird flew around her, happy to see its friend out to play. Rapunzel let it fly onto her finger before bidding it to fly in the air as she sang out jubilantly,

"Now's when my life begins!"

Ren smiled and pulled himself off of the wall, before turning to Rapunzel, "so first thought now that you're out?"

Rapunzel smiled and swung her hands around, dancing in a small circle, "I can't believe I did this!"

Suddenly, from the insides of Rapunzel's heart, flew the chibi's that were there before. The angel chibi laughed and smiled dancing in the air high above, but the devil chibi fretted, "mother's going to hate us even more now! I can't believe you did this!"

The angel chibi laughed and giggled, "who cares?! Look, come dance with me!"

It tried in vain to pull the depressed devil chibi into a dance, but the devil grabbed the angel by the cheeks and threw it to the ground, "don't you get it?!" it screamed as a horrified Rapunzel watched, "mother's going to hate us even more now!" Then the devil chibi turned to Rapunzel and screamed, "And it's your entire fault!"

Both the devil and the angel chibi disappeared as Ren stepped into view, gently placing his hand on Rapunzel's shoulder, "you okay? You seem sort of quiet."

Rapunzel looked at him with wide terror filled eyes and clenched her hands to her chest as she sobbed, "Tsuruga-san! Mother's going to hate me isn't she? She'll be so mad won't she?"

Ren was definitely a lady killer. That much is true. However, when it came to Rapunzel (who was the daughter of his most hated enemy) he just couldn't say anything to vouch for Saena's so-called "kindness." And unfortunately, sometimes that could cause problems.

"Probably. Saena hates it when people disobey her. She's kind of selfish that way. I wouldn't worry about it." He said with a smile, thinking of how much Saena would fume when she found out her own daughter had escaped her captivity. 'If this girl can get away, maybe so can Princess Kyoko.' He thought with a smile. He didn't notice the devil chibi that returned to haunt Rapunzel, sending her into a tailspin of worry and doubt. She fell to her knees and whispered, "I can't believe I did this." Before sobbing out loud and prostrating herself on the ground in apology. Ren turned around and gave a sigh of impatience at the girl. The lanterns would go up tomorrow night. He had until then to get this girl to either see them or go home willingly so he could get the crown back. Then he could return to his own mission of finding the Princess.

Clearly, both of them had a long journey and day ahead of them.

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