Kyoko's Secret

Hey everybody Kate here . So I was watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with my roommates (it was fine up to Justin Beiber :p) when I got the inspiration for this story. Packed with drama, laughs and tension, and of course romance should be interesting ;) enjoy it!

I own no Skip Beat and I definitely don't own Victoria's Secret, hence the reason my name is Kate.

Chapter 1: the offer of a lifetime

Kyoko smiled as she walked down the halls of LME. Over the few months, she'd become more popular and was slowly rising to fame little by little day to day. Sure she was still in Love Me, but with her role of Natsu; and her "secret" mission as Setsuka, she was finding new doors were being opened. She clenched her fist in triumph,

"see this Father? It's happening just the way you said it would!"

Her body began to vibrate violently, and the people jumped in fear. She reached into her bag, and after rummaging in it for a little while, she pulled out a small pink phone,


She said, ignoring the murmers of "scary girl" that went on around her.

"bout time you knew how to answer a phone you know?"

A voice said from the other end. Kyoko froze.

"no way…is this?"

She started. The voice gave a chuckle and finished,

"yup. Now get your butt to the office. The President has some exciting news for you."

Kyoko was in the office the next second. Sebastian turned to her with a smile on his face,

" Kyoko-san. It's nice to see you. I'll announce you."

She gave a nod of thanks as he opened the golden, intricate doors. on the other side was the President who was playing a cowboy today. He wore a large bright pink shirt covered with white tassles. His long black hair hung behind him as a beautiful white ten gallon hat shaded his brown eyes. He climbed off of the large painted stallion he rode and opened his arms in exhuberant welcome to the girl

"ah Kyoko-chan. Nice to see you."

She gave a bow to the President, common with his weird cos-play practices.

"nice to see you too sir. I heard that you wanted to see me?"

She asked, her head still to the ground in respect. she heard a girlish laugh,

"you never change Kyoko."

She looked up with a start to see a young lithe woman with deep blue eyes staring back at her. Her ebony black hair hung in ringlets down to her shoulders and her thin, heart shaped face was covered by her red luscious full lips that were curled in a delicate smile. Her eyes sparked with mischievousness as she held her arms out,

"is that how you greet an old friend?"

Kyoko got up, almost in a trance. The President watched this with interest as the girl gave the young woman a bone crushing hug, tears falling from her golden/hazel eyes,

"Yori! It's so nice to see you! When did you get back in Japan? How long will you be here! Yori!"

The other woman, President guessed her name was Yori gave a kind smile. She gazed at the President, who took it as a cue,

"well Kyoko-chan, remember how I told you that you needed a manager?"

Kyoko nodded, still refusing to let the woman go. Yori let her thin hand fall on Kyoko's orange hair, patting her with affection.

"that's me Kyoko. Your new manager, Yori Matsua; at your service."

Kyoko let go and stared at her friend with shock. They stared at each other until the neighing of the horse broke them out of the stupor. Yori and Kyoko looked around as though just realizing that other people were there. The President gave a wry smile,

"yup. I think this manager will be good for you Kyoko-chan. Now shall I tell you of the new offers you've received?"

Kyoko nodded before Yori held up one slim hand.

"uh, pardon me Takarada-san. But I was curious to see if I could reveal mine first?"

Lory stared at her with shock,

"your first day as her manager and you've already gotten her an offer?"

Yori gave a smile as she stared at Kyoko,

"well, what kind of manager, or friend would I be if I didn't come prepared?"

Kyoko nodded and Lory turned to her and waved her to start. Yori took a big breath and turned to Kyoko,

"Kyoko. I have an offer for one of the biggest shows in America…and most of the world. Doing this one show could open millions of doors for you, and help you with your personal goals as well."

She gave a wink to Kyoko and Kyoko's eyes widened,

"really? This will let me beat him?"

Yori laughed and nodded,

"not just beat him, but make him grovel beneath your feet. And not just that, it'll help with your other goal."

Kyoko's eyes grew even wider, so much so that Lory was concerned that her eyes were going to make her fall over,

"I'll have a chance to co-star with him?"

Yori smiled,

"Kyoko, after this, you'll be able to co-star with him and anyone else you want."

Kyoko jumped in triumph, and though Lory didn't understand, he smiled seeing the young girl so excited,

"what's the offer?!"

She shouted. Yori shook her head with a laugh,

"you really haven't changed at all Kyoko. Let me give it to the President to see it first."

She pulled a manila folder from the drawstring bag she held over her shoulder. She handed the offer to the President, who was much more interested in watching the two girls before him. Nevertheless, he took the offer and begin to peruse through it, as Yori turned to Kyoko with an ecstatic smile,

"Kyoko! Tell me, what's been going on? I see you got a brand new phone! Tell me! I want details!"

The President watched as Kyoko gushed inspiringly to her friend. He watched the other girl as she laughed when Kyoko laughed, got closer when Kyoko was sad, and would encouragingly hug her when she needed it. the President was surprised. It was like this girl had known Kyoko her entire life; but…Kyoko said that she had no girlfriends when she was younger because of her affliation with Sho.

"so…how do you two know each other?"

He asked, trying to feign innocence to quench his dying want to know. Yori gave a laugh and turned to the President,

"when we were little, Kyoko, Sho and I used to all play together. We didn't know each other for very long, but…we were best friends. I was so sad when I had to move when I was only 7. It was the saddest day of my life to leave them behind."

The President watched as Yori's eyes clouded over with tears but she quickly blinked them back and turned to Kyoko who nodded enthusiastically,

"yes! Yori was always there to hang out with me and…him. When we learned she was moving, we were all sad. She was the only one that kept all the girls who bullied me off my back in elementary school. When she left, things just got worse."

Yori gathered the girl in her arms and held her tight,

"I'm sorry Kyoko. "

Kyoko bit back a sob and Yori smiled gently at her,

"but I'm here now. I'm going to protect you like I once did, and I'm going to make sure you're taken care of alright? In your career, and your life. I promise."

She stuck out her pinkie and entwined it with Kyoko, who gave her a bright smile,

"that I don't doubt Yori. You always kept your promises."

Yori gave her one more smile before turning to the President,

"so…what do you think of the offer?"

Lory was taken aback. The gentle girl that Yori was to Kyoko was gone, replaced by a stern, cold business woman. Her blue eyes shot through him, never leaving his brown ones and Lory tried to stop the blush of embarrassment he felt when he realized that he hadn't even taken a look at the offer yet. He stared at the first paragraph before turning to Yori, his brown eyes wide with shock,

"how did you get an offer for her like this?"

Yori gave a cunning smile,

"let's just say…I have my ways. So what do you think?"

"you do know this isn't an acting offer right?"

Yori nodded,

"which is why it would be her choice whether she says yes or no."

Lory flipped through a few more pages before his eyes went wider once more, Yori just gave a nod,

"if you're wondering. Yes, that's true."

Kyoko was getting annoyed at the hidden dialogue that was shared about her, but that she couldn't hear. Frustrated, she turned to Yori,

"do you have a copy of the offer Yori?"

She asked, delving into a little bit of Mio's confidence as she coldly talked to her. Yori was startled by her friend but nodded and pulled out a similar manila folder and handed it to her. Kyoko bowed in thanks and turned to Lory,

"may I read my offer?"

He gave a nod and saw the glare that Yori gave him behind her. It clearly said,

"we need to talk alone!"

As Kyoko sat down on a plush couch that was draped by a Navajo quilt, Lory gently took her wrist,

"would you mind reading it outside? Yori and I need to discuss some business."

Mio gave a sour nod and turned and glided through the door. As the door shut Yori turned to Lory with a glare on her face,

"I've known the girl… for most of my life. She never looked like that. What the hell was that?!"

Lory remained unfazed as he calmly replied,

"Mio. A character she plays in Dark Moon."

Yori gave a sigh of relief and lay a hand on her chest,

"a character. She was just playing a character."

She breathed to calm herself. Lory turned with fascination to the young woman,

'she seems to be harboring something. There's something she's not telling me.'

"so…" he started, breaking her out of her reverie,

"what makes you think you'll be up for this job? I told you her circumstances and you were determined to do it, what makes you think this job offer will do it?"

He walked back to his desk, his spurs on his boots clinking together. He watched the woman from under the brim of his hat. Yori turned to him, her blue eyes sparking with cunning,

"you told me that this girl has rejected love correct?"

He nodded, wondering where she was going with this,

"you also told me that one of your actors harbors a love for her right? Her sempai, I think you said he was?"

He nodded again, his mind working overtime to try and unravel the mystery behind this girl,

"if he is as you say, this offer will rattle him enough to open up to her. And I'll work on her as a family friend to get her to open back up to him."

He put a hand on his chin and stared at her, his brown eyes studying her face. He could clearly see a mask that she wore, but for the life of him, he couldn't read what lay beneath it,

"what makes you think you'll be able to? No one so far has been able to show this girl the blatant truth."

She smirked and flashed her eyes to the door, where her charge sat reading the offer with wide eyes,

"let's just say…I come with a slight advantage."

Lory could see the calculating gaze she held in her eyes. Whatever her plan, she had thought it through.

'this girl is scary good.'

He thought with a smile. He could see the similar attitude she held with Kyoko. Just like her, Yori was determined to make her goal. But the question that bothered Lory, was what her final intention?

"very well. she seemed to have a positive reaction around you, so I think you'll make the best manager for her. Now, what is it you want from me?"

Yori turned to him. she could almost hear a underlying tone, that was begging her to draw out her true motive, but she couldn't. not yet.. she wasn't ready. She turned to him with a cold gaze,

"your assurance. This plan will only work out the way I want, if the pieces move the way I want them to. I need your assurance that neither you, nor anyone else will interfere. The game can only be played the one way, to end the way both you and I wish."

Lory leaned forward as the woman watched him with a stern expression in her face. he smiled challengingly,

"and what is the end of the game?"

Yori returned the challenging smile with one of her own,

"does it matter? I told you it would end the way both you and I wish. What does it matter if an optional objective is different."

Lory remained quiet and the woman put her hands on the desk, leaning forward and continuing, her eyes going cold,

"I have my own reasons for why I'm doing this. I have my own score to settle with her. Rest assured, even if you do not make me her manager, I will. She and I do have one thing in common."

Lory crossed his hands together and watched her with interest,

"oh? And whats that?"

Yori leaned back and crossed her arms stubbornly, giving him a sly smile,

"when we set a goal, come hell or high water, we'll make it happen. I gave up a lot to come here, just to settle this goal. Do you think I'm going to let anyone stop me now?"

She smiled dangerously. Lory was shocked as a mirror image of Natsu showed up on Yori's face.

'they are too alike, I wonder what her real relationship with her is?'

He thought before staring down the young woman,

"you realize that as the President of LME and Mogami-kun's king and friend, I will make sure you don't hurt her."

Yori gave a gentle smile toward the President,

"believe me sir. The last thing I want to do is hurt her."

Lory could see the sincerity blossoming in her eyes. He was shocked to see as the mask faded for an instant and he got a glimpse into the girl behind it. he gave an inward smile,

'interesting. Definitely interesting.'

"fine then. If I cant stop you, and you wont hurt her, I see no reason why I can't give you my assurance. I cant promise for anyone else of course; but I as the President of LME promise you, I will do nothing to interfere."

He wrote down a phone number and handed it to her,

"I do however request an update ever two weeks. And I hope you'll consider me as one of your pieces."

He turned with a gentle smile to Yori, who took the number with a shocked face. he gave a chuckle,

"we all want the real Kyoko Mogami to return. I want to see her love again and be truly happy for once."

Yori nodded and clenched her fists in determination,

"I will do my best to bring her back sir. She will love again. She will be happy again."

Lory laughed as she turned around and Yori felt a chill go down her spine as Lory offhandedly remarked,

"you know I'm talking about all kinds of love and happiness right? Not just romance."

Yori smiled, her back still to the President and thought quietly to herself,

'I know…so was i.'

Kyoko opened the manila folder as she closed the door behind her. She breathed out letting Mio's spirit drift out of her. Her face turned unbearably red as she remembered the look on Yori's face. pure fear.

"I cant go back in there right now, but I have to remember to apologize when she comes out. I can't believe I let Mio take over me again."

Her face turned even redder when she held the manila folder in her hands,

"should I read it? I only got it because of Mio…maybe I shouldn't read it?"

She massaged her hand over the cream colored dilemma, feeling the grooves of the paper in the folder.

"at the same time…I have it…it's my offer…why shouldn't I read it?"

She reached to open the tab when she had second thoughts once more. She drew her hand from the offer like a snake had bared it's fangs at her,

"but wait! What if I don't like this offer? What if it's horrible? Yori already said it wasn't really an acting job per se…but what if I don't like it at all? This could really help my goal and…"

"what could help your goal Mogami-san?"

She froze and turned around to see Ren smiling his bright smile at her. In an instant, all her insecurities fled her, in fact, her sanity fled her as a bright smile filled her face.

"good morning Tsuruga-san!"

She bowed her head deeply to hide the blush that was creeping up her cheeks.

Ren gave a gentle smile to the bowed girl, careful to not let her see the pure unbridled joy on his face. Yashiro stood next to him and smirked, motioning to his face. Ren quickly put up a professional mask,

"good morning Mogami-san. What are you doing here at the Presidents office?"

Kyoko lifted up her head to see Tsuruga's gentle smile. She gave an awkward smile,

"well, the President found me a manager and he wanted me to meet them."

Yashiro turned to Ren with a concerned expression, but Ren just gave a smile and asked,

"really? And who is your manager?"

Kyoko's face brightened and Ren had to keep himself from wrapping the girl in his arms,

'why does she have to be so damn cute?!'

He crossed his arms and watched her with an amused smile as she explained,

"it's Yori. She was a friend of mine when I was little. She moved away when she got older, I never thought I'd see her again and she shows up! Now she's my manager!"

Ren felt a cold chill run down his spine as he listened to the girl. This Yori sounded a lot like him. but…would Kyoko be this happy if she knew he was Corn? He pushed away the questions as he smiled back at her,

"that's good."

He knew Yashiro would make fun of him if he knew, but when Yashiro brought up the chance of a male manager for Kyoko, he'd been terrified that it would actually happen. Now that he learned it was a female, he could rest easy (even if this female had uncanny circumstances to him). Kyoko however missed that look of relief that crossed his face as she continued,

"yeah! She's a great manager already! Even got me a brand new offer! She said it's better than anything I've done so far!"

Ren smiled at her, his pride for her beaming on his face and washing away all his insecurities,

"that's great!"

Kyoko nodded, the familiar feeling of dread washing over her,

'Re-I mean, Tsuruga-san thinks it's great. What would he say if he knew I was concerned about it?'

She did her best to fake a smile of professionalism as she responded,

"yeah I know."

Ren studied her, he could see something else that she was thinking about, something was bothering her about the offer,

"Mogami-san? What's wrong?"

Kyoko felt a bucket of cold water drape over her,

'he figured it out!'

She tried to throw him off,

"nothing's wrong! Nope! Nothing wrong here!"

Ren could of course, see through this lie,

'she never was a good liar.'


He asked, pulling in a little coldness. He didn't like it when she lied to him; it made him feel like she didn't trust him.

Kyoko could tell from the sound of his voice that he was upset. Rather than draw out the Demon King she lowered her head in embarrassment and cried loudly,

"Tsuruga-san. I'm scared of this offer."

He could hear the shaking in her voice. Fear for her and a little twinge of anger towards the manager he'd yet to meet coursed through him in a wave.

'this girl better not be making Kyoko do anything she doesn't want to do.'

He placed a hand comforting on her shoulder,

"Mogami-san, please look at me. What is sh-I mean, this offer making you do?"

'I cant blame her manager. Not until I know for sure. Besides, she's her old friend…a good one hopefully, I can't blame her manager or I'll lose her for sure.'

Kyoko blushed and looked up, her amber eyes meeting his soft brown ones,

"I don't know. Tsuruga-san, I've not read it yet. I'm too scared."


She looked up to him with her amber eyes fearful and wide, before falling to her knees in depression,

"what if I'm not good enough?! This is a huge opportunity and I don't think I can do it! This is much more suited for a more experienced performer than me! I don't want to let anyone down!"

Ren shook his head with an amused smile on his face and took her hand and helped her up,

"that couldn't happen Mogami-san. You are very talented, I know that you can do anything you set your mind to. It's not about whether you're good enough for the offer, but if the offer is good enough for you."

Kyoko wasn't convinced, and the fact that Ren's brown eyes never left her amber ones made her very uncomfortable…in a good way…(which made her scared even more).

"but…I'm not that talented."

She said quietly. Ren turned to her and grasped her chin in his large hands and raised it up to force her to look at him. His voice was soft but firm and his eyes never left her face,

"Kyoko. You're a professional right?"

Kyoko nodded warily. Ren continued,

"as a professional, modesty is good, but if you're too modest to the point where you belittle yourself; you will not be able to give your fans all they deserve of you. You must believe every word that comes from your mouth. Do you understand?"

Kyoko tore her eyes from him and she played with her skirt nervously,

"but…I'm still a newbie. I don't think I'm so talented to get a great offer yet."

Ren gave an inward sigh. He never understood why this girl would bully herself so much. It hurt him to see her sad gold eyes that truly believed she wasn't good enough.

'let's try a different approach.'

"Mogami-san. I am your senpai right?"

Kyoko was once again trapped by his ever long gaze, she swallowed hard as her tongue played in her mouth and images flashed in her mind,

'that look should be illegal! He's making me melt!'

She shivered but found a way to nod. Ren smiled and continued,

"you trust what I say right Mogami-san?"

She nodded again, trying to bottle the feelings that were daring to rise up in her. She tried to look away but Ren caught it and pulled on her chin a little more, tilting her head up to look at him as his lips grew inches from hers. He gazed deep into her eyes and whispered softly, his lips brushing the tips of hers with his hot breath,

"then trust me when I say…you're very talented and beautiful."

He searched her face as her eyes widened. Her lips pouted forward as she whispered,


That was his breaking point,

'move away! Move away! You're too close!'

They both shouted to themselves. But no one moved. Yashiro watched with interest, refraining from pulling out his phone. His eyes grew sparkly,

'finally! I've been waiting for this for a long time!'

Yori stood in the corner, watching with interest.

'maybe I wont have to worry about the offer after all.'

But then she saw it. The pure unbridled fear in Kyoko's eyes. Ren saw it too and pulled away before placing his hands in his pockets,

"do you understand now Kyoko?"

She gave a stiff nod and repeated quietly,

"I am beautiful and talented."

Yori interjected,

"well, it's about time you knew that! If you didn't say it, I was going to."

Kyoko spun around and Ren did a double take. He thought for a second he was seeing a mirror image of Kyoko. The body, the height, the face was all the same. The only difference was the ebony black hair that hung to the girls shoulders in curls and the dark blue eyes that she wore on her face. Kyoko smiled and broke away from Ren,

"Yori! Is everything alright?!"

Yori laughed and nodded,

"yes Kyoko. I just had to talk to the President to discuss some business. Now that it's done…why not introduce me to your friends?"

Kyoko blushed and quickly responded,

"oh…well Yukihito Yashiro's my friend…he's the one in the glasses."

Yori smiled and bowed deeply,

"hello Yashiro-san."

Kyoko then continued,

"Ren Tsuruga's not really my friend per se…he's my sempai."

Ren smiled respectfully to the young woman as a pain arrow struck through his heart with the word "sempai." He regretted ever becoming her sempai because now they were never closer than that. He smiled professionally as Yori bowed deeply,

"well then, hello Tsuruga-sempai."

He returned the bow and replied,

"hello…you must be Mogami-san's manager…"

He held out a hand and Yori shook it with confidence brimming off of her,

"Yori Matsua."

Ren gave a small laugh and bowed once more,

"well then, hello Matsua-san."

He mimicked the young woman. Yori hid a smile as she watched out of the corner of her eye Kyoko's eyes grow wide. She could see the potential already. She figured that this was the actor that had fallen for her friend. Now to deploy the plan,

"so Kyoko, have you read the offer yet?"

She asked offhandedly. Kyoko blushed and shuffled her feet.


Yori feigned surprise as she asked,


"well…" Kyoko began, a little embarrassed, "you're my manager, aren't you supposed to read it to me?"

Yori watched her and smiled before placing a hand on her shoulder,

"Kyoko. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me alright?"

Kyoko nodded,

"can you read?"

Kyoko was taken aback, as was Ren. What kind of question was that? Kyoko blushed and stared at her friend with heated eyes,


She responded coldly. Ice fell on Yori's shoulders but she brushed it off and continued with a smile,

"then why would I need to read your offer?"

Kyoko wanted to respond, but found she couldn't! she stared at the girl incredulously before Yori laughed and smiled,

"if it makes you feel better you can read it aloud if you want."

Kyoko nodded and turned to Ren as though asking for permission. He gave a small smile, knowing in his heart that there was nothing he'd rather do than listen to her read right now. Yashiro watched her with wide eyes as she opened the manila folder. Yashiro, unable to hold the suspense called out,

"come on Kyoko-chan! What does it say?"

Ms. Kyoko Mogami,

My name is David Daniels. My wife is the CEO of our store, which is the biggest store for women in America and in some places of the world. I'd like for you to model for us at the biggest fashion show we hold once a year on December 4th in Los Angeles California. I know this seems odd so let me explain.

A few weeks ago, one of our models; (we call her Lily) told us that she quit. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but she quit when there was only 8 months left before the show. Please understand that the clothes we make for our models are designed to only fit them! We didn't know what we were going to do until we saw you. One of my daughters happened to watch Box R; when I saw you as Natsu I knew you had the ability to be a model. I later found pictures of you on your company's website and received your measurements. You are exactly the right height and weight for the clothes originally intended for Lily.

Here is our offer:

The fashion show is in 8 months. In those 8 months we would go to Japan to get pictures of you and do commercials of you wearing the clothes that were originally intended for Lily.

When the eighth month comes, a week before the fashion show, we will fly you out (all expense paid) to California (where the show is to take place this year)

Because we know you are new at this, we will personally train you so you can be the best you can be

All expenses are paid, all you have to do is be there!

We will pay you 10,000 U.S. Dollars for this show. That is normally what our new models get paid.

If you do an excellent job, we will make you one of our models permanently.

If you decide you want this offer, please let me know at




Thank you

David Daniels

President of Model/Talent Relations

David Daniels

Kyoko was shocked as she finished. She read over the offer once, then again, and again. She turned to Yori who was smiling with glee at her,

"is this serious Yori? They want me to model?"

She asked quietly. Yori nodded,

"yup. As soon as I get your answer it can be real."

Kyoko was shocked. Ever since she had watched Ren model as his temporary manager, she always wanted to try it, it looked fun and now she had this chance,

"I'll do it." she said with a smile. Yori nodded and clapped her hands together,

"super! I'll tell them right away."

Kyoko bubbled with excitement as Yori called the phone number. She half-listened to Yori talking on the phone and turned to Ren who was positively beaming at her. Ren was so proud of his love. She had worked so hard and now because of it, she was getting the offer of a lifetime,

"Congratulations Mogami-san."

He said with a soft voice. Kyoko smiled back at him and Yashiro added,

"yes congratulations Kyoko-chan. You've earned it. If I may ask, what company? I know Tsuruga-san and I will want to watch you perform so, what's the company's name?"

He asked, pulling out a pen and notepad. Kyoko shrugged and Yori, who was watching her from the sidelines motioned for her to flip the page. When Kyoko stared at her like a deer in headlights, Yori rolled her eyes and covered the mouthpiece of the phone before whispering,

"their information's on the second page."

She said simply. Kyoko flipped it over and read the pink calligraphy carefully. She didn't recognize this company, but then again, they said they were mainly American. She squinted as she tried to remember if she had ever heard of them before when she heard Ren ask,

"Mogami-san? What's the company?"

Yori, who was still listening to the exhuberant glee of David on the other line, smiled slyly and turned to watch her friend expose the big news.

"Victoria's Secret."

Kyoko read. Yori stifled a laugh as Yashiro paled and turned to his client whose smile was gone, replaced by look of sheer shock and fear,


He asked. Yori continued talking to David,

"yes sir. She's very excited and all in. She wants me to personally thank you for your generous offer, goodbye now sir."

She closed the phone and watched Ren with scrutiny; then she turned to Kyoko who smiled like she didn't understand what she had just agreed to. Yori gave a sly smile and pulled out a small notebook in her hand,

'step one complete. She's in.'

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