Kyoko's Secret

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Chapter 3: Wait…that Victoria's Secret?!

Kyoko watched with wary eyes as her new manager Yori and Ren glared hatefully at one another. Uneasy feelings draped around the room between the four, and Kyoko didn't know what to do as she watched helplessly. Yashiro stood frozen, his face heatedly red. Kyoko didn't know what had happened…but in all likelihood, it was probably not good.

"Is everything okay?"

She asked softly, trying to break up the dark aura that was quickly increasing between the two combatants. For an instant, she thought she could see a sword in Yori's hand, her challenging smile and bright blue eyes sparkling with determination. At the same time, she could see another sword in Ren's hand, his dark eyes glaring with anger at the woman. At the sound of her voice, she saw Ren's visage flash to her before giving her the gentle smile she was used to.

'At least it's not his lying smile'

She thought hopefully. She saw his gaze flash right back to Yori, who turned to her with gentle blue eyes,

"Of course Kyoko."

She said in a calm tone. Then she smiled and continued,

"I'll catch up with you in a minute okay? I think Tsuruga-san wants to speak with me."

At the last statement, her eyes flashed back to Ren's, silently challenging him to deny it. Kyoko raised an eyebrow in curiosity as a flash of…something went through her. It was tightening in her stomach as she watched the two,

'They have an atmosphere like I can't enter…wait! Why does that matter!'

She thought, but she couldn't cease the painful lump in her stomach that said quietly,

'I don't want him to meet her alone.'

But it wasn't jealousy! Never jealousy! Whether Yori recognized it or not she gave a smile and continued,

"Well, I'm obviously taking care of his beloved kuohai now so he probably just wants to give me some advice."

Kyoko gave a small sigh of relief as Ren nodded to affirm the statement,

'She just wants some advice. It's nothing more than that. That's good.'

She smiled as she thought of waiting with them. Maybe she'd learn more about herself in the process, but that comforting thought shattered and the violent pit in her stomach returned as her sempai continued,

"Go ahead Kyoko. Don't you want to tell Kotonami-san about your new job?"

Kyoko could see remnants of the dark gentleman's smile lurking behind Ren, and her grudge spirits were quick to rush to it,

"Oooh, it tastes so yummy. The dark anger, the pure fury. SO YUMMY!"

That was all the motivation Kyoko needed. She threw on the brightest smile she could and turned around, a rushing skip as she faked singing,

"I'm going to go see Moko-san!"

As soon as she was out of sight, she sprinted at full speed. Her face was set as she sprinted past Sawara in a blaze of pink. Sawara, seeing the dark shadow cleansed in pink that seemed to be mumbling to themselves. His face went pale and he fell to the ground,

"Don't kill me spirit!"

He shouted. As fast as it was there, it was gone. Sawara got up and glanced around before quickly sprinting off in the opposite direction, avoiding the haunting voice calling for Kotonami-san.

Kyoko ran through the bright pink door with the Love Me logo glittering outside, nearly phasing through it as she spun her orange head searching for her best friend,


Target found. She latched her body onto the actress who just flipped her ebony hair over her blaring pink uniform. Kanae stiffened and tried to dislodge the girl, who had just attached herself to her,


But Kyoko was relentless. She shook her head, burying her head into Kanae's stomach stubbornly,

"No! I just got the demon look from Tsuruga-san! No!"

Kanae could barely make out anything the young girl had mumbled into her stomach, but she caught the word "Tsuruga-san" and gave a sigh,

'I should've known. He's the only one that can make her this nervous. Dang it! How can love have this much power over someone? Stupid!'

She felt a surge of jealousy course through her. Jealous of Ren being the only one able to make Kyoko this nervous,

'I'm her best friend after all.'

Then another surge of jealousy went through her,

'Why is it always Kyoko? Whether in acting or in love? Stupid!'

She squashed those feelings though and turned to her friend, who peered at her with scared golden eyes,

"What do I do Moko-san?"

They pleaded desperately. Kanae groaned at her puppy dog look and couldn't help but to comfort her rival,

"Mo! How do you know it was for you?"

Kyoko stopped and thought. How did she know it was for her? Kanae, seeing the opening, continued,

"Was there anyone else there that might have made him mad?"

Suddenly Kyoko had a burst of inspiration. She turned to Kanae and slowly unwound her arms saying quietly,

"It might've been Yori."

Kanae stopped and stared at Kyoko who was deep in thought. Kanae didn't know a Yori. She wasn't in the Love Me group. Kyoko told her about all her jobs (except her dangerous Love Me mission) but she never heard of Yori.

"Who's Yori?"

She asked. Kyoko was shaken from her train of thought and turned to Kanae, a wide smile crossing her face,

"She's my new manager. Lory assigned her to me. She was one of my best friends when we were kids."

Kanae was mixed with emotions. On the one hand, she was happy for her friend. Kyoko had worked hard and deserved a manager. On the other, she was furiously jealous of her rival,

'She got a manager before me! I'm going to have to speed up my progress as an actress.'

And she was just angry at the notion of her childhood best friend,

'I thought Kyoko said she had no friends before me except for that jerk? Who's this Yori person trying to take the place in her heart that belongs to me?!'

Kyoko talked on, oblivious to the inner fight Kanae was having with herself,

"Tsuruga-san seemed to get upset when Yori revealed my new job that she found for me."

Again a spasm of jealousy coursed through Kanae, and before she could stop herself the words poured out,

"She got you a job already?!"

Kyoko looked shocked at the outburst but nodded,

"Yeah. It's right here. I wanted to show it to you."

She handed the yellow manila folder to her friend, who took it with shaking hands. Kanae didn't know if she wanted to open it or not. If she did, and the offer was good…what would she do?

'I can always beat her. There's not an acting job out there that I won't make it to one day.'

But as her long fingers pulled out the white and pink paper, her face grew paler and paler, and in her mind she thought bitterly,

'Any acting job can be topped…but this…'

She read through the offer, her eyes growing wider and wider. Her mouth became dry and she whispered quietly,

"Are you serious about this Kyoko?"

Kyoko nodded,

"I've wanted to model for a while now Moko-san. Yori was able to find me a good place to start."

Kanae stifled a cold laugh, concern and jealousy rivaling itself inside her,

'A good place to start? As if! This is the best opportunity for anyone! How'd this manager do it? Shoot!'

She cursed inwardly as another wave of jealousy shot through her like a bullet. This time though, it was muddled with drops of concern as well,

'Does Kyoko even know what she's getting into?'

She stared at her friend, who watched her warily with large child-like golden eyes.

'Such an innocent face…so why would she choose to do…this? Of all things! Kyoko…what are you thinking?'

Kyoko lowered her head in shame as she saw her friend's shocked face. She whispered quietly as she picked at the frayed strands on her uniform,

"That's the same expression Tsuruga-san had…did I do something wrong?"

She didn't know she was heard. She was mumbling to herself. But Kanae, with her sharp senses, heard every word. Guilt and shame flooded her and she gave a comforting smile to her friend,

"This is really great Kyoko. I'm happy for you, really, but are you sure you want to work with this modeling company?"

Kyoko raised an eyebrow over her golden eye in curiosity,

"What's so wrong about Victoria's Secret? Why does everyone seem to be uncomfortable about me participating? Am I not talented enough to work with them? Is that why Tsuruga-san was upset?"

Her self-doubts returned with a vengeance and circled around her in small demons of Sho that chanted,

"Plain, boring, unappealing woman. No sex appeal. You can't model."

Kanae could see the aura around her friend becoming darker and in fear of what would happen (because with Kyoko you can never tell) and quickly shook her head, her eyes wide with fear as the dark aura began to crawl up her legs.

"It's not that you're not talented enough Kyoko. It's not because of you at all. It's Victoria's Secret that I think Tsuruga-san is upset about! It's not you! It's the store! The store!"

The dark aura that was her friend muttered in the shadows,


The voice scared Kanae, and unable to hold it any longer she shouted with a bright red blush in her cheeks,


Kyoko stopped. Her dark aura falling away, revealing the bright girl who had now grown pale. Her gold eyes were wide and her hands began to shake,


Kanae, seeing that the dark aura was gone, continued,

"That's probably why Tsuruga-san was upset. I don't think he was mad at you. He's concerned for you…as a sempai," She added hastily, seeing the doubt beginning to gather in Kyoko's eyes at any notion of Ren's real feelings for her, "that this company may not be the best one for you to model for. Not because you can't, but because…"

Kanae saw her friend was growing paler and paler with every word. Her throat went dry and Kyoko said in a small voice finishing Kanae's sentence,

"It's a…a…underwear store?"

Kanae couldn't say anything but just nodded. Kyoko's legs began to shake and she fell to the ground. Her head hit the ground in utter shock as she pounded her fists to the ground,

"Why? Why does this happen to me?! Why?"

That's what Kanae wanted to know. She stood to comfort her friend when a cold voice came from the doorway,

"To be honest, I was surprised when you accepted it in the first place, Kyoko."

Kanae could hear the subtle emphasis on the words, you, accepted, and Kyoko, and she spun her head to see a tall ebon-haired vixen at the door. Her sleek grey suit reminded her of a snake's skin as it clung to each of the svelte woman's curves. Her bright blue eyes were slightly narrowed and glowed with bitter emotions as she leaned against the doorway, her mid back onyx hair flowing behind her like a reapers hood. At first glance, Kanae thought she was a cobra preparing to strike.

Stepping in front of Kyoko protectively (though in her mind it was because the only one allowed to scare her like that was her) she glared her own menacing glare with her grey eyes at the woman,

"I'm sorry this room is for our section only. Who are you?"

The woman looked taken aback for a second before a smile grew on her lips. Kanae felt chills go down her spine at the smile before the woman spoke with a smug voice,

"I thought you already knew who I was. I'm Yori, Kyoko's manager."

Kanae froze. This was the woman who got Kyoko into this mess! This was the woman who set her up with the deal of a lifetime! This was the supposed "childhood friend" that Kyoko loved as a sister! The woman who took Kanae's place in Kyoko's heart…Yori. Yori gave a wicked grin and continued,

"By the look on your face, I'm assuming you know who I am now."

Kanae growled and pushed a stunned Kyoko a little further behind her,

"Stay away from here! How could you do this to Kyoko?"

Yori seemed to think about that before grinning slyly,

"Do you want me to answer that or leave? I can only do one."

She gave a fake pout and Kanae growled before Yashiro burst in, unconsciously shoving Yori inside the Love Me room,

"Kyoko! You ran so fast I could barely keep up! ...what's going on here?"

Kanae growled and pointed a sharp hand towards Yori,

"Why don't you ask her…Miss Manager over there that likes to torture Kyoko?"

Yori stood up and brushed the dust off her grey suit, her blue eyes not meeting anyone else's,

"Why are you blaming me? I would never force Kyoko to do a job she didn't want to do. She accepted the job, not me."

At this point, Kyoko who had remained quiet and stunned at the revelation of what Victoria's Secret was, threw herself at Yori's feet at the shock of Kanae and Yashiro. The only one who didn't seem stunned at this, was Yori herself,

"You're right Yori! I'm so sorry! I didn't know I was accepting that! I'm so sorry."

Yori closed her eyes and looked like she was about to respond, when Kanae cut her off,

"Mo! You have nothing to apologize for! You didn't know what it was! She should've told you more! It's her fault as a manager!"

Yori narrowed her eyes and Yashiro nodded in agreement with Kanae, his grey eyes glaring at Yori through his rimmed glasses. If she noticed it, she made no sign but gave a deep sigh and pat Kyoko's head gently,

'Why do you always take the blame for everything? It makes this so much harder.'

She thought bitterly. She stood up and departed the room, without a word. Kanae, still angry, followed her. Yashiro seeing the stunned, and broken woman that lay in a dogeza on the floor couldn't help but feel a cold chill that swept through the room,

'If Ren sees her like this…I'm dead. Deader than dead.'

He gulped as he paled, seeing the lying smile of Ren Tsuruga come to mind and knelt down, gently taking the young girl's hand.

"Kyoko. Relax. Any contract can be pulled from. Even if you accepted the offer already it's always possible to pull out of it. So relax okay? I'll talk to Yori-san and see what we can do about it alright? So please smile?"

Kyoko peered up at him with bright gold eyes, which sparkled with pearl-like tears. Her small lithe hands clasped together and she stared with a half-smile at Yashiro,


Yashiro, amused by the girl's antics and adorable look nodded before chasing after after Kanae who was in pursuit Kyoko's new manager.

Kanae backed the girl she considered a black haired viper into a corner hall outside of the Love Me Room, glaring dangerously at her,

"What were you thinking giving a type of job like Victoria's Secret to Kyoko?! Are you psychotic?! Even as a new manager, to give an actress a modeling job is outrageous!"

Yori stared at her before crossing her arms with a smug grin,

"Kyoko's resume that I looked at said she was specifically a talent. Meaning, she can do anything and everything. She also said on her resume that she wanted to be better than Sho Fuwa and be on par with Ren Tsuruga. This offer will do her just that don't you think?"

Kanae was struck soundless, her mouth gaping open like a fish. Yori stared at her with ice blue eyes and her smug smile became a wicked smirk,

"What? Did you think that I did this just to torture her?"

Kanae's silence betrayed her. Yori chuckled and continued,

"While I admit that my amusement is part of the reason; I am a professional. I gave Kyoko the offer because I knew she could do it. More importantly, they at Victoria's Secret know she can do it."

Kanae grew silent, and Yori let her smile fall before delivering the final clincher,

"And deep down, you're afraid because you know she can do it."

Kanae looked up in shock and was about to rebuttal when Yori cut her off with a dark grin and wicked chuckle,

"Please. Do you think I'm blind? Kyoko and I may look similar and in some cases act similar, but in observation, I top her easily. I'm not like her, willfully oblivious to everything around me to keep things in a fantasy. I notice things about people. The cruelness of kindness, the methods beyond just helping a person; I know it all and studied it all. Do you think I didn't notice that flash of jealousy that your eyes sparked with when you saw the offer?"

Kanae could feel the fear and anger beginning to creep down her spine. Surely, this girl wasn't human.

"What are you talking about?! Why would I be jealous of Kyoko?"

Yori chuckled darkly, her blue eyes not leaving Kanae's,

"Don't insult me Kanae-chan."

Kanae gulped. Yori, happy by this reaction continued,

"Let me ask you something Moko-san."

Kanae looked up in shock at the sound of the nickname. Only Kyoko called her that, and only when they were alone…how could this girl know? Yori, seeing Kanae's full attention on her twisted her mouth into a cruel grin as she crossed her arms,

"When you ask me to pull Kyoko out of this offer, who is it really for? Her…or…you?"

Kanae was stunned by the woman's words. Completely made speechless. What could she say? If she said it was for her, she'd have to admit to Yori (and herself) that she really was friends and cared about the girl that lay just beyond that door. But if she didn't…then were her actions any better than Erica's? She could feel a dark pool of cold darkness beginning to drench her body, climbing up the pink jumpsuit and sinking into her pale thin legs. Her arms were tied to her sides and she found herself unable to move. She could feel it crawling up her body and Yori just stood there, smiling wickedly as she watched Kanae's struggle. As Kanae was about to go under, God sent a person to pull her from the darkness. Yashiro Yukihito stood in front of Kanae, defending her against the wicked woman.

"Yori! What did you do?"

Yori looked taken aback for a moment before letting a smile glide onto her features,

"Nothing. I just asked Kanae-chan a question."

Yashiro turned his attention on the shell-shocked woman that trembled now, still fighting the darkness that threatened to overcome her. Her classmate's harsh words returned with a vengeance on her that bounced around. She saw Erica, smiling smugly in her highschool,

"Kanae, did you honestly think you could beat me? It's better for you to be in the background anyway. If you were center stage, people would just make fun of the 'girl from endless kids' I did it for you."

'Am I really like her?'

Kanae thought, clenching her fists uncontrollably as thoughts raced in her head,

'I'm not like her. I want to be better than her.'

Yashiro felt helpless seeing the girl like this. Yori just stood over, watching the girl struggle with a smile. Yashiro hated that smile, that smug winning smile and cold eyes. Letting out a sigh, he wrapped his arms around the woman gently. Kanae flinched under his touch as he tucked her beneath his chin,

"Kanae. Calm down. Relax."

That didn't help. The girl trembled even more in his embrace and he cringed hearing the soft sobs beginning to choke in her throat. He wrapped her even tighter and letting all thought leave him, he just spoke softly to the young frightened woman.

"You are talented Kanae. You have a good heart. Kyoko loves you and trusts you. You are strong and beautiful. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let an insecure bully of a woman get you down. You're better than that. I'm going to hold you here until you can calm down okay?"

Yori was stunned. Her bright red mouth dropped to her chin in shock. Her blue eyes were wide and envious as she watched the handsome manager wrap the girl tighter in his arms.

'Why? Why do girls like these have everything? Why do girls like me mean nothing but a road sign to pass to them? Why does it work like this?'

She could feel the sting of tears begin to burn her face. She shook her head quickly, shaking those thoughts from her mind,

'No! All I do is for her! I just have to make her happy then I'm free! Stay focused Yori! Don't let these saps drag you down!'

With that, her cold smile returned and she snickered before her phone went off. She glared down at the device and turned to Kanae who was blushing now, realizing where she was. She gave an amused smile and couldn't help but remark,

"Well, you two look busy and I don't like being a third wheel so I'll leave. Oh and Kanae-chan?"

Kanae flinched at the high sweet tone she heard Yori say her name with,

"Think about what I said."

Her high heels receded from the hallway and the clouds in Kanae's mind began to disperse as her blushing increased.

"Mo! Why are you touching me Glasses-kun! Should I call for sexual harassment? Mo! Let go!"

Yashiro concealed a blush as he let the woman go. Her face was a little tearstained, but not too badly, and her eyes were a little red and puffy, but nothing that a coat of powder foundation couldn't fix. Hearing the way she shouted sexual harassment however, caused his ears to go bright red and he shouted back,

"You were the one who hugged me! That's equal consent!"

Kanae misunderstanding responded,

"Are you saying you want to do that to me?!"

Yashiro, blushing stuttered,

"o-of course not!"

Kanae blushed furiously as a pang of hurt crossed her chest,

'Chest pain'

She concluded it to be as she yelled back,

"Well good! Because you're the last person I want to do it with too!"

Pang! Yashiro clenched his chest and did all he could to keep from his face falling (unlike Kanae, he knew what this "chest pain" was). The silence overwhelmed the feuding duo, and Yashiro coughed after a moment and said quietly, his face going back in a blush,

"Are you sure you're alright now?"

Kanae felt a blush heat her whole face and she turned it away from Yashiro to keep him from seeing it,

'Not because I like him! It's not that!'

She said quietly, her voice coming out softer than she intended,

"Mo! I already told you I was fine. Knock it off!"

Yashiro suppressed a smile and thought to himself,

'That's the Kanae I know.'

Though he didn't know why that pang of hurt had crossed his chest, nor to why he had held the woman tighter, he had to admit, it felt really nice. He turned from her so she wouldn't see his soft smile and coughed once more,

"We should get back. Kyoko-chan's probably worried about us."

Kanae looked up before narrowing her eyes at the thought of Kyoko doing Victoria's Secret

'I'm not jealous. I'm worried about her.'

"What about what Yori is making Kyoko do? We have to get her to change her…"

Yashiro cut her off, his grey eyes cold as he thought of the deceptive woman,

"No matter how we plead and beg Yori won't pull Kyoko out of the contract. She seems set to have Kyoko do this job. Kyoko could pull herself out, if she had the confidence and wasn't worried about hurting their feelings. Not to mention that if we did anything to pull her out of it, she'd think it was her fault she wasn't good enough."

Kanae retorted, following Yashiro down the hall,

"But it's Victoria's Secret! Did you see the way she looked when she found out what it was? And what if Sho or that other guy caught wind of her doing it?"

Yashiro turned to Kanae and for a moment, his eyes softened and he whispered,

"That's what I'm worried about Kan-Kotonami-san."

They were silent as they filed down the hall to the Love Me room. Oddly enough, the door was open. Feeling a rush of fear they sprinted the remaining way to stop at the doorway. There, sitting on the floor, was Kyoko, curled up tightly in Ren's embrace as he held her close. His back shielded the girl, only allowing the two new intruders a glimpse of her bright orange hair that played and curled around Ren's biceps. Swallowing his urge to tease his young charge he turned to Kanae, and just as he was about to say something, her soft voice filled his ears,

"You know. Even with her doing Victoria's Secret. As much as I hate to admit it, if anyone can protect her from this and keep her safe…he can."

She looked up at Yashiro with a challenging glare and stared at him, her grey eyes penetrating his grey ones,

"So you better make sure your boy does nothing stupid to hurt her! She's going to need him when she does this."

Yashiro was shocked but could do nothing but nod and humbly reply,

"I will."

Kanae saw the honesty in his eyes and a blush began to cross her face as she realized how nice they looked. She turned from him and mumbled,

"good. I'm counting on you Yashiro-kun."

Yashiro was stunned by the fact that Kanae had just used his real name and thought softly to himself,

'I wont let you down…Kanae.'

Then the two just left the couple within their embrace. Back in the hallway, Yori grumbled as she talked on her phone,

"Shut up. I told you I was done. D-o-n-e. Done. I told you at the beginning I wouldn't be staying. So why you're trying to 'win' me back now is pointless."

The voice on the phone responded,

"I know you quit, but it was the biggest opportunity of your life and you seemed to love to do it! Why would you abandon it?"

At that question, Yori's smile grew cold and tears began to prick her eyes. She clenched her fists, her nails digging into her skin painfully as she responded,

"I had to do something and working with you guys was getting in the way of it. I quit so I could pursue what I need to do."

The voice grew quiet before softly whispering,

"Hey, is this about your parents again?"

Yori felt a sharp knife run across her chest and she clenched at it,

"It always is."

Was all she responded with. The voice on the other side gave a sigh and the sound of a paper flying was heard,

"This is the girl right? The one you've chosen as your replacement? Kyoko Mogami?"

Yori affirmed it, trying not to bite her lip too hard.

"Yes. She's my replacement."

A stifled chuckle was heard and she heard another voice say,

"She looks like a kid! Like a juvenile kid! Come on Lily, tell me this is just some prank set up by you?"

Yori nodded and growled,

"Don't make fun of her. I'm well aware of what she looks like."

Then her smile grew wider and her eyes became smug and cruel with amusement,

"This is for my entertainment though. That I will say. Either way, I know this girl will work well for you. For all of Victoria's Secret. You'll be proud."

The voice was hesitant on the other end, hearing Yori's voice grow a tone that she only used when she had some wicked plan,

"I don't know Lily…"

Before they could say anymore, Yori cut them off,

"Listen. It's my replacement and I even took the liberty to find her for you. If you don't like her after today then of course you can fire her, but let me ask you something. Can you really afford to hold auditions for a new Angel this late in the season?"

Their silence was their answer. Yori smiled, knowing she had won and continued,

"That's what I thought. I'll be bringing her by for the fitting today and to try some poses and such."

The voice on the other end sighed and Yori could almost see him running his long fingers through his hair,

"Alright Lily. We'll play it your way. Is she going to want an alias name as well like you did when you first started?"

Yori's wicked smile grew wider,


The man on the other end finally cracked a smile, hearing his favorite Angel become a little happier (although he didn't know why)

"And as her manager you can choose the name?"

Yori nodded and responded,

"She's fragile and delicate. She's prim and proper. She's like a princess and a flower. So give her the name Rose, the ultimate royal flower."

She heard the man scribbling something down and he smiled,

"Good. We can work with that name. So the newest model for Victoria's Secret and Lily's replacement in the show is…"

Yori finished it as she stood in the doorway watching the couple with a sickening glance,

"Kyoko 'Rose' Mogami."

Then she hung up the phone.

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